Monday, 1 April 2013

monday rare

hey jammers MONDAY RARE!!!

i love it!!!! its sold in jam mart clothing and plus its

and april fools!!

the april fools party is back! items....sporting items AGAIN



 and now theres 10 million jammers!

 WOW that is alot!!

spirit armourand april fools

hi jammers sorry for leaving so long i needed to pack cuz where moving
so anyways the member gift is spirirt stone THANK MIRA ITS NOT A PET MY PET SLOTS WHERE GETTING FULL!!!!
i like the spirit armour its really jammasian. And im really stressed because i live in the other side of the world where its april and the other side is still march!! AHHHH


and if it werent for snowyclaw i would not have noticed this

i think there are different spirit armour for each animal and theres also an easter egg hunt going on