Sunday, 31 August 2014

River Mysteries #4: How did phantoms get in Jamaa?

Yep, most of us asked the question. at least once.

How did phantoms get to Jamaa in the first place?
Now the oldest legend says that phantoms where created AFTER Zios disappeared - After he had gone mysteriously Mira cried, and her tears formed into the dark creatures than we call phantoms.
But what about the video, "The return of the Alphas" though?
It showed Zios - rather than disappearing being destroyed BY the phantoms.
But the legend said that the Phantoms formed after Mira cried at the loss of her companion.
So did phantoms somehow exist before?

No one knows - but perhaps they did.
Maybe the phantoms where only shadows at first - they came to Jamaa to grow stronger, bigger, and more powerful. 
But who killed Zios?
I doubt it was an ordinary, normal phantom.
Remember that large, "monster" phantom in the Return Of The Alphas?
He's the main suspect. I mean, he's large, powerful and probably the first king of the phantoms.
Also, he was probably the first phantom - then he created the phantoms. However, they needed to be more powerful rather then just shadows so they came to Jamaa, Killing Zios for power. However, it wasn't Zios who gave them their powers - instead it was the tears of Mira.
Since it says the elements from her tears mixed with the phantom's darkness in the old legend, those elements where probably what gave them their powers. 

But that's just my theory.
But then again - the phantom pit?
Did the origin of phantoms come from that hole? Perhaps underground, there's a place teeming with phantoms. It's like a phantom factory, new phantoms made everyday.
Maybe that's how the Alphas can defeat the phantoms, by exploring the hole and shutting down whatever's making the phantoms. Do you think there will be an adventure like that soon?
And how do you think that phantoms came to Jamaa?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Vine Anklet & Party

Hiya jammers! ^o^
De new item is the vine anklet, which is, as you probably guessed, in Jam-Mart clothing. :p
It looks so AWESOME!! c:
I really wasn't expecting this though. o-o
It's a shame it looks so small on animals though. DX
But now an outfit idea popped into my head just because of a small leg item. x3
I call it Autumn Woodlands. c:
And remember - if i make an outfit with the new item in it that means i really really like it ORRR it's good for making outfits. :P
Has any of you seen some really cool outfits around Jamaa? I once saw one with a diamond crown, some sort of winter jacket and other sparkly stuff on it's paws and neck.  It was human-y but cool. :D
Check below the link for more!

Friday, 29 August 2014

High Top Sneakers

Hey! :p
The new item for today is the High Top Sneakers which are sold in Jam-Mart clothing! ^-^
Ooo, nice. :D
Human-y, but nice.
And it just happens to be one of the very few foot items on AJ that i actually like.
I overall think sneakers are pretty cool. :P
They look amazing on foxes though! ^o^
But i guess every foot item looks cute on foxes cause of their little teeny weeny feet. X3
But my fox will definitely will be wearing these for a while! c: 
Anywho, here's the DE post! :3
Aughh! Im a blogger and i REALLY should learn more coding . . i wanna live in Utaahhh DX
AND im gonna make a game when i grow up, and animations as well. 
But if you DID join this then that's amazing! :D What was it like?? c:
Also - the party is only in one day! =^.^= 
yay! :D 
Im super duper excited! C: 
I hope chu have an AMAZING time there! ^-^
Im gonna be doing a small trivia thingy, and the winner might get a prize! 
Before i leave, here's a Question for y'all. :D
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Im planning to write a book, but mainly animate and draw stuff . . not sure what i will become, but it's gonna include those things. :p
Bye! xD

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bonsai =^w^=

Hiya jammers! ^o^
Today's adorable item is the bonsai tree sold in treetop gardens. c:
Yay! Bonsai's. ^-^
And best of all, there isn't that annoying "MEMBERS ONLY" tag on this either, so all jammers can enjoy it! c:
Bonsai trees are interesting. But this design is weird. o-o
And there's also little forest ones. :3
Mini - forest! :D 
And . . um, crazy ones. o.O
I wish i owned a bonsai right now. Bet they're hard to take care of . . ;-;
Abandoning de subject of bonsai trees, here's the DE post. c:
I forgot to enter.
Good job to the winners though. ^-^
Maybe i can win the otter one . . >:3
On the other hand, here's an Item Feature. :3 
Rare long spikes, not to be confused with short spikes which are otherwise less rare are a highly wanted item - mostly for their rarity and looks.
The spikes are divided into two categories - short and long. Long spikes, like the picture have a pattern of short & long spikes while short spikes are the same length. The long ones are much rarer - the rarest kind is the long black spike. There are also spiked wristbands, which go around your leg instead of your neck.
Ok, and lastly here's the party invitation. ^-^
Only two days! :D
K, bye for now jammers! ^o^

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Peck Portrait and... stuff?

Hey! ^o^
Another Alpha portrait is now available at Jam-Mart Furniture! :D
Omz that raspberry pink background is so adorable! :D
Im sorta starting to like these . . might buy this cuz i just love raspberry pink.
I can't say it's my favorite though . . i like ice blue way better :3
I also love raspberries themselves.
See? see? Just look at how ripe and adorable and red they look like teeny weeny little grapes that - 
. . .Err yeah im getting carried away now. :p
A't care about catsnywho, here's the DE post! ^o^
Cool! Happy national doggy day. :D
I wonder if panting works for humans . . ?
Also, National Cat Day is Wednesday October 29th! :D
I hope AJHQ celebrates that too cuz i love cats! :D
I also love dogs . . I love both. c:
And if AJHQ DOESN'T celebrate national cat day, that means they hate cats. :(
Or maybe they forgot about it.
Anywho, i just noticed that otters are a different color compared to other animals being sold in the diamond shop . . 
Probably because it's new. Im not seeing it on the items though . . o-o
Speaking about the diamond shop, the monkey claw is leaving. ;-;
But you know what this means? That there will be a new claw! Yay! :D
Lastly, here's the party invitation, i added a few more details to help you out. c:
Yep, i changed AJR time into AJHQ's time and hopefully will help you get to the party. ^.^
Only two more days left! Who's excited? c:
That's all i have for today! Bye guys. ^o^

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sir Gilbert Portrait

NOTE: The party is not on 23rd August - it was a typo. It is on 30th Saturday August. Read further for more info.

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Sir Gilbert Portrait. :3
The portraits are um creepy.
But the border around Gilbert just represents him so good . . Well he's a warrior mainly. :P
Is it just me or is the Sir Gilbert portrait kinda less creepier then the others? :I
Also his pigtail looks like a ponytail. o-o
Maybe that's just me too. Dunno.
And i found a funny picture about Animal Jam . . XD
Bad Liza! by Roseyicywolf
Credit to Roseyicywolf from Deviantart
It's not real and it's meant to be not real, but it just perfectly explains Liza's mad face. xD
Liza got mad because of the update maybe . . ? :p
She's like: UGHhhhh . . Another update?! Humph!
And that is my reaction to updates.
Cuz i wanna keep playing but also want the new update. XD

And now time for the GIF of the day! :D
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet
Sooo cute!! :3
Also, here's a bonus ^o^
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet
Otter basketball >:3
Lastly, here's the Party Invitation in case you haven't seen. :p
Edit: I added a few more details to help.

That's all the time i have for today! ^.^
Bye. :3

Monday, 25 August 2014

Rare Raccoon Tail

Hiya jammers! ^o^
De new item is the Rare Racoon Tail. :3

Yaaay! The first rare sold for tickets! :D
The thought that it would be sold in the summer carnival just randomly came to my mind. o3o
I looked at Jam-Mart clothing, no rare!
So then i looked at furniture, still no rare. Then im suddenly like, Why not look in the Summer Carnival?
So that's how. xD
Time for the rating! :D
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 2/5
Price: 3/4
9 out of 15 . . not bad, not bad. :3
Eeeeee im getting dat sudden urge to make an outfit now! :D
There we go. It's called Blue Winter, feel free to use all yours no credit needed.
Well, the next subject is one that has a 95% chance of making you happy.
For the 100000 views, im gonna do . . 
EDIT: Sorry for the mix up on the dates! I was meant to write 30th August. Silly me! >.<
23rd August THIS Saturday! I may give out a prizes at the party! There will be a quiz. :)
And the next subject has a 99% chance of making you go "awwww"
Let me through!
Hi there!! :3

Secret Animal Meeting
Secret animal meeting xD
This is my favorite, it's like MYAEEeeyyy!
Hope ya enjoyed! Bye for now! :D

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hula Dance

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item today is the Hula Skirt in Jam-Mart Clothing. :3
A teeny weeny bit human . . But it still blends in with the "nature-y" theme good. :p
You could make a neat outfit with the skirt if you combine leaf necklace, leaf armor, and something nature-y (headfeather flower crown head flower etc) on your head. ^_^
It looks pawsome on Raccoon's & Hyenas. x3
But don't you think it's too puffy for a Hula Skirt? o.o
It should be more flat since it's made out of grass. I prefer leaf hula skirts. c:
Check below the link for more!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Ram Horns & Alpha Portraits

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Ram Horns, sold in Jam-Mart Clothing. c:
Unexpected. . . and very curly. o.O
But nice. :3
It's not as curly as it looks in the stores though. :P
But it looks great! ^o^
Does this mean sheep are coming to Jamaa?
Nah, probably not though . . Jamaa only has wild animals, no domestic ones for some reason. >.<
I want cats to be on AJ D:
But then it will ruin the "Play Wild" thing. ;_;
Well, on the other hand, AJHQ has been making these Alpha portrait thingies.
They're nice, but the spinny background thing looks freaky. O_o
Other then that, they're awesome. :3
I just really like how the border suits the Alpha. Bamboo for Liza and wood for Cosmo! ^.^
And perhaps Sir Gilbert will have a stripy border . . Greely a dark, phantom themed one and Graham with gear thingies on the corners and Peck . . Im not really sure about her, but she could have paint splatters. :P
Anywho, round two of Find The Alphas is sadly coming to an end. :c
Tomorrow is your last day to enter if you passed round two! We still need more people to enter so if you haven't entered please do by clicking HERE.
To wrap it up, remember the good ol' days when the Alphas (formerly knows as shamans) and guides visited Jamaa?
I know we meet the Alphas is the adventures, but it isn't the same. The alphas in the ADVENTURES are programmed to speak, they say the same things over and over and it would be lovely to meet the Alphas in character, doncha think? And also the guides. I mean, where have they all gone too?