Friday, 31 October 2014

Final round of Fashion show!

Hey everyone! :D
Happy Halloween!
The new item is the Frankenstein mask which is sold in the clothing shop. c:
  Like i said before, i don't really like flat masks, but i just noticed it's nonmember, which is awkward for me because i though it was member. xD
Is that a thunder bolt there though? Because thunder + metal = BOOM
Moving on, here's the DE post on keeping your password safe! ^-^
Wait . . i just realized national cat day was on October 29th and AJHQ didn't celebrate it like on National Dog Day. *sob*
I was really looking forward to some fun cat facts has well . . 
Whyyy AJHQ why did you have to forget about the poor kitties? D:
But onto some more exciting news, the final round of the Fashion Show is here! ^-^
 Fairy Berrypaw is out! Great job on coming third though. c:
So it's time to decide.
Who will win? Vote one jammer out!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Vampire Mask

Hey jammers! ^-^
The returning item is the Vampire mask, sold in jam-Mart clothing!
Meh, i never had been a fan of this item, mainly because it doesn't "fit" like the zombie mask . . it looks awkward when it's flat. o-o
The dripping blood looks a little creepy to me, but the bat is a nice touch. ^-^
Anywho, here's another episode of the AJ comic! :D
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Guide to Jamaa #1: Polar bears and new pets?

Hai guys! :D
Welcome to the first post of the new series i decided to do. ^-^
But this is a huge spoiler in it! EEK :O
So if you aren't ready or don't like spoilers, then don't read this!
You read that above didn't you? Hehehehehe >:3
Buuuut, some pictures of the new polars bears have been LEAKED! :O
Wow, why am i so hyper?
Don't read below if you don't want spoilers!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Eyeball Hat & Other stuff (not really..)

Hey guys! ^-^
Today's post was meant to be early, i got a screenshot of the new item ages ago but then i sorta forgot about AJ for about an hour . . heh . .  
The new item is the eyeball hat, sold in Jam-Mart you-know-what-it-is
(The clothing shop, dur!)
Ah yes, one of AJ's favorite Night Of The Phantoms item. :D
It looks super creepy, but i just like it for some reason . . 
Anyone ever feel the same way about some items? :P
Also, does anyone remember if there was a RIM for this item? I think there was . . uhhh yeah i 
guess. . ?
Eeek, i just got distracted again. >.<
I have actually been away for at least 15 mins now lol
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Monday, 27 October 2014

Spooky Tophat & New animals

Hello jammers! ^-^
The RIM is the Spooky Tophat, sold in the 11th page of Jam-Mart clothing. c:
Okay, wow. That is expensive. o-o
I think 600 gems would be a much better price, i don't feel like it's worth 975 gems which is nearly a thousand. o.O
But the colors? They are amazing C:
Actually, i think i can make a really cool costume with this. ^-^
*Randomly clicks buy button*
Yaaay! :D
This is now officially my *new* Night Of The Phantoms costume. :3
I keep changing costumes. xD
Here's the rating for the rare! c:
Price: 2/5
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 3/5
9 out of 25! Quite good, but still a bit more room for improvement!
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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Big Mysteries #7: Phantom Ship

We all know the sunken ship at Kani Cove, but look behind it and you see the symbol of the phantoms.
And inside, we see even more evidence that the ship belonged to the phantoms.
So it's clear - the ship once belonged to the phantoms, but what's the story behind it all? Why did it sink?
To answer that, lets take a look at the journey book prize won in Kani Cove.
Could the phantom ship be the one in Kani Cove? It's possible, but take a look at the kani cove's ships flag. It's all white, no grey or phantom sign. Also, the ships built is more like the "Jamaa" ships one, fancier and more colorful.
Which makes us wonder: Did the phantoms steal the ship from Jamaa?
It could be possible, since to me the ship looks more like Jamaa's ship - however to some of you it might look more like the phantom ship.
Or perhaps this is an entirely different ship - but we know that long ago, perhaps the ships of Jamaa and the phantoms battled together. What do you think?
Check below the see the fashion show!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Mystical Potions and Wolf drawing tutorial

Heya jammers! :D
Good morning/night/afternoon/evening! c:
The new item is the Mystical Potion set which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture. ^-^
I love how it has so many colors. Click the color thingy rapidly, then it looks like the potions are changing color. :P
There's also a "halloween" theme where the colors are every murky, and dark. ^-^
Also, it's the perfect size for the spooky table.
Well, except for a few millimeters short, other than that it's magic. c:
Moving on, we have the Trick-or-treat bucket in Jam-Mart clothing! ^-^
Wait . . is that . . 
Finally, a NEW nonmember item! :D
And . . is that a bunny? o-o 
It's a cute item, but the colors could have been way better. Some look very weird. xD
Anywho, here's the DE post! ^o^

Yes, that is true. Drawing wolves is pretty hard. xD
I think AJHQ should come up with a panda, tiger and an arctic wolf tutorial, what do you think? ^-^
Speaking of drawings, River Art needs more entries! To have your drawing to be shown on the blog, sent it by email to
Lastly, here's the fashion show!
Professor Jellymaster is out!
Vote a jammer out!
Bye for now! It's 1 AM for me now . . o.o
And i just feel a teeny tiny bit tired. wat.

Friday, 24 October 2014

So many new items!

Hey guys! ^-^
We have tons of new items today, starting off with the spooky radio and the candy bowl! :D
Chu see that?!
*takes 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 candy* Because taking one is too mainstream.

The spooky radio looks weird, i mean who ever saw a radio looking like that? xD
But it's really spooky, perfect for the night of the phantoms. :3
Moving on, we have the returning feathered mask! ^-^
I love how this fits perfectly on your head, and also looks very "mystical."
This is one of my favorite items. ^-^
The final items are the monster teeth and halo! c:
Check below the link for more!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Update

Hello! ^-^
Logged onto AJ, and then the Jamma Journal pops into my face.
And then, i was like: Woah, today is update day?!
Well, for a start, pet owls are back! c:
Im not really excited about pets coming back anymore. I don't know why . . :I
Wouldn't it be awesome though, if owls where sold as animals? :D
If AJHQ does, i hope they're nonmember. c:
Moving on, this is spectacular news for me.
*dances around the room like crazy* o-o
*Goes back on AJ and buys like, 1000000000000000000000 items*
Okay, that was random. xD
Moving on, sales and general stuff . .
Sales can be handy if you're just like: "I wanna buy this but i dun wanna waste gems . . "
Anywho, onto a super-exciting part of this update a new animal is coming! ^-^
Oh dear Liza . . if only there wasn't that snowstorm. >.<
But wait, then means we can guess! yaay! :D
I think its a polar bear since it has a big nose and lives in a cold area. ^-^
What do you think? :D
Lastly, here's the fashion show!
Click to enlarge
Sorry about Fuzzy theseal being in last round. My mistake. :I
This time, vote only one jammer out.
Bye jammers! ^-^

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spooky couch and more

Hello jammers! c:
The new item is the Spooky Couch, sold in Jam-Mart furniture! 
AJHQ makes a spooky chair, makes it member and then make a spooky couch, make it member AGAIN. -_-
At least AJHQ could have made the spooky chair nonmember.
This is getting pretty ridiculous now. :I
No nonmember item for about 11 days. >.<
Meanwhile in Jam-Mart Clothing, the robot mask is being sold for 600 gems!
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zombie Mask & more

Hey jammers! :D
Wow . . 20 comments yesterday. o.O
That's a new record! C:
The new item is the Zombie Mask which is sold in Jam-Mart clothing! c:
 Okay, it looks extremely awkward and freaky just floating there, but it actually looks pretty good when you put it on an animal. :D
Especially an eagle. ^-^
Actually, i might make a costume including this item since i haven't made one in a long time. c:
Wait a sec . . waaaiit
And there we go! :D
I call it the . . err . . well, i can't really come up with a name for it right now. xD
But the things you need are the zombie mask (Obviously . .!), Camoufladge jacket, leaf armor and the bone tail. ^-^
Check below the link for more!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Flaming Jack-O'-Lantern mask and Phantom Balloon

Hiya jammers! :D
Today is Monday . . and i forgot it was RIM time again. xD
So today's newly-colored in item is the Phantom Balloon! (What? the name suits it more . . i guess.)
Not the spookiest combination, but it goes well awesomely together. :D
Does anyone find it creepy that it has no pupil or anything? Just a blank circle staring at you . . o.O
There has been no nonmember item at all for hmm . . lets see, one two . . 

That's more than a week! Urgghh >.<
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Haunted Bookshelf & More

Hello jammers! ^-^
Today we have two new items in Jam-Mart Furniture - The Haunted Bookshelf and the Phantom Lamp! :D
Every few moments, the books float over and change shelves. o.o
It's super cool. :3
I would buy it . . if i had more inventory space. =_=
Oh well. Maybe someday there will be 400 slots for your den inventory. :3
900 gems in Jam-Mart furniture though . . wat. xD
The phantom lamp is thankfully cheaper. :P
But member. -.-
Seriously it's more like "The Night Of the Members"
Cuz everything is member and stuff. :I
Anywho, the spooky party has returned!
Yayz! :D
I love the Night Of The Phantom parties. :3
Moving on, has anyone every wondered what land the adventure base camp actually is it?

Since the trees at the paradise party and the base camp are the same, i think they are both in the safe land, so maybe this mystery land is about . .
Yup, here.
Since it has a river, and the base camp has a tiny little beach.
But coral can't live in rivers. o.o
Maybe it's because it's a special entrance?
Also, how on Jamaa do you even get to Kimbara Outback? It has not bridges connecting it onto the other land.

 . . Orrr they just go by boat. 
Lastly, here's round two of the fashion show! :D
Mythical Peachyproud is sadly out. :c
Don't worry, as i said you will be able to stay for one more day. :D
That's all for now jammers! And remember you still have to vote a jammer out.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bone Tail

Hey! ^-^ The new item is the Bone Tail sold in Jam-Mart clothing!
I haz been waiting so long for this item to come. :3
Unfortunately, i brought it before i realized how much this costs. xD
Wait, 1000 gems in Jam-Mart clothing? o.O
And your tail actually turns into a bone . . for a moment i thought it was gonna be double-tail or something. :P
I wonder what it would look like with the skeleton suit . . 
Double tail! :C
But yes, dis is my Halloween costume now. :3
Anywho, have you noticed that if you clicked a paw sign next to a bat . . 
A cool fact pops up?
Haha, i never noticed these until now. xD
Bats are interesting creatures, aren't they? c:
But on the other hand, the first round of the fashion show has officially started! :D
Click to enlarge!
Remember jammers, if you are voted out, please do not be upset. I have made this fashion show for jammers to have fun, and i would hate to see jammers sad about it. :c
I give many opportunities for jammers to get prizes, and who knows? I might back another fashion show later! ^-^
And to be fairer, if you are voted out first, i won't delete you from the picture for 2 more days, so you will still be in the fashion show but just not competing against the others.  

The way it works is you tell the name of the jammer you want to vote out in the comments.
I hope you have lots of fun in this fashion show! :D
Lastly, here's the QOTP.
If you would be an animal, what would it be?
Bye jammers! Good luck to everyone competing in the fashion show. ^.^

Friday, 17 October 2014

Spooky Lamp

Hey jammers! ^-^
The new is the Spooky Lamp, sold in, yup, Outback Imports. :P
 I love these "spooky" set of items. Each one of them looks so awesome. c:
But only ONE is nonmember, which is the spooky rug. ;-;
I was hoping this was gonna be nonmember, but nup. >.<
The spooky items also look good in the volcano den, because of their cracks. It looks like purple lava is bubbling beneath. :P
I would definitely buy this if only my inventory wasn't full . . i guess i better clean it up tomorrow. xD
Check below the link for more!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bubbling Cauldron

Hello! ^-^
There are two new items today, lets start off with the Bubbling Cauldron sold in Epic Wonders. :O
best item i have ever seen in a long time
The glowy effect looks epic. o.o
I am definantly buying this. :D
Even though it wastes a while lot of your gems. xD
But still, it's worth it. :p
It looks great in any den, especially the Haunted Mansion. c:
Moving on, the second new item is the Phantom Coffin in Outback Imports! :D
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Big Mysteries #6: Mysterious Symbols

You may or may not seen some symbols deep in the land of Jamaa, but ever wonder what they mean?
Lets start off with the Chamber Of Knowledge, or the Chamber of Mysteries as known in the beta days.
But before that, what is beta?
Simply, beta is the testing period of AJ that was back in 2010.
 Now this, is what the original Chamber of Knowledge was. Now zoom in . .
Check below the link for more!