Wednesday, 31 July 2013

pet monkey plushie

Hey jammers! Wow, 61 pageviews yesterday which is a record broken on my blog! keep up the good work guys =D I also can finally take screenshots again! Anyway, today's new item is the pet monkey plushie!

seems like i was right, AJHQ was too busy to make the smaller one ^.^
Its better then the giant one and much cuter! 
Remember, the smaller it is the cuter it is!

Anyway here are the posts on the Daily Explorer!

i wounder if there will be a nonmember den
 on the epic den of the week..

Jam on! ^.^


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monkey plushie

Hey jammers! were not going to have a 121 posts party but we will have one once we reach 8000 views! we will also have a party if we reach 25 followers ^.^ Anyway the new item today is the giant pet monkey plushie!
Credit to Kinyonga
A cute item but a bit weird ^.^
hmm i wounder why there isn't a smaller one.. also
im glad its not too pricey perhaps AJHQ was too busy to make the smaller one? ^.^

Jam on!




Monday, 29 July 2013

real musketeer boots

hey jammers! this is your last chance- do we have a 121 posts party?
anyway the rare item of today is sold at jam mart clothing!
Credit goes to Kinyonga i still can't take pictures sorry
The other ones were fake??! O.O im sure this is the weirdest rare
item Monday ever in Jamaa history.. Well at least you can change its colours! ^.^
and it does look more like musketeer boots..

Anyway here's a random drawing a did on the AJ paint thing!

Not one of my best =P
Jam on!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Turquoise Bracelet

hey jammers! todays beautiful new item is the Turquoise braclet, sold at epic wounders!
Credit goes to Kinyonga

it matches perfectly with the Turquoise necklace ^.^
but it would have been better if it were nonmember..  i wounder if there
will be a Turquoise tiara! probably not likely but what about one to but on your tail? ^.^
Anyway a post from AJHQ! (sorry i cant take a screenshot but be sure to check the daily explorer!) Anyway i noticed today, 121th post! should we have a 121 post party? ^-^

Jam on!


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Turquoise necklace

hey jammers sorry for not posting.. O.O yesterday we were installing Windows 8 and i fell asleep before i could post..  and the day before that we tried out a new sport at school but it was really tiring. so i fell asleep. all our programs are uninstalled including my art program to take screenshots to i have to use Snowyclaw's pics.

Anyway the new item yesterday was the Turquoise necklace!

Credit goes to Snowyclaw
I like this item ^.^ Turquoises are said to be the symbol of
peace and friendship ^-^ also you can change the colours of the Turquoise! that doesn't make sense, is there other colored Turquoises? ^_^
Anyway yesterdays adorable new item was the owl plushies! awww ^-^

credit goes to Snowyclaw
my option, they are the cutest plushies ever in jamaa! i can't decide whether
the little one or the bigger one is cuter ^.^

Jam on!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

new land & kangaroos

Hey jammers! great update today =D the new land is here!

this land may be small but its pawsome! ^.^
also see that building? looks like the medical center
will be returning! Heres a sneakpeak of it just in case the room is full

anyway as the title says, kangaroos are here!

now all the other jammers can get a kangaroo! ^.^
they can be sold at the diamond shop for 10 diamonds but i cant
see much kangaroos roaming around so i guess most jammers don't have 10
Also, the koalas have returned!

I noticed that more people are using koalas ^.^
good to see some koalas! the prize is pawsome too :)
also Cosmo seems to be going on another adventure

i think he deserves a rest for a while it must have been a
hard journey ^.^ And i cant wait to try the hard mode out! =D
Anyway there is a kangaroo exhibit at the muesem at the appondale ^.^ 
Now the Jamaa map seems to have changed..


I liked the old one better, this map is messy D=
also, if there is a new land where is it supposed to go?
Anyway the new item today is the phantom shirt!

Jam on!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stack of shelves

hey jammers! guess what? my mother just ordered 4 warrior cat books: Fire and ice, forest of secretes, rising storm and the rise of scourge ^.^ im so exited! =D they will take a few weeks to come though..
Anyway today's new den item is the stack of shelves!

how come the nonmembers get the tiny shelves? >.<
anyway, i think this item is great for using as a ladder
and its just a teeny tiny bit pricey ^.^
Anyway another jamaaliday party!

jamaalidays in the middle of July? O.O perhaps because its winter in other countries
including mine..
Jam on!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tiny shelf

hey jammers! today's new item is the tiny shelf!

what a cute little item ^.^ and nonmember too! its not very
pricey but why are nonmembers getting all the tiny shelves? well
i guess nonmembers can place the tiny shelfs side by side to make one big
shelf ^.^ Like my idea?

AJHQ has posted on the Daily explorer!

hmm AJHQ always posts a bit late...
Anyway i have noticed a jamaaliday party!

Haha, jamaalidays in the middle of July, too bad ill be in bed
by then.. 
Jam on!


Monday, 22 July 2013

rare baseball cleats

Hey jammers todays RIM is the rare baseball cleats!

sorry for the ugly red tag.. 
today's rare is so pricey O.O and member..
when will AJHQ make a nonmember rare? 

Anyway AJHQ posted new stuff about the adventures
on the Daily Explorer!

playing the adventure over and over again? 
i think that would become a bit boring O.O

Jam on ^.^


Sunday, 21 July 2013

large corner shelf

hey jammers most of you probably know about the snowyflaw thing. well if you don't someone made a blogger account called Snowyflaw and impostered snowyclaw in a bad way, i made a post about this but deleted it because that snowyflaw person seems to have realised what she had done. also she is deleting her blogger account on Monday 22nd.


Anyway lets get on with the new stuff that's going around in jamaa! ^.^
the new item today is the large corner shelf which is of course member only DX

I don't really think there is much difference between the,. couldn't AJHQ just
make corner shelf? what do you think other shelves will be? ^.^
Anywho AJHQ posted on the Daily Explorer about the adventures ^.^

im sure everyone knows about the treasures.. O.O
Happy jamming! ^.^


Cosmo's story

Chapter 1

One day a brown koala was born in the outback in a eucalyptus tree, he was the only brown koala in his family is mother father were grey like most koalas. he also didn't sleep 20 hours a day like most koalas do he was always doing something. And so they named this koala Cosmo, Cosmo had an interest in plants he wished they could move to a big forest with all the adventures you can have and explore. After a few months Cosmo heard a weird noise coming from nearby, he looked down and saw the humans where cutting down the tree! 

mom dad come quick there cutting our home down! shouted Cosmo, his mother and father came instantly. Quick we have to climb down before we fall! said Cosmo's father. they climbed down quickly and set of to a journey to find a new home. after a few hours they found another eucalyptus tree to rest. mother? said Cosmo yes dear? said Cosmo's mother. we are going to move to a forest aren't we? questioned Cosmo. "im sure we will" she replied. 8 weeks later they finally arrived to their new home which was called The Blue Mountains. It was a cold place with a huge eucalyptus forest, so huge that the moisture the trees breathed created a blueish purplish haze which gave its name. Of course it took some time for Cosmo to get used to the cold conditions, even if it was cold it rarely snowed.

So Cosmo had many adventures in the forest, he made some friends and explored. And so, Cosmo grew up in the eucalyptus forest happily. One day Cosmo woke up to see that frost and snow had covered everything. wow! thought Cosmo seeing snow for the first time. the snowflakes floated gently down, Cosmo climbed down and stepped on the ground. It felt cold, but soft like cotton. Cosmo called all his friends to have a look and they played lots of games, snowball fights and making Snowkoalas. the snow didn't last long, it only lasted about 3 days but Cosmo and his friends had heaps of fun. Cosmo grew up and decided to become herbalist, he became the most famous herbalist that the koalas had knows. he teached other koalas who had wished to become a herbalist about being a herbalist. 

Chapter 2

A long time later Cosmo was sleeping at his tree. he heard powerful flaps of wings and woke up. he climbed out of his home and looked around, a blue-grey heron, a spirit made out of light landed in front of him. who and what are you? questioned cosmo. im Mira, zios the sky father and i have been watching you, you have something special inside. You have been chosen to be the koala shaman of a land called jamaa. Mira took Cosmo to Jamaa and landed on a forest. This is your land decorate it and make it a fun and a educational place said Zios. they both disappeared into light, Cosmo looked at the new land and decided to name it Sarepia.

The end

Saturday, 20 July 2013

flower crown

hey jammers the new item of today is sold at jam mart clothing ^.^

its an ok item is my option, a bit too dainty for me
and its member only DX and also pricey.. but isn't this what some
brides wear for marriages?  Do you think marriages should be aloud on AJ?
Anyway has anyone noticed this (very easy) glitch?

switch animals and click any entrance while your switching.
it works on every entrance, in my option the cocoa hut and the entrance to kani cove
at the aquarium are the best ^-^
Happy jamming!


Friday, 19 July 2013

Friendship braclet

 sorry if i didn't post yesterday, its night time here when AJHQ updates and i thought it was something like 8:00 PM when it was 10:00 PM (my bedtime.)

Hey jammers today's new item is the friendship braclet, sold at jam mart clothing!

Its nonmember! ^.^ a great way to show what good friends you are! :3 I would have liked it if it had some other designs but it has pawsome colours! Anywho, guess what just happened tonight/today?







wow.. this seems to be my lucky day! ^.^ 3 diamonds from the daily spin : now i can finally buy myself a tail armor! ^.^  I hope some of you who haven't got diamonds from the daily spin get some soon!  ^^ Also please email me your artwork, my art blog seems to be just sitting there, i promise i will put in your artwork as long as it isn't offensive or violent. 

Happy jamming! ^.^




Wednesday, 17 July 2013

underwater flowers

hey jammers 
as you may i have noticed i have removed What happened to mira? because i don't really like it now and i have got a different idea of what had happened to Mira which i will write in a different story. Anyway todays new item is sold at sunken treasures!

The underwater flowers! They come in all shapes and colours, there great!
I wish they had a nonmember underwater den and items
Anyway AJHQ has posted about awesome jammer art!

AJHQ never puts my artwork..
i Also discovered another weird clothing glitch!

the headdress seems to cut through the wolfs shoulder just like a sharp thing!
What do you think of this glitch?
Jam on!



Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"small" corner shelf

Hey jammers! today's new item is the small shelf!

goes well with the tall shelf ^.^ also its nonmember!
but why is there the word "small" there?
Anyway AJHQ has posted the Monday rare on the
Daily Explorer!

Also i discovered a weird clothing glitch with the samurai swords on
my koala.

im sure the sword is not meant to go on your foot, Eternal
what do you think of this glitch? fun? annoying? wacky? ^.^
Jam on!


Monday, 15 July 2013

rare baseball cap

hey jammers sorry for not posting yesterday i seem to be losing interest in blogging these days, anyway today's Monday rare in the rare baseball cap!

Not a bad item purple and blue i a good combination ^.^
AJHQ needs to be more creative with rares though, and its so pricey O.O
Yesterdays new item was the tall shelf!

AJHQ is starting to make more jamaasian stuff,
its a nice item but i wish it was nonmember DX
Also i didn't notice this neat little countdown ^.^

Jam on!