Saturday, 31 August 2013

Wind amulet

hey jammers! today's new item is the wind amulet! 

Pretty cool! I think silver would have suited
the wind armor's color though ^.^ What part
of the armor do you think will come out next?
Anyway Outback imports is decorated with
with items from the shops, but there are items that aren't released yet..

What do you think will come out next?
What will they be named? Share your thoughts
if you want to! Jam on!


Friday, 30 August 2013

Bubble gum machine

Hey jammers! today's new item is the Giant bubble gum machine!

Its such a nice item ^.^ I hope AJHQ makes
the smaller version and makes it nonmember :D
Oh, and you can click the yellow button to get the
bubble gum out! ^.^ Anyway there is a shop in the base camp
which has been there for quite a while..

When do you think it will come out?
What items do you think it will sell?
feel free to share your thoughts!
Oh, and only 1 more follow till the party!
Jam on!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wind armour

Hey jammers! There is a new animated set in the diamond shop!

It looks pawsome! ^.^ i love it how AJHQ is making
these element armours.. i hope there is a frost/ice/snow
armor because those are my favorite elements ^.^
Only the wind helmet is sold at the shops at the moment ^.^

I can't wait till the other parts arrive!
Anyway, the best news of all is..
the old map is back!!

yipee! im so happy that the old map has returned! :D
Oh, and only 2 more follows till the party!
and we are almost at 8000 views so
view and follow!
Jam on!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stack of books

Hey jammers today's new item is sold at Jam Mart Furniture!

Nonmember! :D I prefer the beta stack of books
but this one is pretty nice too! you can change the 
amount of books by clicking change colors!

You can have just the right amount ^.^
And here is the epic den of the week!

Only 3 more follows till the party! keep viewing also :D
Jam on!


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Teacher's desk

Hey jammers! 7038 views and 22 follows? Great job everyone! im starting to feel a little famous now :D Today's new item is also part of the back to school collection and had been hanging around in the adventures for a while..

Nicely done ^.^ Its funny how schools
in AJ aren't getting more popular though..
Anyway here is AJHQ's post about the Rare Nerd Glasses!

AJHQ always seems to post a bit later than me ^.^
Anyway the poll, Do you like my blog? has reached over 100

53 jammers voted on totally
33 voted of course!
19 voted its ok
30 voted a few improvments would be nice
and 11 voted i hate it. The reason i put "I hate it" is because i wanted to
see if my blog was actually bad :P thanks for being honest guys! im glad most people like my blog! ^.^

Happy jamming


Monday, 26 August 2013

rare nerd glasses

Hey jammers! today's Rare Item has been hanging around in the adventures for a while.. its the.. *drumroll* Rare Nerd Glasses!, found at the 2nd page of jam mart clothing!

Wow, i had never excepted this item to be so 
pricey! it looks kinda awkward on other animals,
don't you think? ^.^ And a good thing about this item is that 
its nonmember!  Anyway there is a cave in the Temple Of Zios.

We all know the cave is in the Temple of Zios
but where does it lead to? could it be a shortcut to Jamaa
like the one in Mt.shiveer and Crystal sands or something else?
What do you think?
Jam on!


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chalk board

Hey jammers! the new item of today is the Chalk board,
sold at Jam Mart Furniture! 

I thought these things where called Blackboards
not chalk boards, but i learned another name for Blackboards
though :3 And i wounder why is the writing Japanese? And yay!
its a nonmember ^.^ Anyway here is AJHQ's latest post!

And remember jammers, when we get to 25 follows or 8000 
views i will throw a party! so view and follow please ^.^
Jam on!


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Shell armour

                                 click here to reach the rest of Discovery of kimbara outback.

Hey jammers! todays new returning item is the shell armor,  sold at bahari 


I can believe how i could forget the shell armor
when the shell helmet is out o.o 
Anyway could this be a new land?

Could it be a Eucalyptus forest like i mentioned
in my story and in the map?

Do you think it will be the next new land? 
what do you think? ^.^
Jam on!


Friday, 23 August 2013

Meet cosmo!

Hey jammers! im sorry for not posting yesterday, anyway today's update was great! :D but lets start of with the returning item ^.^
The shell helmet!

 I thought these would become rare ^-^
so many items returning ^.^
Anyway the update was.. *drumroll* the new adventure!

This adventure is pawsome but is a little too difficult for me..
im stuck in the 3rd cavern where you rescue the koala.. Does
anyone have some advice? ^.^ 
Im so happy that i finally get to meet another shaman!
here is Cosmo in the adventures ^.^

And here is he's den! 

                           more! :P


i hope nonmembers get to see his fabulous den soon ^.^
happy jamming!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stone carved Stove

Hey jammers! today's new item is the Stone carved stove, sold
at Outback imports!

I love these sort of items in outback imports ^.^
I wish AJHQ would make a nonmember Outback
Imports item though..
The epic den of the week goes to
Enchanted Frozencloud!

It really is nice and colorful ^.^
Happy jamming!


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lion hats

Hey jammers! only 8 more follows till the party! Anyway today's returning item is the lion hat!

I didn't even notice these item going away ^.^
well im glad there back! ^-^
Anyway here is AJHQ's latest post on the rare item

i was surprised when i saw the image ^.^ the first
RIM item image on a animal! wait is that a boy arctic wolf
wearing girls clothes? O.O
Anyway here is where i think the new lands are going to be
in the new map!

Quite a few ^.^ What do you think they will be like?
What do you think they will be named?
Jam on!


Monday, 19 August 2013

Rare bonnet

Hey jammers! i decided to make a story about how Kimbara outback was discovered, click here to read! Anyway, today's Monday Rare is the rare bonnet!

Wow the monday rares lately have been very pricey.. O.O
Anyway yellow and blue is a nice colour combination in my 
option ^.^ Don't you think AJHQ should make something different for a monday
rare rather then a different colored item? ^.^
Anyway here is AJHQ's latest post!

I love the arctic wolf plushies ^.^
oh, and yesterday i got 88 pageviews! :D keep viewing,
we are halfway through to 8000! oh and also follow! remember
we will have a party when we reach 25 follows or 8000 views ^.^
Jam on!



Discovery of Kimbara outback

chapter 1
May woke up, hearing her alarm clock. She looked at the calender, today was the day they would discover a new land with Cosmo! She couldn't wait to meet Cosmo! She looked at the clock and relised she was late, she got ready in a rush and zoomed to the Appondale. The koalas where waving good bye to all the animals of Jamaa, luckily May came just in time. That was close, we where almost leaving! said Chestnut, one of her friends. And so, they set off. The group of koalas walked for a long time when finally they got to a  Eucalyptus forest. Cosmo stood on a rock looking for any water for his thirsty koalas. Not far there was a small stream.

 Cosmo sent his koalas to drink if they where thristy, alot of the koalas went to the stream but some stayed. The koalas explored the forest all going in different directions. Cosmo ventured deep into the forest looking around every once in a while just in case he discovered a new animal. May and Chestnut ventured even deeper into the forest. they walked and discovered lots of new creatures until they say and eye spying on them. "looks a bit familiar..." said Chestnut. it is a bit familiar.. said May. It went closer to them until a roundish shape was visable. is that a.. phantom? said May panicking. run! shouted Chestnut, the two ran as fast as they could until they stopped, puffing and panting.

is it behind us? asked May. No, i don't think so. panted Chestnut. Meanwhile Cosmo had discovered a new animal in Jamaa, Cosmo knew what it was- a kookaburra. he wrote a short information report about it. He returned back to the stream and ordered all the koalas to come. he stood on the rock saying, We have all done very well on our exploring, has anyone discovered another part of this forest?"  "I saw a place with red rocks and a stream" said May. "I only caught a glimpse of it though." Lead us to where it is. said Cosmo. May led all the koalas to the land she had discovered feeling proud of herself.

May stopped, this was the land. the Koalas went closer to the land, it was Dusk now and the koalas where feeling exhausted. The ground was red and there was a small waterfall which kept the river flowing. Cosmo and his koalas had a drink first and then slept under a Eucalyptus tree.

chapter 2
The sun rose up. May and Chestnut where the first few koalas to wake up, it was 5:00 AM in the morning. "What shall we do?" asked Chestnut. "i don't know, maybe look around for a new animal?" replied May. Yes! said Chestnut. They explored looking for a new animal for Jamaa. Then they saw something greyish eating grass. The thing saw the two koalas and hopped to them. "what are you doing here?" it asked. "We set of on a quest to find a new land and this is the new land we had found." answered May. 

And who are you? im Misty and im a grey kangaroo! She said. "Im Chestnut and this is my friend May, the rest of the koalas are still sleeping" she told Misty. "We are looking for a New animal for jamaa" May said. "is there other animals in Jamaa besides kangaroos and koalas? Misty questioned. "Of course! there are lots of places and animals in Jamaa! said May. Well then could we possibly be the new animal? asked Misty. Of course! replied Chestnut. "Okay ill ask my leader of thats ok once everyone wakes up" said Misty. As the time passed every koala was awake, Chestnut and May told they had found the new animal to Cosmo. 

Chestnut and May went to Misty. "So did the leader say yes?" asked May. yep! said Misty we will go to your group of koalas. The koalas and Kangaroos went to Jamaa township, The kangaroos learned lots of new things from the rest of Jamaa like the shamans.

The End

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Emu egg

Hey jammers! today's new item can be found at Outback imports and its
the Emu egg! 

great item! :D other than it being member only..
i would really like to see a nonmember item at Outback imports! >.<
only 1 nonmember item.. poor nonmembers :(

Anyway most people know there is a adventure
in the Base camp which is coming
it has a sigh of Cosmo..

What do you think the adventure will be like?
Will we get to meet Cosmo?
Will we get to free the koalas or something different?
Please share your ideas about what its going to be like!

Jam on!


Saturday, 17 August 2013


hey jammers! sorry for not posting for a while i was busy for a while but now ill be back to posting! =D Anyway yesterdays new item was the bass camp music sold at the diamond shop!

no comment, i don't have a clue what it sounds like.
but i think this song should have been sold at the adventure base camp,
Anyway the day before that, the new item was the lantern sold at Outback imports!

This is such a nice item! ^.^ why not nonmember? D:
but one thing that is certain that i will buy one of
these or maybe even two ^.^
Jam on!