Saturday, 24 August 2013

Shell armour

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Hey jammers! todays new returning item is the shell armor,  sold at bahari 


I can believe how i could forget the shell armor
when the shell helmet is out o.o 
Anyway could this be a new land?

Could it be a Eucalyptus forest like i mentioned
in my story and in the map?

Do you think it will be the next new land? 
what do you think? ^.^
Jam on!



  1. Ooooooh! Good thinking =3 A forest.... hmm. But Kimbara Outback is like, an Outback o.o How can u add a forest XD? I'm pretty sure the medical den will come out though....


  2. Nice idea! :D I hope it is :3
    ~Purpleflora (I'll follow you on my blogger account soon).

  3. Oh and, no offense cloudclaws, just a little spelling mistake chu made :) It's armor, not armour. I'm not trying to be a smarty, I just noticed XD


  4. Thank's for your information and i like yoe post ^___^


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