Monthly nonmember

September 2013: 
Cozy spot
What you will need:
 7 mats
  pile of books
  two nonmember couches
  4 plushies (any)
  red panda plush
Here's what it will look like!
You can add extras if you want, it looks pretty cozy
to me and best of all, its all nonmember! 

October 2013:
large nonmember table
What you need:
4 coffee tables
1 ice chair
1 lawn chair
1 pillow
2 Garden plots
And here's what you should have ^.^
 Of course you can add the extras, like the gingerbread house.

 November 2013:
Nonmember entrance
What you need:
 seasonal tree
two bunny statues
two alpha stones
 tiny tree
Cave crystals
paradise rug
Here's what it looks like!
Pretty cute and great too! :D
 December 2013:
Winter Circle
What you will need:
 Red Panda Plush
 pet sled.
Alpha stone.
Decorative bow
Holiday Bells
Two seasonal trees
Snow Globe
The Gift Express
 Pet Hamster
 Jamaaliday Lights
Two Penguin Plushies
And here's how it looks like altogether! :3
Whew that's alot of stuff. o-o
It still is a cute decoration for your den though, what do you think?
 January 2014:
Nonmember garden
What you will need:
2 Bunny Statues
Tiny Tree
Seasonal Tree
Seahorse fountain
Baby Palm Tree
2 Golden Wattles
Leaf pile
Lit Palm Tree
Tall Cactus
Potted Plants
 It's a fantastic decoration for any den. ^.^
Yes, this page will be active once again. but this time i'll be doing clothing ideas! :D
January 2015
Pink Gingerbread
Made entirely of Jamaaliday Gifts! :D
(except for the pinecone necklace)
If this seems too girly for you, you can try different colors like blue. :P
Here are the items you'll need:
Gingerbread hat (Jamaaliday gift)
Gingerbread wings (Jamaaliday gift)
Pinecone necklace (Jam-Mart clothing)
Body (main) color:
Second color:
February 2015
A winter or lucky day outfit for all genders! :D
However, you might have to ask for colored versions. I find that it looks best on pandas or bunnies. So anyways, let's see which items & colors we have! :3
Old hood (sold in Shiveer Shop)
Quilted Blanker (Sold in Shiveer Shop)
Woven Shoes (sold in jam-mart clothing)
Scarf (sold in jam-mart clothing)
Body (main) color
 Second color
March 2015
Springtime Rose
March is here, which means it's time to celebrate springtime! :D
Here are the items you'll need to make this beautiful outfit . . 
Red Head Flower (sold in jam-mart clothing)
Red Woven Shoes
Pink Lei 
Body (main) color

Second color



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    1. hey! do u go on webkinz too!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL cool beans lol . i think there soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool beans ideas

    2. oh cool wats ur webkinz user mine is vgcallah1

    3. oh cool wats ur webkinz user mine is vgcallah1


  3. These are GREAT ideas :D! When I'm a non-member they'll be really useful =^-^=

  4. Cool ideas, I might use these as I get the colored items. :D
    Epic! :)

  5. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Awesome!!!! Do you mind if I feature your article on my blog?

    1. I won't mind, you are free to feature it. ^.^

    2. Cloud can you buddy me? No pressure. ~lexi0705

    3. hey cloud claws can you buddy me please i have 0 friends sad face.

  7. Great monthly non members! =^.^= I showed this to my nk buddy and she reaaaaaallllyyyy like it! ~sparkle08732 p.s greAt blog!

  8. I did not mean to say the k I meant to say non member 0.0 ~sparkle08732

  9. Cool! I used the Comfy zone thing.. And I'm making something similar to the large nm table :D

  10. I will definitely use these they are epic!!!!! ^.^

  11. I like the Cozy Spot the best!

  12. cool :D thx 4 the ideas XD


  13. r u 4 real u talk about webkinz and not animal jam i know i love webkinz to

  14. lol nice den thinking but i dont go to my den that often although i do like decorating things like that :3 :3 :3 XD

  15. by da way i dont know what spam means plz tell me and plz search me because my user is : bubblybubba03

  16. on animal jam i mean

  17. Hey CloudClaws, I have an entirely non member den. It is up in May, my non member month (I do it every may for the non members to grab ideas) When it is up, please can you say about it on this page.

    theseyo ♝

  18. All of these non-member ideas are all unique and unknown to Jammers! Great job, Cloudclaws! That's extra-ordianry ;-D!


  19. I'm a nonmember and I love ur ideas! Please have time to visit my den and see what mine looks like. -tre12133 (Animal Jam Fun Blog!)

  20. I have an account, though I'm so tired so I didn't wanna log on XD -tre12133

  21. Cool idea for. Nm! They need way more things

  22. aj took my mebership now i actualy have to use tthese :l

  23. My chat on aj is putting peridods before the sentance! omg so annoying!

  24. I'm pacmanknowsit on animal jam, come and friend me? I'm super active. ^_^

  25. I thought the golden wattle was MEMBER


  26. i'm working on a non member den! i'm rooney625 if you want to watch my progress i'm member btw

  27. Cool, love how you include non member ideas, Cloudclaws!

  28. I know how to make a cool penguin outfit using a top hat, a tie, and some type of back item

  29. The bunny stone entrance looks AWESOME! I would probably use it if I had enough den spaces! *glares at AJHQ* *AJHQ glares back* And I'm a big fan of the Cozy Spot, but is there an alternative for the Pile of Books? I can't find them in stores...

  30. That would be something I would like to make 0.0 ~M3wz :D

  31. Hi! I love your blog. I'm last month's epic den, flameon31601. Maybe you saw my arcade den? :) Anyway, I've done a few pieces on AJ glitches, including the German Bounce Hack. If you'd like to use my AJ articles or videos, just paste this link to your blog. Publicity stunt! :D

  32. I love the SpringTime Rose! I used it on my storage

  33. Layla5705 has the best outfits. She does awesome vids on cool 'fits ERMAGHERD HER ARTCIC WOLF IS SOO HAWTT! Lawl did I just call her hawt? 0_0. Uh... Awkward. :{]. Hahahaha we r alike. Both kinda akeard And Lulzy. Wow is lulzy a wurd? Ermagerd. Owe. We r so alike lul.

    Owe wow two paragraphs full of stupid words. I is so smart waw. XDXDXD C: Wow I will shut my mouth naw.

  34. Do you still post vlogs? I really enjoy them, they are amazing! =D

  35. Do you still do Animal Jam River Vlogs? I really enhoy them =D


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