Monday, 30 September 2013

Rare wavy bookshelf

Hey jammers! Yes i have changed my main animal yet AGAIN, its now and arctic wolf! does it look too boyish? i don't want people thinking im a boy O.O Anyway, today's rare item is the rare wavy bookshelf!

I like its color combination! :D Green and purple match
purrfectly ^.^ Its nonmember too! yay :D
And now for the Daily mystery!

How are they not found in other parts on jamaa?
How do these trees to grow diamonds?
When and how was it discovered?
 Happy jamming!


Sunday, 29 September 2013

jellyfish hat

Hey jammers!  sorry for the lateness of this post >.< i have been waiting 4 HOURS for AJ to  load and it still wouldn't load O.O i have read other blogs and everyone seems to be having a problem with their internet connection..
Anyway, today's new returning item is the jellyfish hat!

Credit goes to kinyonga.
I never noticed these where gone o.o
Anyway the jellyfish hat is cute! ^.^ but
looks kinda awkward on animals XD
Anyway, here's an item i missed out yesterday!

Credit goes to Kinyonga.
Pretty cool! :D it's the same color as the spikes!
only its not pointy :P im guessing the next new item will
be the studded wristband! 
Happy jamming!


Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hey jammers! today's new item is the Mustache, sold at Jam mart clothing!

Sorry, im not a very big fan of mustaches :P
AJHQ has been coming up with weird clothing for
animals these days, don't you think?
Anyway,now for the Daily Mystery! :D

In sarepia, there are posters of Graham and Sir Gilbert.
But there was never a movie of the shamans, Do you
think that something related to the shamans will come
out soon? or maybe something related to the adventures..
hmm What do you think? ^.^ And also, has the snack bar in
the theater changed a bit? :P

Or it might be just me. I notice chocolate bars...
i hope we get to get chocolate too soon! :D That
would be EPIC!
Happy jamming!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Night Of The Phantoms

Hey jammers! im so so so so sorry about not posting yesterday :( It's hard work posting everyday, im sorry. Anyway, the Night of the phantoms is here!

I wouldn't exactly say it was a silly celebration But
it sure is fun! ^.^ Bats have also come, and even though
it says where they are sold on here jammers are still asking me 
where i got the pet bat.
Now for the best part! *Drumroll* THE HIVE IS HERE!

Yay! :D i really do feel sorry for the nonmembers because
it is indeed, a very fun adventure, but it makes my computer 
laggy :( Anyway, i do have a few images for the nonmembers! ^.^

Yes, you get to meet GREELY! but you only see him once.
And here's the phantom king you battle at the end!

He is REALLY big O.O And after you defeat him,
Cosmo says that we might not be seeing the last of the phantom king
so the phantom king might later reappear, and you level up ALOT! :D
And the elephants are finally back!

Yay! ^.^ and pet tarantulas are also coming back!
And the other great news is that a NEW animal is coming!

SPOTTED and FAST, hmm i think it's a hyena or a cheetah!
Or maybe a leopard? not the snow leopards but like the normal leopards?
Like there's wolves and arctic wolves in jamaa. Whatever it is, im
so excited! ^.^ Now, for the new item which is the spiked mohawk!

Pretty cool! i like the way its rainbow ^.^ but the other
colors are just single colors :P 
Happy jamming!


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

pirate beard

Hey jammers! sorry for the late post, i went to the beach today and swam a really long way so i was really tired >_< I have noticed that whenever i log on, there's some people crowding in one spot and saying: S/HE'S A SCAMMER or REPORT HIM!!! and i even heard someone spell a bad word! is this how Jamaa really is like these days?!
Anyway, today's new item is the pirate beard!

I have heard that this is a super rare beta item! :O
AJHQ seems to be bringing back rares because
of too many scammers.. i wounder what pirate-related store 
item is next! :D Now i made a thing called the Monthly nonmember!
When every month, i will post a nonmember den/clothing idea!
For this month, is the Cozy spot! What you'll need:

1. 7 mats
2. pile of books
3. two nonmember couches
3. 4 plushies (any)
4. red panda plush
Here's what it will look like!

You can add extras if you want, it looks pretty cozy
to me and best of all, its all nonmember!
Sorry i couldn't find a good name, i actually did but i forgot it! D:
Oh, and by the way the glitches page will be replaced my the blogger tips page!
Sorry it's hard to keep up with the glitches plus some of my videos keep
getting removed for some reason >.< You can still watch them in my Youtube account!
Happy jamming!


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pirate hat

Hey jammers! Today's new returning item is the pirate hat!

I knew the new item would be something pirate related ^.^
What do you think is next? :D I wounder if the golden
pirate hat will be out soon.. Oh and its pretty cheap!
Now for the post on the Daily Explorer!

I have a feeling this is actually going to become super rare :P
Now for the Daily mystery, noted by mywebparrot!

I'm sure many of you have seen this cave before,
but ever wondered what's inside it? And where does it lead?
perhaps to a new land, what do you think the new land will be like?
Feel free to share your opinion!
And here's a random picture of a rainbow and waterfall i made
in AJ's art thingy :P

Okay, i may not draw well on the computer
but it looks pretty cool, don't you think?
Happy jamming and play wild!
Note: Daily mysteries may not be everyday or else ill run out of mysteries
but they will be posted occasionally.


Monday, 23 September 2013

Rare Skull Helmet

Hey jammers! today's Rare Item Monday is the rare skull helmet!

Yay! 500 gems! ^.^ cheap for a rare :D
It has a nice color combination, grey and purple
go pretty well ^_^ It's sad how most Rares are member D:
I haven't seen these in stores before, are they beta? ^.^
Anyway, now for today's mystery!

When i was just walking in the Chamber
Of Knowledge, i noticed this genie lamp!
Do you think there's really a genie there? or something
else important to Jamaa? hmm..What do you think?
Happy jamming and Jam on everyone!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Eye patch

hey jammers! im really happy right now because i had 235 views yesterday! :D
and 17 comments on the post! i don't usually get that many and also i reached 31 follows! ^.^

Thanks everyone, i never knew that my blog was going to be this popular! :)
Moving on to the new item, the eye patch!

Notice something? No? ITS NONMEMBER!! :D
i kinda did predict it was going to be nonmember
because usually after AJHQ releases a lot of member stuff the make
a nonmember item :P It's pretty neat in my opinion,
land animals can now wear eye-patches! ^.^  Maybe there will
be other pirate clothing for land?

Anyway, now for the mystery!

You probably noticed them before, they are in 
Chamber Of Knowledge. Its in the coca hut as well!

What do you think they where used for? where
they a kind of arrow that had special powers that
defeated the Phantoms? or something to do with Spirit stones?
Feel free to share your opinion!
Jam on! (should i use happy jamming or jam on?)


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Beaded Necklace

Hey jammers! Like my new blog design? I think It looks better with all the warm autumn-y colors ^.^ I Also putted some rules below the comment box so no one breaks any rules.
Anyway, today's new item which has been seen at the adventures 
before is the beaded necklace, sold at jam mart clothing!

Pretty neat! ^.^ it seems to go with anything :D
I like how AJHQ is making more Jamaasian items
rather then human-y items :D I never imagined it
to be 450 gems though.. o-o
Anyway now for today's mystery, noticed by ilovecutechihuahuas/Nyanchocoa!

In canyons pathway on the stone, is a odd-looking 
target circled in red. Why is it there? and who
do you think put it there? what was it used for? 
Feel free to comment and share your opinion!


                                                      P.S like my new signature?   

Friday, 20 September 2013

Cone Collar

Hey jammers! why isn't my blog getting comments lately? are my posts becoming boring? :C
Anyway today's new item is the cone collar sold at the Medical shop!

Pretty useful for your pets or jammers that
like to roleplay pets.^.^ But won't pets be misrable
not being able to move their necks? D:
Now for the mystery...

There's a trapdoor in The Chamber Of Knowledge.
What do you think it is used for? do you think
that someday, someone will discover the key and
find all of Jamaa's hidden mysteries? or is it a place
to trap phantoms? Feel free to share your opinions!
Jam on!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Phantom cell

Hey jammers! i'm happy to say that the new blog design will be coming soon!
^.^ But i love this design so it'll stay on for a little more, sorry for not posting yesterday >.<
Today's new item is the metal version of the phantom pen!

The phantom cell! a more stronger, more expensive
version of the phantom pen :P Though, having only
1 nonmember item is the Adventure shop is unfair :(
Same with the medical shop.. Speaking of the medical
shop, yesterdays new item was the doctor's bag!

credit goes to Kinyonga.
So only members can be doctors? :(
Anyway i like this item, its good but nonmebers
should be able to be doctors too! 
Happy jamming!


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Phantom cage

Hey jammers! today's a earlier post.. :P Anyway the new item is sold at the adventure base camp!

The caged phantom! ^.^ similar to the phantom coop..
Anyone notice a pattern here? the phantom coop and cage are similar
except one is metal and the other wood. same with the cart and lockbox,
maybe there will be a metal version of the pen? ^-^
Moving on, i managed to get to the birthday parteh

oh wait.. its the same cake in ice-cream land :P 
Except its purple. What flavor should it be?
 I think blackberry suits it well :D And the shop is here
 where the bronze shaman statues are sold..

So, the party is pretty much the same but it's epic as always!
:D what do you think? ^.^
Happy jamming!


Monday, 16 September 2013

Rare police hat

Hey jammers! sorry for the late post, i didn't really feel like it :I
Moving on to another subject, here are my reactions when
i saw that i had 28 follows.

My new goal is to reach 40 followers, should
i have a contest next time? ^-^
Anyway time for the rare item Monday, the rare police hat!

Oh yay a nonmember, and not over 700
gems! :D and colorful! pawsome ^.^ it should
be called rainbow police hat! :D cause its so 
colorful, the most colorful rare in jamaa's history!
Anyway i discovered a glitch for the medical center! :P

The kangaroo is me :P its actually quite simple,
first you stand near the door, switch animals and go
to the door when your switching! this works on any other entrance too! :D
Happy jamming!