Sunday, 29 September 2013

jellyfish hat

Hey jammers!  sorry for the lateness of this post >.< i have been waiting 4 HOURS for AJ to  load and it still wouldn't load O.O i have read other blogs and everyone seems to be having a problem with their internet connection..
Anyway, today's new returning item is the jellyfish hat!

Credit goes to kinyonga.
I never noticed these where gone o.o
Anyway the jellyfish hat is cute! ^.^ but
looks kinda awkward on animals XD
Anyway, here's an item i missed out yesterday!

Credit goes to Kinyonga.
Pretty cool! :D it's the same color as the spikes!
only its not pointy :P im guessing the next new item will
be the studded wristband! 
Happy jamming!



  1. IKR I HAD TROUBLE WITH AJ TOO!! Thats why I couldn't make it to my party :( Well hope aj runs more smoothly tomorrow!! And on my remake party at 2nd oct!

  2. hah that Jellyfish hat is really funnt but cute :))) and i agree with you about student wirstband!!!I hope that soon wirstband will able to buy on Diamond shop yey :)) anyway great post ;3333

  3. Whaat? 4 Hours and AJ won't load? O.o
    SAME! Same happened with me, I've been waiting for SIX hours and it won't load. How funny. O.o
    I guess, something wrong was going on with AJ, cause RockyTop2 also faced the same problem.
    Anyways, bye now.


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