Sunday, 15 September 2013


Hey jammers! today's new item is the stethoscope, sold at the medical center!

Finally, an item for doctors to use instead of patients! :3
Now doctors and nurses can listed to other patients heart 
and breathing! :D i hope i nonmember item comes soon!
Anyway, now for the Daily explorer post!

Its a sad thing to see that AJHQ has to keep reminding jammers
to use the trade system.. but a bigger problem is that jammers
can scam with the trade system too! D:
Happy jamming!



  1. The new item is cool! It's like, a doctor checking if ur heart is frozen or not XD

    Yeah.... It's kind of like AJHQ is helping scammers scam with da TRADING list. But they're not, and it's not their fault that they didn't know.

    Scamming= Horrible, bad, evil, terrible, mean :C


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