Wednesday, 11 September 2013

potted flower hat

Hey jammers! today's new item has been seen at the adventures before, the very weird looking potted flower hat!

Very odd-looking but it seems that flowers
grow anywhere. Even heads. Anyway i think
it good for camouflage? or maybe dressing up
as a flower? Anyway here's a way for nonmembers
to dress up as the pheonix armor!

What you'ill need:
1 red eagle hat (try to get one by trading)
1 red mech angel wings, orange is good too and even yellow can work.
Anyway here's the outfit! unfortunately i only have light blue mech wings.

You can get a red heart locket or a regular necklace 
if you can't get it for the amulet. Anyway hope this
is useful for nonmembers but last but not least (actually last :P)
The party details! 

I'll be posting about the party details everyday til the party so
everyone knows ^.^
Happy jamming!


1 comment:

  1. Hello! And nice idea for the nm pheonix armor ( I know i spelled it wrong :|


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