Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tiki Umbrella Table & other stuff

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item is the Tiki Umbrella Table sold in Jam-mart furniture. c:
Better than the terrace table. ^.^
It's cool how there are three different choices - wood, straw and bamboo. c:
And it also looks awesome in the waterpark den! :D
But since the terrace table is member, this at least should have been nonmember . . *sigh*
But i guess we just had a nonmember item recently, soo . . . sorta fair, i guess.
On the other hand, i went to the adventure base camp an the underwater entrance seems to have been updated!
 One word: Awesome.
those corals are so colorful . . i also saw some tiny islands scattered across! ^.^
It would be cool if there where mini adventures on the islands. :P
With mini portals . . x3
Actually, there could be just small, short adventures just for leveling up or finding treasures. c:
Anyway, i found more images of the otter!
*spoiler alert*
Animal Jam - Otter2 by cold0428
Adorable! ^-^
I think it's their play or something . . hopefully next week these pawsome animals will come out! :D
And here's one underwater . . 
Animal Jam - Otter3 by cold0428
bawwww <3
Otters are just so adorable . . ^-^
What do you think?
To wrap it up, here's the DE post! :3
Aaand i lost. Again.
I feel happy for the people who won though. c:
Speaking of contests . . 
There is only ONE more day left until you can enter the contest! There will be a round two, so hurry if you want to be in it!

That's all for today, Happy jamming everyone! :3

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Heart Pillow & randomness in Jamaa

Hiya jammers! ^-^
Lots of people said that they had a feeling that otters where gonna be nonmember in the comments yesterday . . The odd thing is, i have a feeling too! You know what? I think otters are probably gonna be nonmember! :D
And if they aren't, im gonna rant. =-=
But they probably are gonna be nonmember, so keep your hopes high! :3
Moving on, the new item is the Heart Pillow. c:
To me, it looks like a balloon heart pillow because if the tiny knot at the end. :P
But meh, i guess i liked the star pillow better. 
Doesn't anyone think that AJHQ should have called the star pillow a "shape" pillow which included the heart pillow and other shapes? Same with the balloon hats, that would be more organized. c:
 Yeah . . quite sad it's members only.
But you know, when i was walking through Jamaa township today, i saw this . . thingy.
Nah, not really. XD
But that just seems so random . . o_o
Seriously, if you look closely there's alot of random things in Jamaa like this FREAKY chicken thingy . .
Scary. O_O
But also a much more pleasant, cute little owl/smiley face! ^.^
So much random things on the wall . . But that's what i like about AJ. :3
Except for the freaky chicken thingy.
Well on the other hand, the Find the Alphas contest will sadly be leaving in 2 days . .
But don't worry though - there will be a more exciting, fun round two!
It's fine if you don't want to enter - im not forcing you but it's a quite fun contest. ^-^
Lastly, what do you think about otters? Would you buy them? Why?
And what do you think their actions will be? :3

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Butterfly Balloon Hat & Alphas

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's item is the butterfly balloon hat which is sold in the Summer Carnival. c:
Meh. The snake one was better.
The butterfly looks so cute though. owo
So cuute and tinyyy
You know what would be tinier and cuter?
Balloon hats on pets. :D
Just imagine it in 3D. :3
Bawwwwwwwww <3
Adorable! ^w^
Well anywho, i just noticed that the animals on the beta flags look like the Alphas. o.o
The kinda resemble each other . . cool. :3
On the other hand, here's the DE post! ^o^

Well, all i can say it that's one odd animals. o_O
Weird how they eat jelly fish .o.
To wrap it up, there have been pictures of otters on AJ . . 
Im not sure if it's official or not - it might be added a few tweaks later but because of the background, i can tell it's a land and sea animal! ^o^
They just look so ADORABLEEEE owo
I can't wait for them!! :3
What do you think jammers? :D

Monday, 28 July 2014

Rare Eyepatch + Beta TV

Hiya jammers! ^-^
Today's rare is the nonmember Rare Eyepatch! c:
Ahh, much better than the previous rare. :D
Seriously, the only difference was the necklace. -.-
It looks a like a default white eyepatch, but it's useful for nonmembers since they get more color choices now! ^.^
But has anyone noticed how nonmember rares are always expensive? D:
The normal eyepatch is 250 gems, so 500 or 400 would be more ideal. :c
But anyway, it's Rating time! 
Price: 2/5
Colors: 4/5
Creativity: 2/5
So that's a total of 9 out of 15! 
Check below the link for more!!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Star pillow

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item for today is the Star Pillow. c:
It isn't really the type of style AJHQ has been making lately, but it's still quite cute. ^o^
It goes well with the patched item such as a patched couch. :3
And finally, a nonmember item! :D
AJHQ hasn't made a nonmember den item in ages . . >.<
I also think AJ should make chat history available for nonmembers again, It's sort of a small, helpful thing that everyone should be able to use. Kind of pointless taking it away. >-<
Check below the link to read more!!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Epic Deer Antlers & Rumors about Fman

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's neat little item is the Epic Deer Antlers which are sold in Epic Wonders. c:
When i first saw these, i thought they where SUPER epic! :D
They're so huge! I couldn't wait to try them on my Arctic Wolf, but . . 
It looked WAAY too huge. xD
So for now, i think i'll keep on my original antlers. ^o^
But it looks epic on deers - since it probably was originally designed for deer. :P
Whenever i put them on my deer, i feel like the leader of all the deers in Jamaa. :D
You know, they look a bit like Sigurd's antlers! ^-^
On the other hand, the ice couch is sadly leaving . . ;-;
Aww. :c
I guess AJHQ is making up space for the new items.
Im loving the new items lately, what about you? ^_^
Anywho, some jammers have reported seeing Fman in Jamaa . . 
Displaying fman!_.png
Credit to Tara Animations for this pic.
Back in 2013, i freaked out when i saw fman in Jamaa but im not scared anymore.
It's simple - i highly doubt that Fman is truly still in Jamaa.
It's just that there are so many fakes these days.
AJHQ has done a huge majority of things to keep him away from AJ - Fman can't just simply take over Animal Jam!
I even saw fman in Kimbara Outback today . .
Look closely. Yes, he's saying something.
And Fman doesn't usually talk - well not his true accounts anyway.
Plus, nonmembers can't send gifts now. What's the point?
Although i recommend blocking them just in case, A huge majority of these are fake.

Sadly, that's all for today jammers - Play Wild!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Beta Party Tour

Beta Table & New animal?!

Hiya jammers! ^.^
There are two new item today, but lets start of with the Snake Balloon hat which is sold in the Summer Carnival. c:
Lol, this item is funny. XD
But the eyes just look so googly when you put it on your animal. o3o
It's cool how you can make so many things with those long balloons. :D
It's fun wearing balloon hats anyway. c:
And the second new item is the fantastic beta table! ^o^
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit
It kinda looks like something from outback imports. :3
It's odd though because i don't remember this being sold in the Beta days. It still does look quite "beta" But isn't *actually* beta.
Meh. Oh well. :P
Shame it's member though . . It's a table. .-.
But i guess there's gonna be a beta chair soon . . And hopefully AJ will make in nonmember.
On the other hand, i saw a message from AJ today . . 
Interesting . . 
I have noticed that in pages 2-6 of the Jamaa Journal, it spells Otter.

I have always wanted Otters on AJ! I think they would be both on land and sea - like penguins & seals.
I can't wait for them . . I can feel that this animal is gonna be nonmember! :D
But i may be wrong . . 
I would freak out if otters where in the diamond shop. D:
I would be like: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

*Okay, spoiler alert is gone now everythings okay. Come out.*
To wrap it up, there's a brand new diamond code called "Twelve"
Sadly, i don't have a picture but i tested it and it seems safe! It's from the AJ Insiders guide, so don't worry. :3
That's it for now, Play Wild!
P.S Noticed anything different or found a fun new glitch? Then feel free to about it!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Candy necklace & Grill

Hiya jammers! ^.^
The new item is the Grill which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture. :3
Purrfect for summer! ^o^
I have noticed AJHQ is coming up with lots of green items lately . . Green Terrance chairs, terrace tables, etc. C:
I guess mainly because everything's green in summer. :P
And if you buy the grill - when you click it . . .
Delicious grilled food. :3
Anywho, i have noticed a new item in Jam-Mart clothing, kinda just randomly appeared without any "New" sign. :P
However, it's a great way to celebrate winter for Southern Hemisphere! ^o^
Still a bit odd though since people in Southern Hemisphere don't celebrate Christmas in July. o.O
It looks cute and is nonmember though. :3
On the other hand, the winner for the new item contest is revealed! :D
It's odd how AJHQ doesn't write their actual usernames - there could be thousands of jammers called Pouncing Fieryspirit on AJ and i just feel like they aren't receiving full credit.
I understand it's for privacy reasons, but still . . . 
To wrap it up, here's the question of the post! :3
What do you think so far about the beta party?
Have you noticed small, fun features? 
What fun new items do you think will be coming there soon?
Bye guys! Remember to play wild! ^o^
P.S I'll be starting mailtime very soon!
P.P.S Be sure to enter my contest! Time is running out - entries due August the 1st!
P.P.P.S Noticed anything different or found a fun new glitch? Then feel free to email about it!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

THE BEST UNEXPECTED UPDATE IN AJ'S HISTORY!! Wow, this is a long title i guess i should finish it here..

Hiya jammers! ^.^ 
Yep, the title says it all.
Well, it's kinda odd how AJ is updating on a Wednesday, but i guess AJHQ just finished the update today. ^o^
So starting off with rhinos - No, it's not a party but instead something just as good! :3
Yup, new ADORABLE pet rhinos! ^O^
Im not gonna be getting one though - mainly because it's sold in diamonds. XD
But since AJHQ is releasing so much Diamond Shop pets, they should also make cats & dogs nonmember since they're the most popular pets in the world. :3
Anywho, continuing on to the other page . . .
Yes, AJHQ has managed to bring back Beta! :D
It's the exact same as the old nonmember Beta den . . 
I love the entrance of the Beta den for some reason. ^o^
In the 3rd floor or so, there's a small shop. . . 
At first, i thought it had things that where SOLD in Beta - such as cami frogs or gecko plushies but they where happily (Or sadly?) items that where FOUND in beta.
I guess it's better since many jammers would be upset if betas actually returned in stores. ^-^
Hmm . . I don't remember those banners though - but they look neat anyways! c:
To be honest, my mind was blown to bits when i saw this update. XD
It also has a lovely little beach! ^.^
Well - not exactly a beach but what a lovely place to hang out and chat with your buddies! ^.^
That flamingo - sorta bird is adorable. :3
It some ways, i wish it stayed in Crystal Sands. ;-;
Oh well. At least that adorable little flamingo/toucan sorta bird is now back in Jamaa! :D
I shall call him/her Skipper. c:

Anywho the winner of the clothing contest is here! ^o^
Yes, of course -  a Ribbon Scarf!
Who won though? o.o
AJHQ forgot to tell who the winner was.. o.O
I guess we might find out tomorrow though. :P
And about the new animal . . Remember the question on the last post?
A few jammers voted for owls or armadillos - do you think it will be either of those? ^o^
Im going to be putting a poll up on which animal you think should come to Jamaa on this blog soon. C:
On the other hand, there's a fun new contest that everyone can attend. :3
I voted for the Egyptian thingies one. :D
But a icecream parlour and a hair salon would also be pawsome! ^o^
But animals don't have hair though . . So it would be more reasonable to call it a fur salon. 
But i think the icecream parlour is gonna win. :3
And In Too Deep is now also out on hardmode! ^-^
The best thing?
A brand new guide is out . . 
Yep, you guessed it. The Aj Insiders guide!! :D
I'll try to get a copy as soon as i can! Though im not sure if i have either of those shops where i live. ;-;
I guess i could buy it online though. ^o^
I can already feel this guide is gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
That's all i have for now! :3
What new things have you noticed about this update?
Also - have you also seen the brand new remove all den items button? ^o^