Thursday, 3 July 2014

New contest + Freedom Knight Helmet

Hey jammers! ^.^
Welcome to the AJR! The new item for today is the Freedom Knight Helmet which is sold in the Freedom Party! :D
These freedom items are pretty cool for making outfits, although i think AJHQ needs to top recoloring existing items and make some brand new ones instead. :)
Have you got a freedom item in mind that you would like for it to come out? 
A freedom armor would be cool. o3o
Speaking of armors, i entered my new items for the contest! :D

This is copyright. Do not copy or ELSE!!
I have always wanted a cloud armor, although its actually more like a weather armor representing the elements. ^-^
What other ideas did you have for the contest? C:
On the other hand, we have reached 80 followers so it's time for the mini-contest!
The contest is quite simple, all you have to do is enter a number from 1-100. The winners will be receiving a prize! Click here for more details.
That's all for today! have a terrific Thursday. :D


  1. Replies
    1. You're meant to post them on the contest blog, but your number will be counted anyway. :)

  2. Nice blog! I love your armor! Mine ended up becoming a kinda artsy mess so I'm not very confident in it XD


    1. Oh yeah, for a new freedom item (this is kinda recolouring too) but how about a freedom headdress? Red band with white feathers with blue tips and white stars on the blue.

    2. Omigosh! .o. A Freedom Headdress sounds epic!- my opinion, of course. Especially since it's different- it's Freedom-style. :3

    3. Maybe the RIM should be a Rare Freedom Headdress :P
      I did a Rainbow Spiked Collar :-/ (fail mk?)

  3. Love the armor!
    I wish i entered but my ideas are dumb :(
    I though of having the Elemental Swords XD

  4. Number for contest: 11

  5. Number for contest: 50


  6. Number: 30

  7. 20!
    Actually I might enter the contest now, cause you've inspired me.
    Not copying! I swear!

  8. 77!
    Woo! I luv ur armor, its sooo boss! I'm gonna buy the whole set if u win!
    P.s. I switched emails so I'm not at the to commenters anymore :(


    1. Cupcakemaster?! Yay cx.
      Remember the glitch eheheh.

  9. Congrats on 80 followers, Cloud! You deserve 'em. :)

    I luv your AJ clothing contest entry, Cloudclaw's Cloud Armor Set. Nice! :D

    1. Never mind! Congrats on 81 followers, Cloud! XD

  10. First time on this blog! I'm from AJS! Your blog is cool. X3


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