Friday, 11 July 2014

Adventure Guide + Animal Jam Official Insiders Guide

Hiya jammers!
The sparkly new item today is the Diamond Crown which is sold in Epic Wounders. ^o^
Matches perfectly with the gem encrusted necklace! ^-^
 It's strange how you can't change the colors though, and it isn't on sale unlike the other hats. Perhaps it doesn't count for new items? c:
Anywho, the time has almost come - for the Official Insiders Guide to come out! 
I can't wait for July 22nd! ^.^
I will hopefully be able to get one and show you some cool tips and codes. Who knows what this pawsome guide awaits? :3
Speaking of guides . . 
Yep, the in too deep adventure guide is here! The prizes are pretty cool. Who knows - i might do a little walkthrough soon! ^.^
On the other hand, it's time for the Question Of The Post!
The underwater den shop came out a few months ago, but do you think there will be any new dens? What do you think they might be? An underwater cavern?
That's all for today! ^.^


  1. Wow! I'd love to get that book myself!

    I'd love to play "In Too Deep" too...

    Jam on!

  2. I think the Epic Wonders sale is over, it was replaced with Hatapalooza I think?

    1. Probably-- I don't think AJ has more than one sale at a time.

  3. looks at phone lol..... ( get s distracted by crown) My Preciuos!!1


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