Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to swim on land! :D

Hey jammers! Im SO sorry about not posting yesterday, i was going to post, but i fell asleep. ._.
Isn't supposed to be update day?
Oh well.
I was really looking forward for an update today. T.T
Anyway, since this isn't a update-only blog anymore, ill be showing you a fun new glitch today. ^.^
Its a quite simple trick, you first need to go to Bahari Bay and stand here. c:
Yup, somewhere next to the Seahorse statue. :3
Then, you click your party list and hover your mouse above the door to Bahari Bargins.
Click the door, and just when your animal is next to the door, click the party. ^-^
And there you go! :D
It might not work for every party though.
I think i know how this glitch works though, when your in a party, you'll notice it says Bahari bargins instead of the name of the party. o-o
So i guess your actually in the shop, but it shows that you're in the party on YOUR screen.
Still, a very neat glitch to try out. ^.^
Happy jamming! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. C:

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pink Chest

Hey jammers! I got my glasses today, im actually quite happy with them. :D
Today's returning item is the Pink Chest in Jam Mart Furniture!
I think it makes a great decoration with the Fantasy Castle. ^.^
The price is very cheap, i wonder if AJHQ will make another type of chest for nonmembers?
And im pretty sure this was in Epic Wonders before, why do items keep changing place? >.< 
Can't they just stay in one place? ;-;
Also, there has been a few spottings of the Friendship party coming back! ^-^
Credit goes to the Animal Jam Roar
I bet next update, the friendship party will be announced.
Which reminds me, do you think eagles will be also coming next update? :3
Now for the DE post!
 They look like a dress..o-o
But it does seem to be very helpful with swimming on that dolphin. :P
Happy jamming!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Rare Flippers

Hey jammers! I don't really wanna post about the new item these days, but i can't find anything else to post about..
Any ideas? c:
Today's cool Rare Item Monday are the Rare Flippers!
It the best RIM, not the worst either. For some reason, im not really fond of underwater rares. :P
But i really like that shade of blue, i think you could make some pretty cool outfits with this. ^.^
The price isn't too bad for a rare, but i really wanna see a nonmember item in the shops right now. ;-;
And isn't it kinda weird that these items don't become actually rare?
Meanwhile, here's the DE post! ^-^
Its quite useful for jammers who are wondering why they can't type in all the words in the chat.
Happy jamming!

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hey jammers! Im REALLY not in the mood for posting the new item today, but there's really nothing else to post about, so here's a plain ol' update post. :P
The new item is the Top Coat, sold in Jam-Mart Clothing! ^.^
It looks pretty neat on foxes. :3
I never really knew this was called a topcoat, until i searched it up on Google.
I now think this topcoat is way too short and it looks more like a shirt..o-o I still like this item for some reason though. ^.^
The worst thing is that its members-only, when was the last nonmember item?
The AJ wristband.
And that was ages ago.
Now for the Daily Explorer post. ^-^
I think this was re-posted or something...I guess its still kinda helpful for new jammers.
Happy jamming!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

AJ Acedemy

Hey jammers! Today's members-only (*sob*) item is the Furry Hat!
Pretty cute, it looks adorable on bunnies. ^.^ 
But i think it kinda looks too square-ish...o-o  I wonder if AJHQ will make more winter items for nonmembers, im thinking a tail warmer would be nice. :3
Anyway, i discovered this site by AJHQ called the Animal Jam Academy, thanks so much RonenTheGamer for telling me! ^_^
Its a place where you can learn about animals, science, and much more. c:
There's even some coloring pages, activities, and some really cool experiments! :D 
You can go to the website by clicking the links on the bottom of the home page.
 Im not sure if its new though, i might have noticed before.
And lastly, here's a random drawing by me.
Im actually quite pleased with the way it turned out, what do you think i should improve though? :)
Happy jamming!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Eagles are coming to Jamaa?

Hey jammers! Yesterday was update day, but lets start of with the new item, the Pet Cabin in Jam-mart furniture. ^.^
I really like this item, its so cute. <3
It looks so nice and toasty inside, i wish there was a building like this on AJ. :D
With all these pet items, perhaps you could make a little pet town? :3
Yesterday's new item was the Starfish, sold in Sunken treasures.
Credit to the Animal Jam Roar
Its cool how you can change the type of starfish, a fantastic new item for any underwater den! ^.^
Now for the update. :3
 Yay! :D Now everyone can buy their favorite dens more easily. ^_^
And yes, Cosmo's den is now on sale for 3 diamonds! :D
They had something similar called Hatapalooza, i wonder if they will make more of these types of sales...
The base camp has changed back to normal, yay! ^.^
And its cool that the adventures are also on the World Map, a much more easier and quicker way. C:
And friendship festival is almost here. ^.^
 I think the new button suits the epic dens better, but i've been thinking a bamboo hut as a den would be cool, they should name it Liza's den. :P
A new animal is almost here! :O
If you spell the capital letters downwards, it spells EAGLES.
Yay! ^.^ Birds are finally coming to Jamaa! :D
We have some good news, the Deer Shaman is here!
Welcome to Jamaa, Sigurd. ^.^
Happy jamming!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not posting..

Hey jammers! Im not in the mood for posting at all, i feel really tired. >.<
Ill post tommorow though, sorry!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sarepia Forest Skyways Glitch

Hey jammers! Today's item is member again. -.-
I will be showing you a cool skyways glitch instead, though. :3
Ever wondered how people sit on the slides in Sarepia Forest? Here's how to do it! :D
First of all, stand here.
Then, click someones name tag and open games.
While their nametag in open, click where the red circle is, then click a game, straight after you click
the slide. Scooped works best. :3
Click to enlarge 
Then, click the switch animals button. ^.^
Then exit to stop, you do not need to switch animals.
And there you go! :D
It takes some time though, so don't be worried if it doesn't work the first time.
Happy jamming! I hope this was helpful. :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Hey jammers! Today's post was originally not going to be an update post, but today's item was too cool to resist. :P
The tall pine tree, sold in Jam-Mart furniture! ^.^
I really like this item, its so decorative in an Ice Fort Den. :) Perhaps a Small Pine Tree and a Large Pine Tree will come soon, then we'll be able to make a pine forest! :D
I like how you can change the pattern of snow on the tree, too. ^-^

Real post:
In my opinion, i think AJHQ is being a bit too unfair to nonmembers these days.
There seems to be not much new nonmember items, Sure, you might say we have to be graceful to what AJHQ gives to nonmembers. I mean, they made hamsters nonmember, Meet Cosmo nonmember and turtles nonmember too, right?
AJ is still pretty fair compared to Club penguin, but i have an uncomfortable feeling that AJHQ is slowly turning into CP. Nonmembembers can't view chat history anymore, and way too much member items are being made, AJHQ is just taking, not giving.
Look, now im not saying member should just vanish to nowhere, we need both nonmembers and members to keep the game going!
Once again, we should all be glad for what nonmembers have, but what if Jamaa becomes like most other virtual worlds? I just feel like we have to do something, to prevent it from becoming like the others. Now, im not sure if this will become a movement now, perhaps it will but if you agree, there is one thing you could do.
 The purple question marks!
They're all over Jamaa, find them, and type your opinions!
Some people might not agree, thats alright, but i think we have to do something before its too late.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Rare Leg Armor

Hey jammers! I have decided that this blog will not be an update-only blog, on some days, i will post something else related to AJ, like a story or am article about something on AJ. i MIGHT also post some drawings by me or photos. ^.^ Meanwhile, today's fantastic rare is the Rare Leg Armor, sold in Jam-Mart-Clothing! C:
The colors go really good together, im guessing next week's rare will be the Leaf Necklace, colored exactly like this one. ^.^ 
You could make some pawsome outfits with this rare, it would go wonderfully with antlers. :)
The price is great compared to other RIM's if only it was nonmember though. *sob*
But in all, a good item. ^_^ 
Here's the Daily Explorer post of today!
A helpful post for the new jammers out there. ^-^
I hope tommorow's item will be nonmember though.
Happy jamming!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pet Ice Rink

Important note:
All drawings for the contest are now due January 30th.
Hey jammers! Today's fantastic new item is the Pet Ice Rink. ^_^
Its a pretty neat and creative item, i love those little penguins on it! C:
Maybe you could try buying lots of them and joining them together to make
one big ice rink? ^.^
Its sad that its member though....There hasn't been a nonmember item in ages! >.<
Meanwhile, here's the post on the Daily explorer. :D
I think there should be more ocean dens, and there should be a nonmember one too.
I think AJHQ has been WAY too unfair to nonmembers these days. ;-;
There hasn't been a SINGLE nonmember item since that Snow Shovel!!
Who agrees?
Happy jamming. ^.^

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Snow Trail Shoes

Hey jammers! The raffle winner was...
*Gets Random Number Generator, gets 4 as a result*
Rockytop2! :D Congrats! You got closest to 4. :) Today's new item is the Snow Trail Shoes. ^.^
I have always found this type of Snow Trails weird, how are they supposed to fit on your paws? o-o
I wounder how it looks like on your animals though... :P
Meanwhile, here's a great post on the Daily Explorer. ^_^
I would love to make an gaming party, but my inventory slots are full. >.<
Who agrees members should have at least 600 slots and nonmembers 500 slots?
And the end of the post is basically telling you to become a member..:c
Now for this week's Weekly Question!
What's your favorite part about Jamaa?
The mini games? Adventures? And not just what you like doing most, other stuff.
What do like about Animal jam that makes it unique?
P.S: Please enter my contest, only 7 more days to go!