Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to swim on land! :D

Hey jammers! Im SO sorry about not posting yesterday, i was going to post, but i fell asleep. ._.
Isn't supposed to be update day?
Oh well.
I was really looking forward for an update today. T.T
Anyway, since this isn't a update-only blog anymore, ill be showing you a fun new glitch today. ^.^
Its a quite simple trick, you first need to go to Bahari Bay and stand here. c:
Yup, somewhere next to the Seahorse statue. :3
Then, you click your party list and hover your mouse above the door to Bahari Bargins.
Click the door, and just when your animal is next to the door, click the party. ^-^
And there you go! :D
It might not work for every party though.
I think i know how this glitch works though, when your in a party, you'll notice it says Bahari bargins instead of the name of the party. o-o
So i guess your actually in the shop, but it shows that you're in the party on YOUR screen.
Still, a very neat glitch to try out. ^.^
Happy jamming! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. C:


  1. No, there was an update last week, so no, no new update today.

  2. Neat trick, I've tried it before, it makes things super cool!

  3. The eagle is coming next week I think!!!!! :) -sparkle08732

  4. It's kinda annoying when ppl say when there first or second I mean they don't win anything and its like a contest -.- -sparkle08732

  5. AWSOME TRICK!!!!!! i have always wondered how people do that :D


  6. Why didn't you update today???

    -Meowcats1228 (confused)

  7. Wow I'm gonna do that NOW

  8. Awesome Glitch! But just saying, dosen't the title seem kinda funny... I mean, "how to swim on land" XD


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