Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hey jammers! Im REALLY not in the mood for posting the new item today, but there's really nothing else to post about, so here's a plain ol' update post. :P
The new item is the Top Coat, sold in Jam-Mart Clothing! ^.^
It looks pretty neat on foxes. :3
I never really knew this was called a topcoat, until i searched it up on Google.
I now think this topcoat is way too short and it looks more like a shirt..o-o I still like this item for some reason though. ^.^
The worst thing is that its members-only, when was the last nonmember item?
The AJ wristband.
And that was ages ago.
Now for the Daily Explorer post. ^-^
I think this was re-posted or something...I guess its still kinda helpful for new jammers.
Happy jamming!


  1. Yeah, what's with AJHQ these days? Money, money, money, money... Sigh. I remember when there was an equal ratio of member-nonmember den and clothing items in every update... Or, there was just more nonmember items whatsoever. They've even took away some features and items from nonmembers... It's despicable, an outrage, even! It's turning into Club Penguin, for goodness sake! What gives them the right? They're adults, and they're taking advantage of kids and teens!

    I'm sorry, I just had to let that out. Sometimes I need to rant... >.<

    1. I agree! D:
      AJ is turning into CP! I was never there those days when members and nonmember items where equal.. :(
      And doesn't AJHQ have enough money already? Sure, most of it go to AJ to keep it going, but i think they have enough. We MUST do something!

  2. The Topcoat looks cute! I'm using it on my fox for a mysterious outfit look. =D It looks good enough, and I added an owl to make it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish things like the Topcoat can be available to every jammer :c. There should be a non-member tail armor! There are member tail armors, so why not half a piece and be a friend? =^-^=
    LOL Every time when I found everything in the Journey book, and I got my prize, I clicked the gift and made a screaming "POP" sound because of the bubble... X3. You should cover your precious ears when chu hear me scream.

    1. Cool. ^-^
      I wonder what the outfit will look like. :D
      And i think AJHQ should sell a NONMEMBER tail warmer in the Mt Shiveer hut, it might not be an armor but at least its a tail item. C:
      But of course, if AJHQ listens, they're just gonna most likely make it member. -.-

  3. Hey cloud I just noticed why you come on at night to me.... BECAUSE YOUR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. I never noticed that o.o and I like the top coat quite nice :) -sparkle08732

    1. Yep. :P
      I guess that's why so many jammers are online in the morning too. :P

  4. I think they're running out of things to post about..?

    1. Maybe...
      Its hard posting everyday.

  5. Hey cloudclaws I might start MAKING VIDEOS!!!! but it will only be on lps/littlestpetshop. :| so yeah... I might call its TheOrangeLPS so yeah. :/ but have any tips? :D -sparkle08732

  6. O.O 13 ppl said on the poll that they scam on AJ.


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