Thursday, 2 January 2014

Snowflake table

Hey jammers! today's returning members-only (*sigh*) item is the Snowflake table! ^.^
Even though its member, i like this item. :D Perfect for eating ice cream and iceblocks. ^-^
But never, i repeat, NEVER eat hot food on this table. 
The table could melt instantly and make all your food cold. o.o
Meanwhile, it seems like the seasonal tree has changed its appearence!
The tree is saved! No more jammers will try and eat it now. o-o
I hope you all had a fantastic new year, i hope 2014 will be a epic year.
Happy jamming!


  1. I Luv today's item. AJ Jump is so cool i already transferred some gems and transferred kangaroo pet!

    1. I just got AJ jump a few days ago, and its pawsome! ^-^
      I love my pet joey. :P
      And today's item is a quite nice, one isn't it? C:
      Its a pity it had to be member, this would have made a good nonmember item.

    2. cool i want it fish301


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