Saturday, 31 January 2015

Heart Boots

Hai :3
It's February tomorrow. Yay! :D
I have so much Jam-a-grams today. o-o
Yes, nine is a lot for me. don't judge meh :P
The new item ish the heart boots which are sold in the Shiveer Shoppe. :D
There's too many items with hearts these days. Im full of hearts. The world is full of hearts. There are hearts everywhere.
And in short . . 
It looks too much like the cozy shoes, so i don't really like it anyway. no offense.
The colours are also not the most creative. Everyone knows that they should have made a RAINBOW colored one. :D
*facepaw* nvm
Moving on, here's an awesome tutorial on how to make a Jupiter Bean Mosaic. :3
I might make that. 
nahh im too lazy.
And i don't even think i got the right beans anyway. And i don't think the glue is gonna work.
or maybe im just being lazy
Well anyways, i got some bad news about owls.
Okay, so you know the forgotten desert? Well it says it's for flying animals only . . and owls fly.
And AJHQ probably wants the adventure to stay member.
so . . 

Maybe AJHQ decides to be extremely kind and make them nonmember . .
unlikely though
Hopefully . . 

Have you ever wondered why February is such a short month?

Well that's it for now! Bye! :3

Friday, 30 January 2015

Special Delivery!

Hello. ^-^
First three days of school have had so much work. :c
And were super boring. cuz tests. -.-
booring tests.
sowwy 4 not posting
wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

There's a new adventure?
Okai cool. :3
What are we waiting for? LETS CHECK IT OUT :D
Isn't it a little early for owls to be in Jamaa? Pretty cool we get to see how they look like though. ^-^
Actually, i changed my mind. AJHQ did a SPOILERRRRRRR
Basically Rose usually can deliver the presents but there has been like a LOAD, like a huge load of presents that she can't handle herself so we have to help. Yay :3
Sounds more interesting than the other seasonal adventures. :O
This is how owls fly. Like their head is gonna come off. o-o
Very adorably tiny though. :3
yep, this is definitely diamond shop material.

Epic owl statue.
Wait a sec. Is it wearing a tiny coat?
aww c:
i find it very unnecessary though. 
We finally know where the dens of the jammers are . . but wait, you can't buy tree stump or log dens, so where did they get them from?
*Suddenly creeped out*
But wait, what is this?
Someone chopped down a tree.

just no.

this is a game right? AJHQ can just create more trees . . 

So err anyways, you meet a penguin who is sad because he can't get the treasure, and he wants to fly because of that. :c
And im just a flightless wolf who cannot help this penguin. :c
totally gonna switch animals
That's better! :D
*clicks accept*
Wait, so that's it?
I don't give it to the penguin or something?
And of course, the good ol' "use four players to open the door" trick.
Well since we have opened the door lets go in. c:
*finds another gift*
Whenever you open a gift, it sounds like someone burped really loudly. Srsly AJ? -.-
eww i don't wanna open gifts anymore
A good thing is that if you go next to a speaker you can hear Winter's Dance.
Well that's it 4 now. :D

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Heart Glasses

hello dere
The new item is sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :D
ehh it's a little awkward if you ask me. How are you meant to see out of it? o-o
But yeah, i guess it looks cool. :3
My wolfie is too blackish and shadowy for this item though. :P
Maybe they're specially tinted so no one can see your eyes. o-o
I would prefer it if they where clear though. It would look much better. c:
way better
A bit like the nerd glasses . . y' know.
Here's the DE post!
It's Jammer Art again. Yay! :3
I love the arctic wolf one. Looks so fluffy.
Every one of these are adorable. :D
But then, look at this again.
Lastly, here's the QOTP . .
Have you ever gotten any of your artworks, or anything else featured on AJ?
I got one of my art featured. :3
I know this post wasn't that interesting . . but i did not have time. School. :I

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Two Underwater Items

Hello. 3
school starts tomorrow for me.
nuuuuu :c
I think there's two new underwater items today. 
da first one . . 
Gotta admit that this ain't one of my favorites. :I
Still pretty cute though. :3
AJHQ desperately needs to add something new to the underwater lands. Like a new underwater land or something, since barely anyone goes underwater. ;-;
Speaking of underwater stuffz, if you're an otter and you go to the top of the water it looks like you're out of water . . sorta. :P
Just a tiny bit. teeeeeny tinyy
Also, why is the post action for otters sitting up? Don't they lay down when resting? :I
Questions, questions.
What's next?
I like this better. The whole thing looks like . . errr what's it called? o-o
But it looks like something you can make at home or something. DIY? :P
I once said DIY aloud without thinking that it sounded like "die." XD
I pronounce omg as omg instead of "Oh Em Gee"
just omg.
if you get it . . o.o
Why am i talking about random stuff now instead of the item?
Imagine if someone randomly made a shop and sold the Animal Jam items in real life.
I bet some items would look reaaaaaaaally weird.
the spike collars would look scary and "dangerous" IRL even though they look cool on AJ. :P
And the others items would just look like items. Like the parkas or something.
And now im talking about random stuff instead of the item AGAIN.
However . . 
What about you? Do these heart items go well with YOUR clothes? :P
And they're too pink. Most of my animals are blackish, or brownish, or blueish-whitish-grayish
lot's of "ish" es there.
that was a weird word. o-o
veryyyyyyyyyy weird
Also, today i made this National Bear day.
although it's not actually national bear day.
Let's celebrate, even though it's not actually national bear day and because i just wanted to post a bunch of bear GIFs.
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
cute :3
fluffeh bears
Winter is coming for me. :D
I missed winter. Then one month later im gonna start moaning about how cold it is.
Same with summer. -.-
"too hot too hot blablabla"
But QOTP time. :3
What do you think of each season?
What are the pros and cons of all? 
Bye bye 4 now

Monday, 26 January 2015

Rare pink purse.. again?!

Hello. c:
where is da new item.
ohhhh yeaahh it's RIM! :D
Probably another recolored ite- wait, wut.
Jamaa's most boring, un-exciting rare. *claps* wooowooo
Why? Because AJHQ released this on Thursday. There is nothing exciting about a rare you already saw. :I
I already did the rating and stuff. 
so errr yeah.
this is awkward. o.O
At least it's a nonmember rare. :3
wait . . 
IT'S NONMEMBER! there hasn't been a nm rare for ages DIS IS SO AWESOME UDHSJHKDHjsfhdja

^ what.
This rare is now, NOT Jamaa's most boring and un-exciting item. C:

*claps* WOOWOOO
yay for the rare pink purse :D
But i just noticed something sad.
mostly girls would buy this so nonmembers who are boys can't really celebrate.
wow AJHQ wow
woooow just srsly

^ That was a long, umm "description"
Well, you're probably getting bored now so here are some adorable animals. x3
Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr
How a fox hunts. Majestic :O

Source: Tumblr 
Source: Tumblr 
Source: Tumblr 
polar bear backflip. c:
Source: Tumblr

elephant ribbon dance. :P

doggy party

"im a cat?!"

Lots of jumping in those GIFs. :P
I don't know what to post about anymore. But have you seen the post about Kindness in the DE? :3
Click here to see!
I think kindness is a really good thing in Jamaa. ^-^
I sometimes send a JAG to new jammers to make them feel more welcome. :P
Since the pictures are about buddies, you know what would be really awesome?
why can't AJHQ make 300 slots or something? Or better . .
That is unlikely though.
But 300 buddy slots would be awesome. rlly rlly epic
chu know what day it is?
yayy moar questions for you to answer. :)
^ dat face looks awkward
First question . .
How to do be nice to other jammers?
da second
What new things would you like to see in the blog posts?
Bye for now. :D 
sorry if the post today wasn't that interesting . .  >.<
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Friendship day stuff + GIFs + Item Feature!

hai :3
two new items today. *gasp*
Let's start off with the one i found first. :P
dis item looks so cute and . . ermmm . .  i dunno. XD
But yayz, it's a very good item. :3
maybe one of the most friendship day items. i see so many jammers wearing these c:
But since there's two hearts, let me give you something to do.

1. imagine two hearts. (the ones in your chest)
2. Flip one the opposite direction
3. merge them together.

and then BOOOM
you get the heart symbol. :D (the ones on the headband)
rlly amaze
rlly rlly amaze

And the other item is a NEW one! I love new items. ^.^
I like the other windows better. i guess this is sort of cute. :3
But all the friendship stuff that comes out do not match my outfit or my decorations.
so i pretty much never use them. :c
Is it weird that the frames on the inside are shaped like a cross and look like bones?
is it just me. o.O
i think they got the cloud animation out of the round window. :P
They should do a "rain window" where it's raining outside. c:
dat would be great
Wait, imagine if the windows was shaped like an ACTUAL heart
I feel so weird and awkward now.
omg why did i even think of that >.<

Anyways, you know one thing we haven't had for a while?
Mainly because i couldn't find items to feature. XD
but yay i finally got one.
Today we have the BETA arctic hood. ^.^
Arctic Hood 
credit goes to the animal jam wiki
The arctic hood is a beta item that's wanted by many jammers. While it's not as wanted as spikes, these hoods are still very rare. The hood itself is furry and white, while the top ends in a curve. Hanging from the hood is a strange, curvy marking, which i believe is an eye decoration.
The BETA hood is not to be confused with the slightly different colored, NON-beta arctic hood!
Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.47.02 AM 
Notice how it's more of a blue-gray. The BETA one has a bit of green added to the blue. Be careful not to get confused by this.

I never realized how much i missed doing these. XD
can you guess which item im gonna do next?
Also, i added even MORE new GIFs to the fun page. c: Click here to check the new GIFs out! 
That's all for now. :P