Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mermaid necklace...?

HAI and welcome to the DAILY POST :D
I have searched far for the new item, and i cannot find it.

ooooohhh of course. 
Last item was in Bahari Bargains so this one will probably be there as well. ^-^
What. :I
Why does it have a human head? o.o
I doubt the animals on AJ know what humans are, even if we do. (that's cause we're all humans here . . . . right?!)
*dramatic music*

Wait a second . . i just noticed the main color resembles Ariel. XD
The other colors are really cool too though. :3
Especially the brown one for some reason. :o
Also, if you put a nautilus necklace on a dolphin and click play, it looks like it's playing with the necklace. :D
Also, i just noticed HOW AMAZING THE FISH ARE in the ocean lands. :O
omgggg so colorful omgomgomgomgoghufhsuh
More people should visit the ocean lands. 
Err that sounds wrong. o.o
okay, enough of oceans.
Okay seriously im done now.
4 realz
Yay. ^.^
Check out da link below to read more. >:3

Anyway, i just added a new poll! :D
Also, about the author tryouts, there might be a 1-3 month delay. >.<
DE post :3
Yep, another diamond challenge.
And the odd thing is, the first sentence is: Hey jammers, Liza here!
But then look at this.
It's AJHQ's signature. -.-
Bye for now. :3


  1. Replies
    1. Right Violet! I think Cloudclaws added some randomness to day :3 On the diamond challenges it's been 5 diamonds...the diamonds going up ^-^


    2. I love these long, random posts! C:<

    3. I love doing these posts. c:

  2. other a page for role players with ideas and outfits

  3. OMG I have another rare spike wristband!!! x3 Meh. Overreacting when I was doing it xD

  4. kewl XD i gotta join that diamond challenge


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