Sunday, 11 January 2015

New trailer

Hello. ^-^
You're probably wondering: What is the new item?
It ish the pink flamingo sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :D
Is it weird that i thought this was a real flamingo at first? 
but it's so cute. <3
But much smaller than i expected. X3
It would also help if it looked less like a balloon. o-o
This is gonna sound weird, but it's eye looks cute XD
kaay um, this post is just getting awkward and boring now.
Anyways, when i was watching the AJ trailer i noticed this. O_O
that's just
is it even possible?

And speaking of trailers, AJ just posted a new one a day ago! :D
I came across it by accident, but you all probably know about it. :P
im gonna post the video anyway :I
To be honest i liked the old trailer better, but this one is good too! :D
Lastly, here's the QOTP. ^-^
Which trailer do you like the best?


  1. I think the flamingo is cute XD but i have no gems for it :( anyway i kinda like this trailor but the other is more fun so yeah. and yes those many gems are possible believe me i had a bunch before membership ruined me XD. THX CloudClaws btw did you see my comment in the last post to sign up for the giveaway plz look thx again !

    1. Yes, i did see your giveaway but i don't want you to comment on the main blog since it's easy for your entry to get lost because i do daily posts. Comment on the River Contests blog -

  2. btw i was looking at art and you ROCK! i do beaches and stuff that look like it came out of a elephants mouth :( XD Thx Cloudclaw i am having to much fun with this blog!

  3. The old trailer seems better to me :T That many gems? Years lifetime xD Did you know On the DE there's a diamond challenge for 5 jammers to win 5 DIAMONDS? I find it crazy, and I only have one diamond Dx


  4. Well... That flamingo is random! XD
    That costs more gems than I have. Never seen anything like that before. :O
    I like the old trailer better. It's more interesting and cooler in my opinion. ^-^

  5. Thank you for featuring my art! ^.^ I rlly apreciate it. I will probably send some more! :D

  6. Cloudclaws, by any chance do you have a storage act. or something? Cuz I know ur buddy list is usually full, but I rlly wanna meat chu. So, if u have a storage I could buddy u on plz tell me da username! Btw, ur blog rox :)


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