Saturday, 10 January 2015

The bad things about mailtime

Yes, this will be another rant.
So we all heard of it, right?
Mailtime videos.
While this can be a good thing, since it's like thanking jammers for the gifts to me, it can be turned into a bad thing too.
What really gets on my nerves is the fact that people delete the gifts.
Right, so maybe the gift is bad to you but it might be special to the jammer who sent it!
They just need to think about the jammer who sent it, not themselves.

Imagine if you sent mail to a jammer, and think, "______ Will love this!"
And you see their next mailtime video, and she/he just declines it.

You would be sad, right?
And another thing it when people beg for gifts.
They might say, "Please send me gifts im recording!"
Even if they are actually recording, it's still begging. 
But if a jammer decides to give someone a gift because they want to, im fine with that.

I also do not like the fact that people do mailtimes simply for rares, not because they actually care about their fans. That's usually why they discard non-rare gifts, to say "I will only accept if you send be rare things."
Don't you think that's just . . mean?
Because i think every gift should be appreciated. The jammer might not have been so rare and tried his best. You can never really know.

 And remember that it's not the mailtime itself, but it depends on the person who does it.


  1. I agree 100% but there's also another fact that can happen with mailtime.

    When someone asks for rares for a mailtime video they might NOT record to see the gifts they have. They can take advantage of you by begging for rares and keep them for themselves without showing what you gave to them. It's another trick with scamming. Same thing with someone says to send gifts to them because its their birthday.


  2. Mailtime... -.- People record so they can show they have so many good items. Quite rude. I don't send gifts because I think in my opinion, some jammers say they record for others to send gifts, or in another way, to be part of the camera. Whoa. I'm not going to show off on the camera. Never.


  3. Ugh, I hate mailtime with my LIFE. I'll admit I have done it once or twice, but I realized the true meaning of it. To get gifts! To be greedy and practically beg people to give you rares, hoping that they'll make a video of it. And it's also a good way to scam.

    The reason people send all those gifts is because they want to be acknowledged. Yep, at least most people do. Hoping their gift is rare enough for the receiver to scream or fall out of their chair. But is that really what they do? No, they just DECLINE THE STINKIN' ITEM.

    I know that AJHQ doesn't give us a lot of inventory space for clothes, but they could at least KEEP THE ITEM and trade it to a storage later on to make them feel good! :c

    Mailtime gets the best of people... and gets them scammed.

  4. I agree with most CloudClaws but my birthday is next Friday and I think it would be ok to have a birthday clebration and ask for gifts? If you dont like the gift i sent you gift it back it wont hurt my feelings . Thx for the update CloudClaws -petz52luv

    1. If i where you i would let people send gifts if they felt like it or do a give-give back thing . . but that's just me though. I think you can do it as long as you don't force people.

    2. And by forcing, i mean doing "send me gifts" maybe say "anyone can send me gifts if they want" or something.

    3. Oh yeah deffinently hey maybe i can make a party but it would be on eastern standard time Thx again CloudClaws!

  5. OFF SUBJECT: will you have a giveway ? lol sorry just i am not so beta and i was awondering... FREE STUFF XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    1. I actually have been doing a giveaway for several weeks now . . .

    2. i dont have a google account so can we do it here? user:petz52luv status:monthly member reason: i like mech wings and antlers could be good for trading :) number: hmm 22 ? 52? i dont know prob 52 yep 52 Thx CloudClaws for being such good jammer!

    3. Can you please comment here?
      Thanks ^-^

  6. well, I do mailtime and i agree with this...The title kinda offended me but as i read on i realized you didn't mean me, cloud XD
    If you want to watch my mailtimes look at my channel :3
    I never Decline a gift...Though i do recycle them after a while for gems... :(

    1. Don't be offended though. I do mailtime videos too, it's good if you do it for good reasons. I usually do them as shout-out things or stuff . . :P


  8. agreed eaveryone should do it like love narwhal she says OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH even if its a necklace she only deletes things if her inventory gets full like seriously all her items are from mailtime

  9. Honestly, ever since I heard of AJTubers (AJ YouTubers) that do mailtime. I can't even stand watching the whole videos of them. It's just watching someone open gifts and then eventually delete the sent items. Like honestly, how is that entertaining!? It bores me! Like it might be more exciting to watch if, idk, the person who recieves the gits sends a thank you to all who sent the item. But still. I just don't like mailtimes period.

    1. Yeah, like you said, mailtime gives so much more opportunity for scamming. "send gift", "is recording". Like in Jamaa Township every single day. They could be lying! So many greedy people. Ugh, I'm rushing with these comments. My computer's about to die. Ugh. I'm confusing myself by what I'm typing now. Um.

    2. To be honest, making mailtime vids isn't my thing . . whenever i do it it just turns out awkward and cheesy but i just wanna show that i accept everyone's gifts soo yeah. :I

  10. This reminds me of an Arthur episode where Prunella gets a gift from Francine, she hates it and says that out loud to everyone in the party. At night, she woken in the middle of the night by a ghost who takes her on a trip showing her how hard Francine worked to get that gift for her and Francine said "Prunella is going to love it!". At the end, Prunella goes to Francine the next day and apoligizes (cant spell apoligizes)

  11. If I were to do mailtime, I would accept the gifts that are special and things that are like necklaces I would send back :). Just the things that people buy all the time :P.


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