Saturday, 17 January 2015

Rainbow fish scales

Check out the art blog!
Hai everyone. :3
yes calm down i know i didn't say pawsome
I just got bluestacks, which allows you to play Android Games on your computer! All i have to do now is to wait for the invitation thingy i guess . . i just hope i get it. :c
I don't really know where i'll get the invitation from. Email? :P
I just remembered the bad news too.
Only one week of School Holidays left for me. :c
Anyways, the new item ~
You know where it's sold at.
These went away from stores? o.o
Never noticed.
*this item is not avalible*
*buys again*
Oh wow it looks so awkward on Polar Bears. o_o
It looks like a wetsuit made out of fishscales. xD
*checks colors*
They didn't make orange? So you couldn't be a goldfish?
more like orangefish though
But this color.
Can you see something fishy about it?
punpunpunpunpunpun sorry
(search up the rainbow fish)
So anyways, here's a picture of Play Wild sent in by Awana66732!
Inline image 1 
Dens look so awesome when filled up with items! :D
Also, do i see a new floor in there? c:
Anyways, the Gingerbread house is leaving! D:
So many items are leaving these days. :c
Also, i did the tutorial on how i make signatures! ^.^
Check out Blogger Tips to see. c:
Well, that's all for now.
Also, i changed the favicon back to the previous one because i thought it looked better. :3
 Happy jamming! :D


  1. omg i ca'nt blieve i am commenting this early sory for typos btw anway can u turn the blog into the summer design? i don't meant the old template this template is very good but you know

    1. I think it's a little too early . . perhaps in February? ^-^

  2. I think the images failed to appear cloud...I don't blame you for that ^.^ Lemme check the art blog :D And anyways, I haven't notice the scales left as well...hmm I . I So glad you got Bluestacks! I can't wait until this works out!


    1. I think I'm WAY to much of a commenter xD

  3. Finally

    I've waited for the scale thing
    Time to make a dolphin xD

  4. i dont really like the sea unless i have to go there so i have 1 dolphin and the anemone bow from jamaaladays i might buy the scales they look kewlio XD and i will miss the gingie house but i only have 5 dismonds and as you know i need a EAGLE XD thx CloudClaws feel free to udate the funny page XDD thx


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