Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Spiky ball lamp

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Hello! :D
 Earlier post today. Yay! ^-^
The new item is the Sun Lamp, sold in Jam mart furniture. I mean, we can't wear lamps can we? X3
More like a Spiky lamp. :P
AJHQ could have done much better at making it look more like a sun.
Besides, if it IS a sun, why does it have different colors then, hmm?
Cool item though. I am renaming this the Spiky lamp.
(i don't care if it's still called sun lamp okai??)
Anywho, isn't it a little silly that we have to pay 50 gems to get our picture taken in the photo booth?
I mean, we could just press Print screen on our keyboards, put it into Paint, then save it, :I
It's just strange. Why do you think AJHQ made us have to pay 50 gems?
Moving on, i decided to play spider zapper today and i saw why i never play it . . 
Creepy . . . ! blergh
It looks like a trollface or something.
Lastly, here's the QOTP! :3
Do you think AJ will reach their goal of 50,000 pet pandas?
Bye! :D


  1. Dat spider-troll face... O_O

    Haha, first! *laughs evilly for no apparent reason* >:D

  2. idk how many member jammers with 3 diamonds and a space for a pet there are. i hope at least 50,000 of them like pandas.

  3. I think they will cause on other challenges, they reached their goal! :D

  4. sorry late comment . spiky lamp aka sun lamp should be named spiky lamp i mean sun lamp? really ajhq??? 50 gems is wayyyyy to much for a photo XD and i never play spider zapper cause i am mortally afraid of spiders and that just makes them look like ugly trools that are going to eat you XD gtg eat dinner bye AND THX CLOUDCLAWS!!

    1. Late comment as well Dx I played spider zapper many times -.- The sun lamp should be non member to be honest, thought it might cause us to have sunglasses :3 Most probably AJHQ will achieve it, with luck :D Sounds exciting!


  5. to warrior lover: killing instantly is PowerPlaying you need at least 2 player to kill and even then it cant be permanent

  6. your welcome petz52luv btw i own my own wolf pack

  7. lnfinityhorse AJ14 January 2015 at 19:30

    Uhm, where is River Contests? Spider face= CREEPY o,O

  8. i sadly will not be getting a panda because here is a good reason: i need EAGLE!!!!!!!! XD i would if i could and if you want to adopt a panda so bad why dont they let nms buy it with their diamonds then they would be able to get more ppl on that where quitting and get their own panda !! BUT ajhq theme song is "all about the members no nms" XD beat to all about that bass well this was a long comment good night ALL -petz52luv OUT


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