Sunday, 30 June 2013

Freedom astronaut helmet

Hey jammers! im sorry to see that yesterdays post had no comments >.<
anyway today's new item is the freedom astronaut helmet!

i have no idea why animals would need that X3
i mean animals don't know how to build spacecrafts right? :3

anyway i missed out the freedom puppy plushies from yesterday.

i like the small ones better they look cuter :3
also AJHQ is posting very often on the Daily explorer for some reason these days.

btw new art is posted on River Art!
Happy jamming


Friday, 28 June 2013

freedom party!

                                          i know this is kinda awkward but should i just stick 
                                         with the ant voilence movement? because most of you seems to agree
                                         more with it please let me know

Hey jammers! the freedom party is here! so there was a freedom party a few mins ago here is a tour! ^.^

here is where all the fireworks are sold!
the fireworks are epic and even more awesome when in the sky ;)


Here are the hats! one thing that really
bugs me is that there's only 1 nm freedom hat

and here are the epic fireworks! (i know it isn't really a great view lol)
what do you think about the freedom day?
happy jamming!

Peace for jamaa!

                               PLEASE READ NOTE!!!!!!
hey jammers i have created a new movement called Peace for jamaa. the anti voilence movement will be erased but Peace for jamaa includes:stopping scamming,hacking,voilence and dating.

Lots of you have seen dating scamming and voilence and its not very good for little kids to see.
AJHQ say they have 24 hour mod 7 days a week,how come these jammers  don't get banned or suspended? well the truth is AJHQ isn't very good at modretating. So we have to show we really care about the poor jammers getting scammed and seeing lots of voilence! i payed a visit to madjasterx's clan a few days ago and there was some guy doing all sorts of sick voilent stuff...

she said wanna fight? to me UGH. she's fighting for FUN. Bravefox is right
over there saying voilence is not the answer. i mean whats fun about saying RIPS TAIL OF NN?

Another bigger problem is dating.

Whats the point of online dating? i mean your just dating a bunch of pixels
DUH. i think AJHQ should be more aware of players and another is scamming and hacking.
we probably know what scamming is by now its players tricking other players to give their rares.
hacking is going into someones account and stealing their rares. NONE OF THIS IS GOOD!!

AJHQ isn't very "aware" about safety, we need to tell AJHQ we do care that we want jamaa to be a peaceful place not full of scammers,hackers and dating freaks! we can spread this movement and make AJHQ actually listen and actually solve all this mess! the biggest problem is dating. we really need to stop it! Animal jam is been taken over by a bunch of 16-19 year olds! we wouldn't like that so we really need to get together now! Animal jam is loosing its rating as a "kids" game so spread the world about this movement! please!

Freedom day returns!

Hey jammers! sorry i didn't post yesterday,the truth is that when AJHQ uptdates its night here so sometimes i miss days. :( 
Anyway the Freedom party seems to have returned!

Not the biggest party but a great place to have fun!
unfortunately the freedom party is not very active at the moment
but ill try to make a tour as soon as i can! ^.^

also Freedom plushies are now out!

and hummingbirds are leaving..DX

aww ill really miss them :( maybe they will come back..
don't you think?

                               Happy jamming!

                                email me your drawings:

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Freedom Panda Hat

hey jammers! i have put my own artwork on the artwork for a beginning! click here 
to see! Anyway today's returning freedom day item is....

the Freedom panda hat! Ok why is AJHQ making these
freedom stuff really pricey? i mean its just the red,blue,white 
version of stuff... And can someone tell me if the Freedom party has started yet?
because i dont see it on the party list..

Anyway while i was on an adventure this glitch popped up when i finished..

seems like the item isn't showing!
it isn't a very weird glitch but i guess thats what
beta testing is for =P

Also here are 10 billion posts by AJHQ.

lol joke happy jamming!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

freedom hat hat

hey jammers! sorry for not posting i was busy making a new blog!
ok so this new blog is called River art you can get there by clicking the picture of peck on your ---->   River art is a blog is made for all jammers to have a chance to get their artwork feutured!  the artwork will also be feutured in the main blog which is here but if you want to see artwork made in the past you can just visit River Art! ok here are the steps to get your artwork feutured!

1.draw something! it could be on computer or paper. if your drawing is offensive or inappropiate it will NOT be fuetured in the posts.

2.take a picture of your drawing! save them in your computer. me your picture! my email is

  please write who did this artwork if the drawer is unknown your drawing will not be futured.

4.these art works will also be fuetured in the main blog Animal jam river.

thats all the steps for your artwork to be fuetured!

anyway lets get on with the main post.. 

cat hats have returned! (hehe that rhymes lol) 
but why twice the price? :O (that also ryhmes)

and heres some posts by AJHQ! ^.^

Happy jamming! and remember to send in your artwork for tomorrow!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Peck's story

Chapter 1

 most of you know peck the talented rabbit alpha but no one really knows her Story. it all begun one day...

It was a fine sunny day, the only noise you could hear was the rustling of the leaves and the rushing water of the river, in this lush place a family of rabbits lived, and in that family a rabbit called Peck was born. After the first few months of her birth Peck started to speak, she told her family stories and made great artwork all of her family decided she was very talented indeed. Peck's older sister called Daisy was a bit jelous because the got all the attention when she was a kit. eventually Peck grew up to become a young rabbit.

One day peck was painting on the soil with her older sister Daisy. this is boring. said Daisy
can we go home? i never go home when my art work isn't finished said Peck. "whats the point of this anyway? your drawing with going to disappear one day after all." big sisters sometimes, seriously! Peck thought. Then why come with me? i thought we where going to play a game not do dumb drawing. Drawing isn't dumb! She thought Peck was starting to get very annoyed now.

 "if you really think drawing is that dumb then go and play with someone else!" said Peck FINE! shouted Daisy. FINALLY! thought peck she lifted her paintbrush and continued painting, a drop of paint dripped of the paintbrush just in front of her art ruining it. Oh no! my artwork! she sighed.

 she tried fixing it but it only made things worse. at the end the painting was a big black smudge. she knew she couldn't fix her artwork so she just left and tidied up her paint brushes and ink. dinner time! called Peck's mother. coming! said peck. She went to her burrow she could smell carrot soup she sat down at the table and begun eating. but she just couldn't stop thinking about the smudge, she had a feeling it would come out right out of the soil.

chapter 2 

Peck ate her dinner quickly and went outside to see her painting. the smudge was gone leaving only pecks drawing behind, Peck was right,it had come alive because it couldn't have disappeared that quickly. but where was the smudge? thought Peck,cuiruois. She searched for the smudge at the woods when suddenly a single eye just a single eye stared at her. Peck saw it and stared at the eye backing away slowly. was it an alien? no it cant be.. she thought, suddenly the creature pounced at shooting lighting rays at peck OUCH! she landed on the floor
the creature had gone. it looked a bit like the smudge she thought, Something mysterious was going on and Peck knew that but what could it be? Suddenly peck got shot again. OWWW!
she screamed and landed on the floor again. She chased the creature throwing sticks and rocks and whatever she could find hoping to destroy it when suddenly huge silver talons clawed the shadow and left only black dust behind. Peck looked up to see a grey heron looking at her.
Who are you? questioned Peck. Im Mira the sky mother you don't belong here. but what do you mean? said Peck, "Zios the sky father and i have decided to create a magical land called jamaa, that was a phantom that was once the smudge you dripped on to your painting-
"i had no idea!" interupted Peck then she relised the heron had more to say. "You have powers that could save jamaa from the dark phantoms, you have been chosen to be the rabbit alpha of jamaa." So Mira took peck to jamaa. "this is your own land decorate it and name it" said Zios.
the two of them disappeared into light. Peck looked out to the land on top of the canyons, she built herself an art studio and decided to name the land Coral canyons.


Freedom bunny hats

hey jammers today's returning item is the freedom bunny hat
sold at jam mart clothing! ^.^

500 gems for just a bunny hat? O.O
it should be 20 gems its just a cute bunny hat not a piece of silver O.O
sorry for the short post this was the only new thing i found! >.<
anyway happy jamming

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Green Painted Pot

Hai jammers! today's returning beta item is the green painted pot!

right now there are 8 beta items that have returned (or 9?)
its sold at jam mart clothing! ^.^ But don't you think thats a bit too pricey for such a small item? i think 70 gems is the best price for it.

and here are some posts by AJHQ

yay adventures for all! but did you notice this?

this is what im worring about it does say only the TWO new adventures

not all DX what do you think?

happy jamming


hey jammers adventures have come! ^.^
i made a video about it but it dosen't show the whole adventure its just a sneak peak!

what do you think? :) 
Liza's face looks freaky when the video has not been played yet O.o
i think the adventures are awesome! AJHQ is listening to the jamaasian movment!
the adventures are beta so they are tested by member only >.< at least it will be nonmember when beta ends! but what if the ONLY make 1 adventure nonmember?!

P.S i finished Liza's story click here if you want to see chapter 2!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

i got a kangaroo!

hey jammers sorry for not posting yesterday anyway there's even more betas returning..


picture credit goes to snowyclaw

i was thinking AJHQ to bring back a few betas
and i bet their going to bring back all of them.
does AJHQ really want to lose jammers? i don't even know now..

anyway theirs a new series in the diamond shop!

i love this series! ^.^ i already got the wings and amulet.
but all of these are members DX i really wish just one of the phoenix items
where non member

and now as the title says i HAVE gotten a kangaroo today!

meet Misterwonkybuddy! ^.^ as i said earlier these
gift cards are only sold in Australia for now and just
in case your woundering i got it from EB games an australian
game store. if you cant find one at EB games go to target.
but the bad thing about being a kangaroo is everyone crowds around you
asking "where did you get it?" today a million people said the same thing.
Happy jamming!
(i will be posting about the adventures tomorrow i haven't got much time now)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First phantom war part 3

All the jammers wanted to win this battle not lose!there where 8 million phantoms and 4 million jammers Mira knew what she would to if things got too bad but she kept it a secrate.........for now. After 7 hours of fighting 1 million jammers where left and 6 million phantoms. the 8 remaining jammers in the secrate cave felt very guilty for not fighting 
and went out to fight. Mira knew it was time, she stood on a hill watching the phantoms closely. give up yet? mocked one of the phantoms. Mira didn't answer she just stared at the phantom.

 She tried to look calm outside but inside she was full of anger. With one powerfull flap she rose over the surface and started qhirling her wings rapidly. Mira became a big clue tornado whirling towords the phantoms. NO! screamed the phantom the tornado-that-was-
mira destroyed lots of phantoms but suprisingly even if it did fly by one of the jamaasians it didn't hurt them. Mira's wings stopped whirling and she collapsed to the ground exhausted.
she stood up and flew away and dasappeared. the jamaasians where safe once again and
on that night it was party,music and fun.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Anti voilence movement begins

hey jammers im sure you have seen someone say CLAWS EYES OUT NO DODGE NO MISS NO NOTHING while walking through jamaa. its annoying and voilent. voilence isn't good because LITTLE KIDS ARE PLAYING THIS GAME!! if little kids see too much voilence when they become bigger kids in the future they may be more into bloody voilent games not suitabale for them!

AJHQ says they have 24 hour moderation so why do people say all this horribale stuff and never get suspended?
 well i have no idea.

this is why i have decided to create a movement-the anti voilence movement
with options of many different patterns and a blood red colour on the colour palate 
people can easily fake being wounded and having blood on their pelts. some people
just pretend to be wounded because they like it! well think of seeing your own blood in real
life.. how would you feel? sick? worried? animal jam is a fun place to roleplay but many of these people roleplaying are roleplaying Warrior cats which becomes a problem..
i read warriors and love the books but their only ages 9+ and people under 9 are playing..
we have to spread the world to stop this all this voilence. even though not all of it may disappear we can make it much rarer! all this voilence is very common in crowded servers like aldan usually in sarepia. some people pretend to be demons just for fun! i don't get what they find "fun" about being a demon

we have to make AJHQ really listen
and spread the world, and tell AJHQ some ideas on how to stop
all this voilence there will always be bad people in the world
but we can still make it a rarer thing to see on animal jam.


rare pink sofa

hey jammers today's RIM is rare pink sofa!

i have to admit that AJHQ has been lazy.
they just chose the regular pink sofa and made it a more 
purplish tint. bor-ing! AJHQ seems to be running out of RIM's.. O.o
 and also there hasn't been a nm rare for a loong time if AJHQ wants everyone to
enjoy RIM's they better start making NM rares..

happy jamming and sorry this was a short post O.o

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Liza's story

chapter 1
we all know the panda shaman, liza which was pretty much the first person in jamaa you ever met and welcomed you there but no one knows her beginning..

it all started in a small bamboo forest when panda called liza was born.

Liza was very brave and adventurous. she had many advetures with her friends in the bamboo forest, but what she really wanted was to find out what was beyond the bamboo forest, her ma had told her about the humans that lived beyond the bamboo forest in a small town, she knew humans where dangerous but on the other side of the bamboo forest was a big mountain no one in the bamboo forest knew what was behind it. so she set of to yet another adveture to discover what was beyond the big mountain, she set of with her 6 best friends. so they set off walking through the bamboo forest till they came to the river. there was no bridge on the river so they had to swim across one of her friends was not a good swimmer so she coudn't come.

the others continued walking through the bamboo forest untill they came across the mountain. 2 of her friends stayed behind because pandas aren't very good at climbling mountains but that didn't stop Liza! She pulled out a rope from her bag and threw it on one of the rocks the 3 pandas climbed holding the rope tightly. Half way through the mountain, they decided to have a quick snack of bamboo leaves and continued climbing on, at last they reached the top of the mountain. Wow we made it! Said Liza looking at the huge medow that lay beyond. Was this where she was going to stop? No, she had tons more to discover! They climbed down the mountain and into the medow.

 They had a huge lunch and had a relaxing swim in a fresh,clean river not far was A small wood suddenly the 3 of them enjoying the medow they heard some screams from the woods all the forest animals where running away from something.. Liza looked closer to see what was going onall of a sudden she heard a tree crash the humans are destroying the woods! Thought liza one of her friends ran away scared from the humans, the humans where getting closer and closer to them..

chapter 2
Did Liza run away? No, she cared about the forest animals 
stop destroying the poor animals homes! growled Liza at the humans. the humans glanced at Liza and ignored her. they cut down the rest of the wood, all that was remaining was 7 trees. the poor animals where homeless now, Liza felt sorry and angry at the humans.
Time for the bamboo forest now! said one of the humans. no this cant be! thought Liza My home will be destroyed all because of the humans! She knew she had to help! she ran towards the humans hiding in bushes and trying hard not to be seen. when she came to the mountain a shadow appeared out of nowhere,it had tentacle like arms and one evil eye looking at Liza. her friend ran away in fear but Liza didn't, she backed away a little wondering weather to fight or stand, the shadow zapped Liza with its tentacle OUCH! she screamed, she growled at the phantom and got ready to claw when suddenly a blue beam of light came towards the shadow and destroyed it, a blue-grey heron made out of light landed in front of Liza. who are you? asked Liza, im the sky mother Mira, she replied "that was a phantom young one, you have been chosen to be the panda alpha of a magical land called jamaa that me and Zios, the sky father decided to create, you will guide new jammers that came to this land." And so, Mira took Liza to the magical land of jamaa. "this is your new home" said the sky father Zios, "decorate it however you want" the two of them smiled and disappeared into light. Liza looked at her new home, it had a small bamboo forest so Liza built a bamboo hut and thinked how she should decorate this land. She decided it was going to be a township for animals to have fun and chat, on the top on the land right next to the bamboo forest she built a statue of Mira,this was where she would welcome all the new jammers who came to jamaa.

The End.


scuba tanks

hey jammers sorry i didn't get to post part 3 but i did say maybe  and again sorry everyone! there was a new legend in my head so i couldn't think about part 3 sorry!
anyway getting on with the crazy new item..

scuba tanks sold in Bahari bargins O.o
i just don't get this item lol cant underwater animals already breath
underwater? this item is plain weird XD or perhaps AJHQ made it so underwater animals
can breath in the swim on land glitch? no not a good theory right? lol!
im going to post part 3 some time this week..

anyway happy jamming! 


Saturday, 15 June 2013

more about kangaroos..

hey jammers i have made a video about kangaroos!

ok as i said they are ONLY sold in Australia for now
 sorry American/Canadian/other jammers DX
im sure they will be released worldwide soon. 
i suggest you wait a little bit till the kangaroo comes out in the diamond shop because
AJHQ is going to scam us for sure..  even though i will in Australia im going to wait a little till they come out in the diamond shop, but AJHQ might be smart enough to not actually release the kangaroos to get money so for now im not exactly sure if to weather buy kangaroos with real money or not..
anyway happy jamming i hope we find out more about kangaroos!

Friday, 14 June 2013


hey jammers i think we have a new animal coming..

all credit goes to Kinyonga for noticing ^.^

hehe kangaroos! i cant belive there coming!!
i just LOVE kangaroos! (Kinyonga did not post this jammers name)
i think a Moderator is testing this animal for glitches... wait will this be another gift card 
animal? O.o i would be disappointed if it where..

anway getting on with today's new item..

4,000 tickets? very pricey for a sombrero and member :(