Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Freedom Panda Hat

hey jammers! i have put my own artwork on the artwork for a beginning! click here 
to see! Anyway today's returning freedom day item is....

the Freedom panda hat! Ok why is AJHQ making these
freedom stuff really pricey? i mean its just the red,blue,white 
version of stuff... And can someone tell me if the Freedom party has started yet?
because i dont see it on the party list..

Anyway while i was on an adventure this glitch popped up when i finished..

seems like the item isn't showing!
it isn't a very weird glitch but i guess thats what
beta testing is for =P

Also here are 10 billion posts by AJHQ.

lol joke happy jamming!

1 comment:

  1. Panda Hat looks SO cute on bunnies ^.^! Btw it's not really a gitch, it's just loading or didn't load well and made it now show up :P! I love your artwork :3! You draw like an artist, just like Mia :)!


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