Tuesday, 25 June 2013

freedom hat hat

hey jammers! sorry for not posting i was busy making a new blog!
ok so this new blog is called River art you can get there by clicking the picture of peck on your ---->   River art is a blog is made for all jammers to have a chance to get their artwork feutured!  the artwork will also be feutured in the main blog which is here but if you want to see artwork made in the past you can just visit River Art! ok here are the steps to get your artwork feutured!

1.draw something! it could be on computer or paper. if your drawing is offensive or inappropiate it will NOT be fuetured in the posts.

2.take a picture of your drawing! save them in your computer.

3.email me your picture! my email is jellyocean1000@gmail.com

  please write who did this artwork if the drawer is unknown your drawing will not be futured.

4.these art works will also be fuetured in the main blog Animal jam river.

thats all the steps for your artwork to be fuetured!

anyway lets get on with the main post.. 

cat hats have returned! (hehe that rhymes lol) 
but why twice the price? :O (that also ryhmes)

and heres some posts by AJHQ! ^.^

Happy jamming! and remember to send in your artwork for tomorrow!


  1. You said Hat Hat instead of Cat Hat :P. Anyways, can you check out my blog, www.animaljamsplatter.blogspot.com? I think I'll send you some of my artwork, even though I'm really bad at drawing compared to others.

    1. thanks for telling me ^.^ sorry i make typos often

  2. I think it's great that you've created an art blog. I'm creating another blog soon where jammers can send me their stories and art also.

  3. Hat hat LOL XD! Don't worry, everyone makes typo's cuz nobody's perfect :3! Btw your great at rhyming X3


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