Sunday, 9 June 2013


hey jammers tadyas new item is sold at jam mart clothing!

can't say im a big fan of fedoras..
but its a OK item except for the price O.o

and member like always.

anyway i noticed a magenta bow today..

now im sure that i never saw one of these bows..
perhaps its a moderator? are maybe its an unrealesed colour of the bows?
what do you think? 



  1. Magenta bows are in Sky High :3

    1. I agree ^.^! The magenta bow is berry close to the dark pink one btw :P

    2. cool! i never knew you could earn magenta bows by playing sky high!

  2. how many rounds do you need to play ?

  3. Woah I got into Julian2's Den, I think he keeps it unlocked cuz he quit!


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