Sunday, 9 June 2013

first phantom war part 2

part 2

Mira stood on a hill watching the horizon as darkness invaded the sky, the jamaasians begun to fight. Liza zapped one of the phantoms with her staff, she heard a scream and the phantom quickly disappeared. that was easy! one of the jamaasians called out. Greely used his dark magic to drive the phantoms away. look out more phantoms coming! shouted Harper.

 the jamaasians turned around to see bigger stronger phantoms coming then suddenly one of the foxes screamed as a phantom zapped him with his tentacles the first jamaasian had been injured, peck carried the fox into the secret cave where cosmo would heal him. after fighting for 2 hours one of the phantoms zapped a ray of electricity which hit harpers paw. harper had to go to the cave in canyons pathway cosmo carefully rubbed some ointment on her paw and wrapped it up with a piece of cloth, harper had to rest about 2 days. the jamaasians where winning when there where 5 phantoms left more phantoms are coming! shouted Amelia it was true.

 a cloud of 5 million phantoms marched towards Mira and the jamaasians Mira was squirming with phantoms Liza zapped a phantom with her staff on Mira but then she got zapped herself by a phantom she had to go to the cave.
the jamaasians where fighting really hard 300 of the jamaasians where wounded now 
we need more jamaasians to win this battle! peck shouted above the noise no one seemed to hear. the jamaasians inside the cave heard the noise been caused by the battle. they where worried about the others and began to feel guilty for not fighting. suddenly a koala called out we have to help the others! most of the jamaasians shouted yeah! some of them groaned cosmo heard  the others and gave them weopons to fight 8 of the jamaasians refused to fight. 70 of the jamaasians who had agreed to join went out side and rushed to fight the phantoms. 

part 3 coming soon


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