Saturday, 22 June 2013

Green Painted Pot

Hai jammers! today's returning beta item is the green painted pot!

right now there are 8 beta items that have returned (or 9?)
its sold at jam mart clothing! ^.^ But don't you think thats a bit too pricey for such a small item? i think 70 gems is the best price for it.

and here are some posts by AJHQ

yay adventures for all! but did you notice this?

this is what im worring about it does say only the TWO new adventures

not all DX what do you think?

happy jamming


  1. Two new adventures means the Training Grounds and The Return Of The Phantoms. This does not count toward all adventures.

  2. Oh really -.-? The Green Painted Pot should be 25 gems XD! No wait 25, 50, 75, 1, or 0 gems found be fine XD!

  3. This is random, but someone just walked up to me like 5 minutes ago and said, "I have the urge to give you my beanie" and sent me a regular dark blue beanie. And it was a STRANGER. Creepy o-o

  4. Who has this green painted pot? i am starmoon12346 and i am willing to offer my robot!


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