Thursday, 31 October 2013

Phantom cannon

Hey jammers! Happy Halloween! ^.^ Today's new item is the phantom cannon!
Pretty cool, right? ^.^ They're basically cannon balls with 
eyes. Notice the actual spooky bit? they LOOK at you. o-o
Too bad its pricey and member.. but cool items are pricey i guess. XD
Anyway, has anyone noticed a difference in the diamond shop's animal shop?
If you didn't notice, the animals have been flipped the other way.
Which way do you think was better? To be honest, the Arctic wolf looks a bit
odd flipped the other way.. I think i liked the other way best. ^.^ 
Happy jamming and have a clawtastic Night Of The Phantoms!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Witch mask

Hey jammers! Sorry for the late post, i usually choose do do other things before posting >.<
Anyway the Witch mask has returned! 
Credit goes to snowyclaw
Im not a very big fan of this item, sorry >.< Its weird that
the head is square and the mouth is square too and the eyes rectangle o-o
One good thing though, is that's its cheap! :D
Now, i was going to post this earlier but i forgot, anyway
ever wondered how to do this?
 Its simple! :D First of all, click actions. See that little game icon there?
Click the icon then choose a game!
And now, you can advertise your game in Jamaa instead of
asking random people to play a game! Pretty neat huh? ^.^
This was for people who didn't know but it would have been nice if AJHQ let us know
about this neat little feature.
Happy jamming! ^.^

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Scorpion tail armor

Hey jammers! today's new item is the scorpion tail armor!
I think this is the best piece of the scorpion armor. :3 
Pity there isn't any member pieces though.... Anyway, now
wouldn't it be cool if every armor had its own special attack for the adventures?
Like a tornado for the wind armor, breathing fire for the phoenix armor and if
water, snow and earth armors do come maybe the water armor could make waves (really strong ones) and im not really sure about the earth armor.. What do you think it should be? :3
Now for the daily mystery!
 What new adventures do you think there will be? 
What kind of adventure would you like?
Explain your adventure and feel free to share your ideas!
 happy jamming

Monday, 28 October 2013

Rare Elf Braclets

Hey jammers! today's Rare is the rare scary elf braclets!
Pricey and members-only.. *sigh* but still i like the colors of this rare :3
Perfect for my Night Of the phantoms costume! :D
Like it? :3
Anyway, i missed out on the new scorpion armor! >.< 
Pretty awesome right? Its great how its in epic wonders, i hope AJHQ
makes a snow armor and water armor too :D Maybe AJHQ could
make a bat armor! Ok this is kinda unrelated but i have been wanting AJHQ to make a 
tail warmer it the Mt. Shiveer shoppe! ^-^ I also have lots of other clothing ideas like a rainbow armor! :D What other ideas do you have? ^.^ Anyway, lets go back on the topic.
I find it weird the the scorpion claws hover around the animals o-o
Very weird O-o But hey, they do make a good combination right?
happy jamming!


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bat mask

Hey jammers! We have reached 38 followers! ^.^ Almost 40, i think im gonna do a contest when we are at 40! Anyway, today's new land item are the bat masks!
 Yay! My favorite Halloween item! :D Perfect if you are
going to be a bat this Halloween on AJ. It would be cool if AJHQ made
vampire capes to go with the monster teeth. ^.^
The new ocean item is the Nessie masks!
I have always imagined Nessie as a monster that looks like Plesiosaur :P
Isn't Nessie supposed to have sharp teeth by the way? O_O
And they're all member items. -_- Typical......-.-
Anyway now for the daily mystery!
If you look closely, you can see a wolf carving..
Who is the wolf?
Where does the cave lead?
Is it someone's home?
Feel free to share your idea. ^.^ happy jamming!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Great Escape

Hey jammers! Im back from my break! ^.^ Sorry it took so long, i haven't
really been feeling well lately. Lots have happened when
i was gone, but lets start off with the new adventure! :D
I have done the adventure and its really exciting! :D It levels you up alot,
its a bit shorter than The Hive but a great adventure! I like how you play Wind
Rider to escape out of the tower. ^.^ When the adventure ends, it feels like its going to be continued
so it makes it even more exciting! ^.^ The alphas that appear there are Cosmo and Greely. I was kinda expecting Graham to be there too =P 
I hope AJHQ makes more nonmember adventures too.. im kind of worried
that AJHQ won't D: Anyway, here is today's returning item!
Phantom hats! ^.^ I like this item its cute :3 and its also
cheap! Now for the Daily Mystery!
Where do these flowers come from?
How do they change color?
Do they have any special powers?
Feel free to comment your opinion!
Play Wild!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Taking a break..

Hey jammers!
As the title says, im going to be taking a break of posting.
Im sorry jammers, i just seem to be loosing interest these days,
and my posts are becoming less and less interesting so i thought it would be
best to take a break. How long will it take? well, i don't really know.
It might take 3 days, a few weeks or even a month. Probably between 3 days
and a week, i don't think it will last for very long because i do love posting but
i just don't feel like it these days. Ill still be on AJ
though and comment every now and then, Im sorry jammers but ill be back so see you later! :3

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Evil Jack-O'-lantern

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the evil jack-O'-lantern!
Hmm.. It would be cool if the shape of the lanterns where in
the shape of animal heads. :3 I wounder if there will be different Jack-O'-Lanterns.:D
 What's your favourite jack-O'-lantern?  ^.^
Anyway, as many jammers have seen, here's a funny layering glitch in the adventures!
I think its because of The Hive- AJHQ had to move the eye
into another layer otherwise the phantoms wouldn't be seen but it seemed like
it ended up here, too. Funny.. and weird. :P
Happy jamming!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Coral phantom statue

Hey jammers! today's new item is the coral phantom statue!
Cool. :3 Tgough its weird how the phantom has a human
shape O.O I like its pattern, how its all swirly ^.^
Oh, and here's some pawsome prizes you can get from The Hive adventure
in hard mode!
The one on the right is the phantom king statue :D Its cool
how it has no cracks or anything. and the other one in the blue fire barrel!
Its a combination of purple, blue and green fire. Pretty awesome ^.^
Happy jamming!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Clown suit

Hey jammers! i apologize for the late post. Anyway, today's two new items are the skeleton suit and clown mask!
Yay, skeleton suits! :3 It has always been a cool item :D
I don't really like the clown mask, its too creepy for me o-o
Anyway, tons of stuff i missed out in the Mystery Emporium, sorry >_<
I love these pumpkins :3 Though most new items these days are member.. *sigh*
Happy jamming!
P.S i updated the Blogger tips page!
P.P.S Click here to go to the monthly nonmember!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Rare pumpkin mask

Hey jammers! Today's rare item is the Rare Pumpkin mask!
Weird color combination o-o I don't really like this rare because its member
and pricey.. It would have been better if the mouth was black and the rest orange..
Anyone notice that there's purple in almost all rare items? AJHQ seems to like purple. :3
Anyway, there's a few things i missed out when cheetahs came to jamaa.. sorry >.<
First of all is the great nature project!
Awesome :D i wounder what new images will come later...
 Anyway, here is the nature project!

I like the photos. :3 Also the plushies and banners at the Museum have gone! D:
Im kinda upset that there gone.. but if you have plushies, keep them, they might become super beta soon! :D Anyway, i FINALLY got a nonrare worn!!

 Yay! :D I wanted black more, but indigo should do for now! ^-^
Hey, and wouldn't it be cool if AJHQ gave everyone (including nonmembers) 5 diamonds
one Tuesday? That would be pretty cool, i mean there are people who can't get cheetahs like me.
And maybe nonmembers could get some gems! ^.^
Happy jamming!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Skeleton Mask

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post, i just woke up after a long nap. >.< I see we have reached 36 follows! :D
Im aiming to get 40 by the end of the year, i don't really know what i will do when we reach our goal though. Maybe a contest or a party? hmm..
Anyway, today's returning/new item is the Skeleton mask, sold at Bahari

I think i saw these in stores before but im not really sure actually....
I never actually saw a skull this round either O_O
Pretty cheap compared to other items! :D 
Anyway, an item from yesterday is the pumpkin mask!
Sorry jammers, its really hard to keep track of the new items coming
out everyday >_< Anyway, its not really scary bit its so weird that
its scary XD Has anyone noticed that all new items are member? :(
Now for the daily mystery!

In the appondale, there's a cave which leads to somewhere.
There's a view of mountains in the background, it seems to lead here:
 When do you think it'll come out? And
what will the land me named? what will it look like? what games or shops
do you think will be there? Feel free to share your opinion!
happy jamming!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Salamander Gills

Hey jammers! Im sorry im not posting these days.. i might 
take a break of posting soon.. Anyway Todays new item is the Salamander Gills!
Credit to Kinyonga
I like these ^_^ Pretty wacky and weird.. O_O
I think they look like orange seaweed :P lol
I wounder how they look on animals ^.^
And now for Octobers nonmember den idea, the large nonmember table!
What you need:
4 coffee tables
1 ice chair
1 lawn chair
1 pillow
2 Garden plots
And here's what you should have ^.^
Of course you can add the extras, like the gingerbread house.
I made this because i find that nonmembers have no large rectangular tables..
You can use the same color tables to make it look like on large table too ^.^
Happy jamming!

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Hey jammers! Guess what? :D CHEETAHS HAVE COME OUT!!
They seem epic! ^_^ I have just met a cheetah, and they definitely 
are awesome!! :D Especially their play action, its and animation of them
running so fast that their clothes come off. XD 
Here's them in the diamond shop!
They look even more awesome here ^.^ Their hop action is similar
to the snow leopard, and their sleep action is so cute! :D
The only problem with it is that ts costs diamonds :( 
 I have to wait 8 weeks to get it i guess... *sigh*
Oh and guess what? Its member -.- Anyway, yesterday's item was the hockey
Pretty creepy but i don't exactly get what is a hockey mask O_O
I never saw someone wear a hockey mask.. O.O
Anyway, the good thing is that its cheap! ^_^
Notice something about this too? ITS MEMBER. -.-
Happy jamming!