Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Witch mask

Hey jammers! Sorry for the late post, i usually choose do do other things before posting >.<
Anyway the Witch mask has returned! 
Credit goes to snowyclaw
Im not a very big fan of this item, sorry >.< Its weird that
the head is square and the mouth is square too and the eyes rectangle o-o
One good thing though, is that's its cheap! :D
Now, i was going to post this earlier but i forgot, anyway
ever wondered how to do this?
 Its simple! :D First of all, click actions. See that little game icon there?
Click the icon then choose a game!
And now, you can advertise your game in Jamaa instead of
asking random people to play a game! Pretty neat huh? ^.^
This was for people who didn't know but it would have been nice if AJHQ let us know
about this neat little feature.
Happy jamming! ^.^


  1. Lol. Same, I am not a big fan of it either. Ikr, it's weird. x3
    Nor do I think it's cheap according to its size? o.o

  2. I think I would like the witch mask if it was 10 gems. But other than that? Nope, it's horrible.

  3. I think it looks ugly sorry for the people who like it.The nose is to weird i agree. This should be 5 gems honestly.I hate masks because they dont go around the animal's face.In best dress the face kinda shows with the mask on.

  4. Da Witch Mask is shaped with shapes X3 lol!!! It's eyes are shadowed with diamonds? That's pretty neat :O Most Witch Hats in real life are 19, 20, or 25$. I guess AJ just added a 0 to make it 250?

    Awesome! I never knew that, Cloudeh claw =3. One time I had a glitch where I couldn't get rid of the "Join Me" thing, and whenever I said something, above my chat it would stay there. I logged out, went back in, and it went "POOF!" XD


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