Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The blue stone

Hey jammers! I decided to write another story ^_^ Its also a Monday mystery story. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The start
One day, Sir Gilbert was polishing his prized, silver shield. It was almost time for the battle with the Phantom king. Sir gilbert sighed looking at his weapons. "How could these possibly defeat the powerful phantom king?" He wondered. Suddenly Peck came rushing in Sir Gilbert's den. "Sir Gilbert! i have got fantastic news!" She shouted excitedly, "What is it?" He asked hoping it was something actually helpful. "I have heard that a blue stone can save jamaa! i think its located in the heart of Frosty caves in Mt. Shiveer." She replied. "Fantastic

 news!" Sir gilbert said, "What does it look like?" "Well, its round and shiny and defiantly blue, a bit like a turquoise but pure blue and smooth." Replied Peck. "Great! Lets ask Liza if she's gotten a map of Frosty caves." Gilbert said. They went to Liza's hut. "Welcome! what brings you here?" She asked. "We have come looking for a map of Frosty caves, in the heart of it, there's a big blue stone that can save Jamaa from the phantom king!" Peck said. "I think i heard of that stone but i never heard it can save Jamaa. But i heard it needs to be placed on 

a silver shield to work." Explained Liza. "Sir gilbert has one!" squealed peck excitedly. "So you will be going to Frosty caves?" Asked Gilbert. "We all will." Said Liza. Peck squealed with excitement. 

Chapter 2: The adventure begins
Liza, Peck and Sir Gilbert told all the shamans and they got ready. They all gathered at Jamaa Township. "Remember, we only have 3 days and no more, because that's when the war will start. Explained Liza to the shamans. "Now are you sure you have gotten all your stuff?" Asked Liza. All the shamans nodded their heads "we should set off then." said Liza. So they went to Frosty caves. At last they arrived. The walls of Frosty caves where not rock but ice, and covered in frost. "Wow, this cave is beautiful!" exclaimed Peck. "Enough chitchat, we have got to find that stone." Growled Greely. They Walked and walked following the map, the floors where ice too so they had to keep their balance. At last they reached the heart of Frosty caves, on the center of it on a plinth covered in Snowflakes, was a beautiful, blue stone. The shamans stood there, admiring the stone. Suddenly a phantom came and took the stone in the blink of an eye. "HEY! come back with our stone!" Shouted Peck. The phantom took no notice and rushed to another path in the cave. "Lets follow it." said Liza.

 They followed the phantom to the path, and found the blue stone. Suddenly, the phantom kind appeares. "Trying to steal MY stone?" He bellowed. "Its not your stone! you have come to take it!" Said Liza. "Well, too late for that now!" He said, shooting a ray of electricity at the stone, filling it with dark, evil power which would help the phantoms. The phantom king laughed evilly and vanished in a cloud of mist. The shamans looked at the stone in shock, it was no more smooth, shiny and blue but Black with purple swirls and a bumpy surface. "NO!! THE STONE!" Cried Peck. She was so sad that she was almost crying. There must be a mixture to make it good again, there must be!" said Cosmo getting out his book which said "Herbs: Mixtures and potions" on the front cover. He flicked through the pages until he finally found it. "The mixtures recepie is, 5 blue flowers, 3 of them must smell good, 3 Aquamarines, 4 Turquoise stones, and the Beam Of Light must be shone at the pot when all the things are added. The Beam Of Light is a power Mira used to defeat the phantoms, only Mira had it.

 "The blue flowers are fine, i saw lots of them surrounding the plinth and im sure Mira will shine The Beam Of Light when its finished, but where on Jamaa will we find Turquoises and Aquamarines?" Asked Graham. "I heard there are some Aquamarines in a part of Frosty cave, And i know where 4 turquoises are, they are outside the cave. We must dig because the Turquoises are under the ground." Explained Liza.

 Chapter 3: Mixing a potion
The shamans had a sleep. They slept at a Large, flat piece of rock so the wouldn't melt any ice or snow, It took lots of warm fuzzy blankets to keep them warm. When they woke up, the begun their journey. The shamans finally arrived at the Aquamarine cave in Frosty caves. The walls where covered in Sparkling, blue Aquamarines. "I have brought spades for everyone!" Said Peck. It took lots of work to get them out of the hard, ice walls but they finally got out 3 Aquamarines. Then, they found a shortcut outside and started digging. Sure enough, there where 4 Turquoises. They went back inside and got the blue flowers and added them to the pot. "Whew, where finally done!" Said Graham. The Beam Of light shone at the pot, the mixture was defiantly done now. "so... how do we pour it in?" Asked Peck. "Leave it to me, i know how this is done." said Greely.He took out his Magic wand and made the mixture go out of the pot, it hovered in the air then it went inside the Stone. The blue stones evil power that the Phantom King had put vanished, and it turned smooth, shiny and blue again. The shamans set of for home, it was a long journey. After they had returned, Gilbert carved out a circle in the shape of the stone, and put the stone in the circle. He was certain that it would save Jamaa.

Phantom war:
After the shamans defeated the phantoms all there was left was the phantom king. The phantom king shot a ray of lighting at Sir Gilbert, GIlbert used his shield, the stone in the shield shot a ray of blue light at the phantom, Everywhere filled with light, the shamans couldn't see what was happening. The power of the stone vanished the Purple cloud hovering above Jamaa and Healed all the wounds that Jamaasians had got from the battle. The light dimmed, the phantom king had dissapeard and Jamaa was back to normal. All the Jamaasians and shamans cheered and decided to have a huge party to celebrate. And the shield? Well it was broken into three large pieces, stating it could only be used once. Gilbert hung it in the Chamber of knowledge where everyone could see it, because after all, it did save Jamaa.

The End


  1. super awesome!! I want to create the recipe. I would totally do anything to help with the recipe. Cloud you are an awesome writer :)

  2. -Claps-
    Wow! I love it! I love reading stories and specially something like what you've written. Your imagination for stories is great!
    Keep on the good work. :D

  3. COOOOOOOOL! That's sad that da sheild could only be used once D: Wait..
    .. can't they build it again XD?


  4. lol i would hope so great legends and stories love em

  5. awesome stories i am going to read all of them and comment...u r a really good writer

  6. nice cloud! :D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D: thats an awsome story



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