Monday, 14 October 2013

Rare pumpkin mask

Hey jammers! Today's rare item is the Rare Pumpkin mask!
Weird color combination o-o I don't really like this rare because its member
and pricey.. It would have been better if the mouth was black and the rest orange..
Anyone notice that there's purple in almost all rare items? AJHQ seems to like purple. :3
Anyway, there's a few things i missed out when cheetahs came to jamaa.. sorry >.<
First of all is the great nature project!
Awesome :D i wounder what new images will come later...
 Anyway, here is the nature project!

I like the photos. :3 Also the plushies and banners at the Museum have gone! D:
Im kinda upset that there gone.. but if you have plushies, keep them, they might become super beta soon! :D Anyway, i FINALLY got a nonrare worn!!

 Yay! :D I wanted black more, but indigo should do for now! ^-^
Hey, and wouldn't it be cool if AJHQ gave everyone (including nonmembers) 5 diamonds
one Tuesday? That would be pretty cool, i mean there are people who can't get cheetahs like me.
And maybe nonmembers could get some gems! ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. Yep, that would be cool! But also, everyone would have enough diamonds to buy whatever they wanted, so it wouldn't even be special anymore. :T

  2. katsumawhitefang AJ FAN14 October 2013 at 13:25

    Yay I'm SO happy! For this weeks diamond I will get 10 so I can buy an arctic wolf :D


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