Friday, 28 February 2014

Nesting Cosmo Doll

Hey Jammers! :3
Today's new item is the Nesting Cosmo Doll, sold in Epic Wounders of course. ^.^
Aww. :3
I think these are my favorite Nesting dolls so far. :D
And its also nice to see that AJHQ is representing the Alphas more. ^_^
Maybe when all the Alpha Nesting Dolls come out, you could collect them all and put them on a shelf, a bit like birthstones. It would look really neat, especially in this particular place. :)
Hehe. C:
Here's the Daily Explorer post. ^_^
Wow, that seems like a very interesting Jammer Snaps Contest! :D
I will be entering if i have time. ^.^
Happy jamming!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Clover Necklace

Hey jammers! :D
Today's new item is the Clover Necklace, sold in bahari bargins. ^.^
Im not the BIGGEST fan of this item, but i still think its quite nice. :3
It would have been better if the clover was a real clover with four leaves, then you could use it as a lucky charm! ^.^
But then, four-leaved clovers wouldn't be so special, eh? :P
Meanwhile..Sorry to say that we have some kinda bad news here..
You can't climb the tree at appondale now! :(
But there has got to be a reason, and i suspect it's something to do with eagles.
I used to love to sit there and just watch jammers passing by..
Speaking of eagles, here's today's weekly question! ^.^
What other new flying animals would you like to see in Jamaa?
I think an owl would be fantastic. ^.^
That's all for now, Happy Jamming! :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shamrock Glasses

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday.
Today's new item are the Shamrock glasses! ^_^
This item is weird in my opinion. o-o
But i think it looks kind of cool on animals.
And what does the word "shamrock" mean? O_O
Yesterday's item was the emerald ring! ^.^
I like this item. :3
But i think AJHQ should have made a more deeper, darker emerald, that would have been better in my opinion. :)
I want also AJHQ to make an Opal or a Aquamarine ring. What other rings would you like to see on AJ? ^.^
Today i brought a parka and wore it on my arctic wolf. I never knew it was so huge.
And now for the Daily Explorer posts, starting of with the Rare Item Monday! ^.^
Ferroequinology is such a long word that i didn't even read it. :P
But i like the way AJHQ drew the tiger though. :D
Speaking of tigers, today's creature feature is also about a big cat, lions! :)
I love all big cats. :D
I like how Animal Jam is sharing more facts about animals these days, it makes it more educational. ^-^
That's all for today, but before saying goodbye, i just wanted to tell you..
We have had 710 pageviews the day before!
Oh wow, im amazed! :O
THanks so much everyone :D We have also reached over 3000 pageviews!
Goodbye for now! :3

Monday, 24 February 2014

Rare Steampunk Monocule

Hey jammers! Guess what? :O
I got  508   pageveiws yesterday, and that's more than i had ever gotten!
And for today, i have 434 pageviews already!! O_O
Wow..Im amazed, thanks so much everyone. :)
Well, lets start with the Rare Item Monday, shall we?
It's sold in Jam-Mart Clothing, and its called the rare Steampunk monocle. ^.^
 This rare is fantastic, i especially love the purple eye. :3
I think it looks good on all animals, but i think it especially looks good on eagles though. ^_^
I found this fantastic outfit meanwhile in Jamaa today. :D
So i guess you could come up with some cool outfits, the bad news is that they're pricey and member.
Hold on a second.... When was the last nonmember item? O_O
Sadly, i have some other bad news.
Ok, its not really bad, but AJHQ seems to have changed the Alpha Stone's names. ;-;
Honestly, Alpha stones sounds much more exciting and Jamaasian, but portal crystals..they sound, well, boring. 
Im still calling them Alpha Stones, no matter what! 
Happy jamming, see you till tomorrow! ^.^

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mushroom Molecules

Hey jammers! Today's brand new item is the Leprechaun Shoes. :)
They kinda remind me of the elf boots. :P
I think these shoes would look, adorable on bunnies, and im gonna show you a cute lil' outfit tomorrow if i get a Leprechaun hat. ^.^
Speaking of Leprechaun hats, the Lucky party seems to have returned to Jamaa. :D
 Argh, too bad it's in 2 hours. Ill be in bed by then. >.<
I can't wait for the party though. I hope its on tomorrow, then ill be able to give you a tour of it. C:
Meanwhile, AJHQ has released a new video for eagles, i think its quite nice.
And also, here's a really fun thing to try out on the AJ Academy!
I love the Animal Jam Academy, it always comes up with awesome ideas.
And yes, to think of it, i have wondered what a real molecule looks like...Im gonna search it up on Google Images.
So that's pretty much how a molecule looks. :P
And i also found this really cool one.
The shape is so awesome, i wonder what type of molecule that is. :O
That's pretty much all for today jammers, its way past my bedtime.
Hope ya enjoyed, Happy Jamming!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Magic Mirrors

Hey jammers! Today's returning item is the magic mirror, sold in Jam Mart Furniture! ^_^
I actually like the design of the item, it looks great in a Castle or a Fantasy den. :3
And since this Is a magic mirror, why don't i ask it question? :P
So ordinary mirrors are better...?
How odd.
Anyway, meanwhile i was walking in Jamaa, i suddenly noticed this sign at the adventure base camp! :o
So do you think there could be an adventure for eagles only..? :D
What do you think? ^.^
Now for the Daily Explorer post! :)
For some reason, i think the little green frogs are cute. :P
And those are some very interesting facts too. ^.^
Happy jamming!

Friday, 21 February 2014


Hey jammers! Telescopes have returned to Jamaa! :)
They're sold in Outback imports for 300 gems. ^.^
 I have always wanted a telescope, then i could look at all the planets and stars! :D
As an item, i like this item for some reason, i think it would look very good in dens. :3
Now for the Daily Explorer post about eagles! ^_^
Maybe with eagles, we could discover whole new places in the adventures! C:
Hmm, what do you think you would discover? ^-^
Which reminds me, here's an odd thing that happened to my diamonds..
I'm 100% sure that i had 3 diamonds yesterday, do you think AJHQ gave us 3 free diamonds? o-o
Has anyone experienced this? Because it'll be kinda embarrassing if i did have 6 diamonds yesterday too..
Happy jamming! sorry for the uninteresting post, i have very little time right now. >.<

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Eagles are here!

Hey jammers! Guess what?
Eagles are finally here in Jamaa! :D

Oh boy! They sure do look awesome! C:
But wait, hold on a second..
*sees the words "diamond shop"*
Oh well, i kinda knew they would be in the diamond shop. Many people are angry about this, including me. *sob*
They still sure do look pawsome though..i met one in Jamaa and we buddies each other. :)
Yep, they fly even when they're standing.
And here's them sleeping! ^.^
Aww, that's so adorable and creative. ^_^
But to make up, there's even more ways to get diamonds now! C:
Credit goes to Rockytop2
...Which means more money for AJHQ.
But is AJ headquarters really that desperate for money...?
There's also some fantastic new items in the diamond shop. :)
 But some people might be angry because the betas have returned. What do you think? Good? Bad? OK? 

SO quite a few betas returning, but i think the Snowclouds and Rainclouds that where given out as a monthly member gift are still rare. ;)
Speaking of Monthly Gifts, i got reminded of how much i miss them. ;-;
But wait..Are those clouds nonmember!?
And by the way, AJHQ has released a brand new game, Swoopy Eagle!
The arcade and be purchased and the Diamond shop and you can play it for free in Coral Canyons. :D
Credit goes to Rockytop2
The logo for the game kinda looks like Animal jam's one.. except it was cacti instead of leaves and a different font. :P
So basically, you have to click the mouse to fly and avoid all the cacti. ^.^
I think its really fun, im gonna play it tomorrow! C:
Here's the next page. :)
Yay! Pet tigers! I think AJHQ should also make a snow leopard pet, what do you think? ;)
Oh, and what AJ means by eagles reaching new lands is that eagles cad reach places that used to be only reachable by the skyway glitches! ^.^
So now you can explore the skies of Jamaa. :D
Anyway, on to the new item, the hockey skates! ^_^
They look very stylish..But these should have been nonmember since the other skates are member too.
And i guess that's all for today, whew, this post took ALOT of time! o-o
I have to be at school at 8:45 tomorrow because i have to go to Touch football. To me, its actually nothing like football, but i guess its called that because you use a football. :P

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Heart Rug

Hey jammers! Again, im sorry for not posting. I had fallen asleep yesterday..>.<
I think yesterday's new item was the Nesting Liza Dolls.
I was quite surprised when i saw these as an item, but after a while, they actually seem like a quite creative idea. :3 And it also represents the alphas, which is also good. ^.^
When you buy and and keep clicking, more dolls will pop up. :)
Credit goes to Rockytop2.
I think it would look cute in any den. ^-^
Anyway, on to today's item, the Heart Rug!
Im imagining the rugs in an underwater den..they seem to look good. :P
I would buy a green one and pretend its made out of seaweed, because seaweed is so soft. .o.
Hey, how about AJHQ makes some seaweed rugs? :D
Oh, and the DE posts, lets first start of with the RIM one! ^.^
See the underlined bit? Does this mean there will be a whole new land for birds, and roosters will also come out? :O
And i like the way AJHQ made the picture a GIF showing how it looks on different animals.
Now for the other post! ^.^
Very interesting indeed. :D
I thought it was referred to as the Mantis family too! 
Happy jamming!
P.S: Does anyone have an idea about what else i should post about on this blog other than updates?