Monday, 17 February 2014

Cherry Blossom Trees

Hello! :D
Today's new item is one of the favorites, the Cherry Tree!
This item is pretty nice in my opinion, i love the shape and its also very decorative. C: I wish there was an opinion for the tree being covered in blossoms though. You could also decide whether they are white or pink, or there could even have been an opinion for making the branches droopy! :D
Cherry blossom trees are also my favorite trees. ^.^
What's yours? :)
Nearly forgot it was Rare Item Monday, when AJHQ picks out a random item and just changes the color.
Meh. boring, if you ask me.
The colors are kinda nice though. :P
Ever wanted to grow a plant, but never had a pot? Well now here's your chance, with the eggshell planters!
I wanna try it, but i have pots anyway. Should i?
Aaaand that's pretty much all for today, see you till tommorow!


  1. well cloud, the wig is for Presidents day :D:D:D so it is nice that animal jam is creating things


  2. Hey, I just noticed Cloud hasn't been getting that much comments recently, what happened to her followers?

  3. Yay! Cherry Tree.......
    :3 Amazing.
    I love cherries! Well, a specific type. Not your normal everyday put it on a tasty ice cream cherry. Not the cheerful as Santa's red cheeks cherries.
    The Cherry Tree makes me think it's a beta, just because of how it looks. I like how the AJHQ artists made the leaves look shady. =)
    Oooh! Cherry Bwossomz tree. They are soooooo pretty! China has a lot of them ^w^. The pink petals, the sweet-smelling scent, it's all nice. I have a cherry-blossom soap, it smells soooooooooooo good! I like your idea. The leaves could be any color you could choose, and then items hanging from it! You can make apples, flowers, mango's, and other fruits attached on da tree, too.
    Change the opacity, shading, size, okay I have to hurry

  4. um yea where do u buy them? (the cherry trees)


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