Saturday, 15 February 2014

Im back! :D

Hello! :3
Wow, long time to see...
Anyway, i kinda  missed this blog im returning! ^.^
Sorry if i was gone for too long though.
Soo, anyway, alot has happened on AJ while i was gone..
And it also seems like we where right: Eagles are coming to Jamaa! :)
And by the way, i want to post something else interesting about AJ, other than updates. So any suggestions what i should post about? :3
Oh, and also, i decided to get a new look!

 And by the way, the friendship festival is here too. ^.^
Ill do a tour of the party if i get a chance, ill post again tonight or tomorrow depending on your timezone.


  1. Yay!
    I misseed you

  2. You're back! :D
    You should post about... You should post about...
    No idea. XD
    (Sorry, I'm not really helping here.)
    But yes, post about something other than updates! :3


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