Monday, 24 February 2014

Rare Steampunk Monocule

Hey jammers! Guess what? :O
I got  508   pageveiws yesterday, and that's more than i had ever gotten!
And for today, i have 434 pageviews already!! O_O
Wow..Im amazed, thanks so much everyone. :)
Well, lets start with the Rare Item Monday, shall we?
It's sold in Jam-Mart Clothing, and its called the rare Steampunk monocle. ^.^
 This rare is fantastic, i especially love the purple eye. :3
I think it looks good on all animals, but i think it especially looks good on eagles though. ^_^
I found this fantastic outfit meanwhile in Jamaa today. :D
So i guess you could come up with some cool outfits, the bad news is that they're pricey and member.
Hold on a second.... When was the last nonmember item? O_O
Sadly, i have some other bad news.
Ok, its not really bad, but AJHQ seems to have changed the Alpha Stone's names. ;-;
Honestly, Alpha stones sounds much more exciting and Jamaasian, but portal crystals..they sound, well, boring. 
Im still calling them Alpha Stones, no matter what! 
Happy jamming, see you till tomorrow! ^.^


  1. FIRST!! :D:D:D AND i think the portal name is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. 2ND!!


  3. yep, no matter what aj wants to call em', they're still alpha stones. also I really like the new Item. It's very creative and I really like it. I'm just sad that it costs sop much and it's member. D':

  4. Just started reading ur blog! It's pawsome!

  5. WOW!!! cloud, I think it's time for a party, you just hit 30000 page views!! :D

  6. Oh i think that the "Lava Crystal" sounds cool!


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