Friday, 21 February 2014


Hey jammers! Telescopes have returned to Jamaa! :)
They're sold in Outback imports for 300 gems. ^.^
 I have always wanted a telescope, then i could look at all the planets and stars! :D
As an item, i like this item for some reason, i think it would look very good in dens. :3
Now for the Daily Explorer post about eagles! ^_^
Maybe with eagles, we could discover whole new places in the adventures! C:
Hmm, what do you think you would discover? ^-^
Which reminds me, here's an odd thing that happened to my diamonds..
I'm 100% sure that i had 3 diamonds yesterday, do you think AJHQ gave us 3 free diamonds? o-o
Has anyone experienced this? Because it'll be kinda embarrassing if i did have 6 diamonds yesterday too..
Happy jamming! sorry for the uninteresting post, i have very little time right now. >.<


  1. first.
    Actually, I had a diamond glitch too. I had 8 diamonds, and I got two weekly diamonds from AJQH, and when I checked my diamonds, I still just had 8! >:T

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i got my dimond :D:D:D:D i got a EAGLE :( but now i got none dimoands



      I'm slowly making progress on getting an eagle..... lol!
      Since I don't like making many comments,

      Congrats on first, Rubbuddy!
      AJ's not going wiz the flow. Someone needs a spank........
      x3 and we know who. GIVE US OUR DIAMONDS!
      It's been a few weeks since I got diamonds from the Daily Spin.
      I got only 1 diamonds a few weeks ago, because I hadn't got on AJ on school days. How disappointing, don't chu think? :U I MAD AT YOU DAD. But oh well, I guess we have our reasons. -.-

    2. i have NEVER won diamonds in the daily spin and been here since they started :-[

  3. Awesome!
    But why are ze telescopes sold in Outback Imports?
    They don't fit in the howdy-doing shop, on my opinion!
    They should be literally glued to the Chamber of Knowledge....
    Cuz you bros, telescopes do scientific matters.
    That isn't suppose to make sense, so :) *Nibbles on cookie*.
    According to my research, if telescopes are sold in Outback Imports,
    I shall run my life away like a panther. Wow, D.A, you're starting to turn out pretty athletic! Congratulations! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's even more epic that you turned into a hamster. ^w^ Yippee!
    I, Cloud girl, want a telescope too. IN REAL LIFE, BA-BAM!
    But..... that'll only be in the awaiting future. My classmate has a telescope.
    Two of mine, I think. I WANNA LOOK AT THE STARS TOO! :C
    If I look at the flaming sun, my eyes shall burn till I'm a piece of gray ash.
    Which shall never happen. o.o No. I wear eyeglasses already.
    I think telescopes look pawsomez in dens, too! Even better with Planet Walls, but everyone has creative ideas to make their dens way COOLER. >:3
    Works out for Science lovers. I like Social Studies.... I can't put the words into place.

    "Math shall be squished by Ivypool's beautiful paws" ~Chihuahuas Feb. 21st, 2014

    My famous phrase. Catches Hawkfrost's eyes. >:D

    I don't have an eagle, but I'll keep mai hopes up!
    Eagles look super duper creative and detailed!
    I like how Animal Jam Workers designed their wings, with some gloss on it.
    There might be an eagle adventure coming up!
    Like, freeing eagles....
    Secret passages that only eagles can unlock....
    Has the eagle badge come out yet? I forgot to check. Like an eagle badge!
    There's an arctic wolf and fox badge, so why not an eagle's? =D
    I would pick it for my badge.
    We would discover many amazing things!
    AJHQ should do a video about eagles. Have they already?

    You're such a lucky ducky, CLOUDS!
    Naw, Jk. Typical begging. Happens around AJ, but I don't blame them bros.
    We're all desperate for something. Maybe not all of us, but I'm not being sarcastic. No. NO. no. c:
    I don't remember that glitch happening....
    Plus I rarely check how much diamonds I have.
    I only have 2. On this coming Tuesday, I'll be able to get 3! :)
    But the day of getting an eagle will be long gone for me.....

    I had a glitch happening with me, too.
    A "Change your look" glitch.
    It's AWFUL!
    I couldn't change any of my animals' looks. Yus, I could switch to different animals, but not change their looks. Every time I clicked the "Change you look" button, my screen would turn light gray, with everything appearing, but I couldn't be able to click anything. It wasn't frozen, though. My party button was glowing, and so was my buddies list. ;-; Hopefully things will be different tomorrow?

    Clouds, not you too!
    Pink has fallen under the spell of having these "uninteresting posts" which are actually called "being yourself is being awesome" posts. Your post's are neat, just like hers! I make different comments on Pink's, Mia, Florafirez/Windy, and RainbowCat's blogs. Speaking of blogs, why did Rainbow delete hers? When I try going to her blog, it says "Blog not found" and all those stuff. She said on one of her post's "Who changed the tabs on the top?" something like that.
    I just wondered who deleted it and why. o.o
    That was a perfect blog....

    Bye Cloudeh Gurl! *High paw*

    1. Yay the glitch is gone! The one i mentioned in mai comment up there, LOL!

    2. yh i got the same glitch but it fixed nw!


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