Saturday, 31 May 2014

Woven Hat

Heya jammers! ^_^
Today's new item is the Woven Hat, which is sold in Jam-Mart Clothing! c:
When i was waiting for this item to load, i was NOT expecting this. o_o
I think it's a little too .... wonky?
The butterfly is a nice touch though. ^.^
And, i have to admit, it does look kinda cute ...
But of course, EVERYTHING looks cute on bunnies. :P
On the other hand, here's the DE post about koalas - sighed by .... a koala.

Once, when i visited the zoo, there where Koalas. There where two koalas that where fighting over who gets to the top of the tree first. x3
I love koalas. I wish a pet koala or something would come out on AJ .. Wouldn't that be pawsome? ^-^

Friday, 30 May 2014


Hey jammers!
So im not posting today ... you would not believe how tierd i am. I was actually gonna show you a speedpaint, but of course, "error" happened. -.-
Maybe tomorrow?
See you!
After i took a nap and tried again, the speedpaint worked this time! :D
It's Spottedleaf, from Warrior cats. :3
Meh.. it's not the best, drawing on computers is hard. ;-;
And you can't shade or anything on Paint either, soo yeah ...
What do you think? ^.^

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thursday's cool update

Hiya jammers! ^-^
We all know it's Thursday, so it can only mean ... 
The long awaited Hyenas are finally here! :3
*Suddenly sees the word "Diamond Shop" in capital letters*
Nuuu! ;-; 
I knew it! It's such a shame ... *sigh*
We get so few animals that are at least brought for gems. And it's even worse for the Nonmembers! They haven't had a new animal in ... ages. :C
At least their dance action is pretty darn awesome though. ^.^
So pro. <3
On the other hand, AJ Jump has gone on clearance! :D
I have Google Play, so yay! c:
AJ Jump is also my favorite app so far. ^.^
And i also love the Kangaroo pets on AJ! There soo adorable! =^_^=
What's your favorite pet in AJ?
Meanwhile, the Summer Carnival seems to have made it's way into Jamaa. :)
Unfortunately, it's still the same old games as last year, however, it's still as fun! :D
There is ONE thing i don't like about the Summer Carnival though ...
(well not really lol. But the moon hat is freaky if you ask me)
Abandoning the subject of ^,  A new party is up on Animal Jam! ^.^
Yaay, the cruise ship party! ^-^
You know, the idea of being on a cruise ship always seemed epic to me. Just cruising along the waves with the boat gently rocking ....
Wha- Where where we?!
Ohh yes, that's right. A new feature that's FINALLY for nonmembers! ^.^
I introduce you.. 
The small wooden den portal!
D'aww, it's so small and cute. <3
It's way better then those gigantic ones in my opinion. ^.^
Anyway, continuing on with the sixth page! 
By the looks of it, it's gonna be the Spirit Armor. 
So jammers, what do you think of the update? ^.^

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Buttercup Rug

Hiya jammers! ^_^
The winners of yesterday's mini-contest where..
And silverdarksurfer123!
Congrats to all those 5! If you haven't got your prize yet, don't be sad, i will give it tomorrow. c:
Well, today's new item is yet another Flower Rug: The Buttercup Rug! :3
It's quite similar to the Daisy Rug, aside from the shading in the middle.
Oh! I just realized it's NONMEMBER! :D Yippee!
I love buttercups, even though i never really saw one in real life. Do buttercups smell like butter? :P
They also come in a cool, different design. ^.^
Adding the leaves was a pretty neat idea, don't you think? :3
What do you think of these flower rugs? Are you looking forward to seeing more? ^.^

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Daisy Rug

Heya jammers! ^.^
Remember what i said about other types of flowers rugs in one of my older posts?
Seems like AJHQ was thinking the exact same thing as me. :D
The clawtastic Daisy Rug is now in stores, and Jam-Mart Furniture! :3
Although i personally like the Lily Rug better, this one has much better, vibrant colors. ^-^
Don't they look pawsome together? c:
You can also use this as a den idea too, if you're wondering. :D
Im really looking foward to the Sunflower Rugs. We used to have sunflowers in the garden at my school, they looked so pretty. ^o^ 
Abandoning the subject of flowers, here's the DE post! :3

I love hummingbirds in both real life and AJ. They're so adorable! ^.^
Did you know hummingbirds can fly backwards?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Rare Mustache

Hello everyone! ^-^
As we all know, it's Monday, which can only mean the RIM is in stores!
Today's cool rare is the Rare Mustache, which is sold in Jam-Mart Clothing. c:
Hmm, this item was sold in the Portugal Servers a few days ago. Perhaps it could be to do with the time difference? Well, i guess we'll never know though.
It also seems like AJHQ can't decide between the "rare" and "clearance" sign! :P
Haha, anyway it looks pretty nice with other freedom stuff. ^.^
Hm, it it just me or does it look like someone dyed it with blue paint? x3 

Here's what AJHQ has to say about this rare! :D
Haha, i love the twitchy-mustache thingy on the GIF. :D
What to you think about mustaches on AJ? Are they too human-y or are they fine?
Whichever it is, let's meet this "Emperor Tamarin!" ^.^
Cute and weird at the same time. XD
Well, on the other hand here's a glitch on how to be a land animal in the Eagle Adventure!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lily Rug

Hiya jammers! ^-^
How are you all today? :D
The new item is the Lily Rug, which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture!
A perfect item to celebrate Spring/Summer! ^.^
Even though the colors are quite classic, it's designs are clawtastic! C:
It even comes in 12 petals instead of 6! ^.^
It also adds a nice, peaceful mood to your den. I hope more types of flower rugs come soon. I think a sunflower rug would be pawsome, and it would also suit Summer which is drawing closer everyday. :3
What's your favorite flower? ^o^
On the other hand, here's a cool glitch sent in by F nd!
If you look closely, it seems like the patterns and the eyes are flying off the tiger!
Unfortunately, there is no certain way of doing this glitch as it happens randomly.
I remember when the same glitch also happened to me in Snowyclaw's den, it was soo epic! :D
Anyone remember that? ^.^
Meanwhile, here's the question of the post!
What was your first reaction when the Diamond Shop came out?
Or if you weren't there, what do you think about it now?
See you later everyjammer! :D
P.S Have you noticed anything going on in Jamaa that you would like me to post? Then send an email about it to!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Veiled Hat

Heya jammers! :)
So, i guess we all know Hyenas are coming next week. ^.^
How do you feel? 
Well, anyway the new item is the Veiled Hat sold in Jam-Mart clothing! 
(I know its actually called the pillbox hat, but im gonna call it the veiled hat because it suits it more.)
It seems like hats really ARE in the groove these days! :D
I like the ribbon on the back, it looks so pretty and just adds a nice touch to it. ^o^
And you know how i included the Long Bow on the Forgotten Desert Prizes? Since the Veiled hat came out ans used to be a prize, do you think Long Bows will eventually come too? ^.^ 
Hmm, i wounder where they will be sold..
Oh, and i also made an outfit:
Tip: The woven shoes go together with the veiled hat because they have a similar pattern, try to use this trick when making outfits! :3
On the other hand, here's the DE post. ^.^

Is it just me or does AJHQ seem to be running out of things to post..?
And to think of it now, i never actually saw a kangaroo walk. :P
To wrap it up, here's the Question Of The Post!
Hyenas are coming!
What do you think about this? Will they be sold in the diamond shop or brought for gems?
P.S Have you noticed anything going on in Jamaa that you would like me to post? Then send an email about it to!
For example: A glitch or something new you have noticed.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Patched hat

Helloo jammers! ^.^
So welcome to yet, another new item post on the AJR. c:
Today's item? The Patched Hat! :D
Well, hats seem to be in the groove this season! ^-^
I love the colors on some. They seem to blend in together. :3
Speaking of colors, wouldn't it be epic awesome if there was a rainbow color opinion for every item? Now imagine if this hat came in rainbow.. Yep, now you know what im talking about. Instant epic. :D
And it might be patched, but i have to say it looks rather cute on bunnies. ^.^
Wait, scratch that - It looks ADORABLE!!
Anyway, here's the DE post! ^.^
I think narwhals are epic. They're my second favorite fish, the first being dolphins.
Speaking of fish, here's the question of the post!
What's your favorite fish?
It can be ANY fish!
Ok, to wrap it up, i decided to do a new thing on my posts called Quick Facts, which is when i basically tell you a cool fact about an animal on my post. ^.^
Today's fact is ..
Ostriches can run faster than horses, and the male ostriches can roar like lions.
Cya later!
new sig!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lawn Sprinkler

Hey everyone! ^o^
Today's item is yet another cool sprinkler sold in Jam-Mart furniture. c:
I love sprinklers for some reason. Sometimes, when i see one i get near one and allow the water to spray over me when im feeling hot. ^-^
 (But i definitely don't take it to the point where i get soaking wet. XD)
By the way, don't all these sprinklers look clawtastic together? :D
I bet i would have loved to have a sprinkler party in real life. o3o
Be careful not to accidentally turn on sprinklers on to turbo mode though. O_O
I guess dogs like water though.
Oookaaayy.. Abandoning the subject of sprinklers, here's the News Crew arcticle! ^.^

Congrats Awesome Snowydog. ^.^ *claps*
I don't usually submit News Crew Articles though. o3o
I thiink i should end the post here, im so tired right now that i could just fall asleep right now and bonk my head on the keyboard. o-o

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Waterfall Sprinkler

Heya jammers! ^.^
Today's new item is the Waterfall sprinkler, which is sold in Jam-Mart furniture. :3
Pretty, neat, don't you think so? :3
I just love how the sprinkler moves.. i could just keep on watching it forever. :D
Look! Here's a screenshot i captured when the sprinkler was in a weird pose. XD
They look more like.. more like those thingies that come out of the pool ... what are they called? >.<
They're like the waterfall sprinkler but they shoot upwards. c:
What do you think of the new item? Good? Bad? Meh?
Well, on the other hand the Heatwave party seems to be up and running! :D
Just splashin' around.. i love playing with water. :3
I wish it was summer here as well, so i could splash around too. ;-;
Ohhh! A shop! ^-^
Ahh well. Same old stuff as last year.
It might be exciting if you joined this year though! ^.^
Has anyone ever tried a carrot and apple smoothie? Its delicious. ^.^
Warning: you might not like it, depending on your taste. o_o
And the best part of it all is..
I really wish i could go on a waterslide, they sound super-duper fun.
Anyone every been to a waterslide here? How was it like? ^.^
Well on the other hand, here's the Weekly Question! C:
What new games would you like to see in the Summer Carnival?

P.S I updated the Plushie Comic Blog! click here to have a visit!