Monday, 26 May 2014

Rare Mustache

Hello everyone! ^-^
As we all know, it's Monday, which can only mean the RIM is in stores!
Today's cool rare is the Rare Mustache, which is sold in Jam-Mart Clothing. c:
Hmm, this item was sold in the Portugal Servers a few days ago. Perhaps it could be to do with the time difference? Well, i guess we'll never know though.
It also seems like AJHQ can't decide between the "rare" and "clearance" sign! :P
Haha, anyway it looks pretty nice with other freedom stuff. ^.^
Hm, it it just me or does it look like someone dyed it with blue paint? x3 

Here's what AJHQ has to say about this rare! :D
Haha, i love the twitchy-mustache thingy on the GIF. :D
What to you think about mustaches on AJ? Are they too human-y or are they fine?
Whichever it is, let's meet this "Emperor Tamarin!" ^.^
Cute and weird at the same time. XD
Well, on the other hand here's a glitch on how to be a land animal in the Eagle Adventure!

First off, turn into and eagle and host the adventure.
Then, go to an underwater land with a ladder that takes you to Crystal Sands.
Then, click the ladder and it will take you to Crystal Sands. After your're in Crystal Sands, click "Play!"
Note: It only works with seals or penguins.
Okay, here's a random picture i captured of Jamaa Township when it was FULL of eagles. :P
(Really Random)
That's all for today, see you tomorrow! C:


  1. Hi! nice blog! I have my own but I'm going to support yours too! nice post! I'm nonmember so I cant have a moustache or I would. :) I'd also be a cowboy or girl but I can't :(

    Mine is TheLoneBlueWolf an aj blog if anyone wants to go check it out.It needs some support.

  2. You got a pretty awesome blog I gotta say :)

  3. Yay! Thanks for showing the glitch!

  4. I love randomness:)

  5. XP I love randomness too. That's why I have a tab full of randomness on my blog. Anywho, now I know how be a random seal or penguin in the eagles-only Adventure. About penguins, on my crazy penguin, Count, I made him an outfit with today's Rare blue & white mustache. :{D

  6. Wow, so many eagles... o-o

    But that Cheetah sure looks dapper!

  7. Cloud claws there's another way to do the glitch u can also host the adventure then quickly click the switch animal button and choose which ever animal u want that's how I learned

  8. Jamazing blog, Cloudclaws!

    Ugh, that moustache makes me want to wear it in real life and say: "Hello, everybody. Just a normal dude with this majestic moustache..." with a weird smile (even though I'm a girl ×_×) xD!

    Woah, Cloudclaws! The Forgotten Dessert is now for seals and penguins - not only for eagles, yay! Did you hear the news in DE (jkjk)?

    Hehe, that monkey looks adorable! :p


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Cloudclaws thanks for showing it but i think it was patched up.


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