Saturday, 24 May 2014

Veiled Hat

Heya jammers! :)
So, i guess we all know Hyenas are coming next week. ^.^
How do you feel? 
Well, anyway the new item is the Veiled Hat sold in Jam-Mart clothing! 
(I know its actually called the pillbox hat, but im gonna call it the veiled hat because it suits it more.)
It seems like hats really ARE in the groove these days! :D
I like the ribbon on the back, it looks so pretty and just adds a nice touch to it. ^o^
And you know how i included the Long Bow on the Forgotten Desert Prizes? Since the Veiled hat came out ans used to be a prize, do you think Long Bows will eventually come too? ^.^ 
Hmm, i wounder where they will be sold..
Oh, and i also made an outfit:
Tip: The woven shoes go together with the veiled hat because they have a similar pattern, try to use this trick when making outfits! :3
On the other hand, here's the DE post. ^.^

Is it just me or does AJHQ seem to be running out of things to post..?
And to think of it now, i never actually saw a kangaroo walk. :P
To wrap it up, here's the Question Of The Post!
Hyenas are coming!
What do you think about this? Will they be sold in the diamond shop or brought for gems?
P.S Have you noticed anything going on in Jamaa that you would like me to post? Then send an email about it to!
For example: A glitch or something new you have noticed.


  1. Well, I think you meant hyenas are coming, and I don't think AJHQ is running out of things to post. They post animal bios every week, so it's nothing new. I guess they run on a set schedule, so the repetitiveness might be getting to you.

  2. @Ronen,
    Lol, sorry about that. I always make the same old mistake. >.<
    And yes, i think the repetitivenes might be getting into me.. They post nearly the same thing everyday, i think they should try something new.

  3. I really hope Hyenas come in the next update, we've all been waiting for so long, my sister has been pestering me to check Animal Jam every day for the Hyenas.
    there is also this thing that happens, if it is a riddle it usually is a Diamond Animal, if it was a Slide Puzzle it usually is a Gem Animal ;)

  4. I wish the Hyenas are gem brought! They just seem so adorable O3O *hugs random hyena* MAN!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED XD


  5. I'm fine with any though cause I have 10 diamonds and about 17,000 gems so IDC I <3 IT :)
    ~ 711bebeblue


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