Saturday, 3 May 2014

Zios Rug + Clothing Trick!

Hiya jammers! :3
Today's new item is the Zios Rug when is sold in Epic Wounders!
Woah, i wasn't expecting this as  the new item but it sure does look pawsome! :D
It looks more like a emblem or something rather than a rug, but its really cool how AJHQ used gems for the eyes. ^.^
Wouldn't a Mira rug be great too? :3 Who knows, maybe it might even be the new item tomorrow. c:
I love it when AJHQ represents the Jamaa Lore with items, don't you? ^-^
Oh, and i also missed yesterdays item. :P
The sparkly head bow! :D
It goes great with the Sparkly shoes, they both sparkle wonderfully so be sure to check them both out! ^.^
I wounder if AJHQ is gonna come up with a sparkly necklace too.. or a sparkly back item? That would be awesome. x3
Speaking of outfits, here's a cool outfit trick for you all to try out!
All you have to do is color your animal pure black, then select the eyes that look like crosses, then all you have to do is wear a steampunk monocle! It looks like you only have one eye then. :P
If you don't have a rare monocle, don't worry, it also works with regular ones. ^_^
To finish of the post, here's a mystery! :D
What's under those sheets?
Could there be new game arcades there?
Or perhaps something else, like a shop?
Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section. C:
That's all for today everyone, see you all later! ^.^


  1. First comment! :D


  2. I'll be entering your AWESOME poetry contest after my piano!
    :3 When I first looked at the Zios rug, I though it was gonna be sold in the Coral Canyons eagle store! It does looks pretty cool. A Mira rug would be amazing!
    I don't really like the sparkly head bow, since it goes on TOP of your forehead instead of on the side OF your head. :P There might be a sparkly necklace, sparkly tuxedo, sparkly EVERYTHING. A sparkly armor, LOL!
    That's a fantastico clothing trick, Clouds! I hope to try it soon.


  3. On top of the mystery, I was thinking of a ufo or something. Or new arcade games!
    Ya never know. :)


  4. hi so i havent really comented so this is my first coment but i just wanted to say i love your posts

  5. Today's new item sure looks cool and I want a Mira rug :3 It would be so cool :D
    PS: Congrats on 65 followers :)


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