Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How Arctic Wolves Came to Jamaa: Chapter Two

Hai jammers!
So im back - with another part in the story! There will probably be 3 or 4 chapters, so look out for more chapters! ^.^

Chapter 2

The six Alphas, Greely, Peck, Liza, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo and Graham where having a meeting at the Alpha Hut.
So, where did you see this "strange" wolf? Asked Sir Gilbert.  "Well, you see, Liza begun, "I was just taking a hike up Mt shiveer to see if i could discover anything new, And i did. Well, at least i think so.  It had much more thicker and longer fur than normal wolves. And it looked different, so nope, not a regular wolf." Greely suddenly looked interested at the mention of Mt shiveer. "How exactly did this "wolf" look like? Can you tell me more about it?" Asked Greely. Liza begun, "I wasn't exactly sure, it ran away once it saw me but it had thick golden-brown fur." Greely closed his eyes and thought for a moment. He finally said: "Me and Liza will be taking another hike up the mountain to find out more." Liza grabbed her backpack, Graham walked to Liza with an egg-shaped object in his hand. "Take this. Might help you." They left the Alpha Meeting den and set of for their long journey. "Good luck!" "I hope you find something new!" came the voices from behind.  
The Alphas had been walking for about one or two hours now.
 Liza and Greely walked on. The air was getting cooler now that they had reached higher land. Greely suddenly heard loud footsteps behind him. "Can i come? Can i come?" Greely tilted his head, it was Peck. He sighed in annoyance. 
"Oh, please Greely. Give Peck a chance, she hardly ever goes on adventures!" Greely sighed again. "Fine." He said after a moment, "As long as she's not too bouncy." 
"Sure! Oh boy, i sure am excited for this! Peck said.
A few more hours passed by.
The Alphas trudged on. The sky was growing darker now, and the wind kept getting stronger and stronger. "Im not sure if we'll be able to find anything in this light. Perhaps we should look for shelter." Liza said nervously.
"Oh, FINALLY!" Peck suddenly shouted in celebration, "My feet were starting to go all numb from that snow!"
"But Liza," Greely suddenly begun, "Don't you realize we also won't find any shelter if we can't find anything else in this darkness?"
"Good point Greely, time to see what Graham had in store for us." Liza replied, pulling out the egg-shaped object from her bag. She cautiously pressed the red button on it, And surprisingly, it begun transforming. 
The three Alphas could only watch in amazement as it turned into the exact thing they all wanted.  "A cabin!" Peck exclaimed. "Just what we need! Honestly, i think Grahams inventions are amazing - Well, most are." She said, remembering the previous "accident" while he was trying to invent the cure for a common cold. Liza started laughing. "That was a mess! Everything was covered in green slime!" She exclaimed. "I guess, we better get inside the cabin now." Peck said, her expression suddenly changing to a more serious one. 

Ok now, to be honest, the cabin really didn't have a swimming pool or other luxuries. It was just - well, a cabin. All it had was 3 beds and a warm, cozy fireside. All you could possibly need.
 The Alphas entered.
Peck almost immediately got inside her bed, Along with Liza. 

"Psst. Hey, Greely. Aren't you coming?" Peck whispered. Greely didn't answer. He was sitting in a corner. Could Liza have possibly seen Snowflake? He thought to himself. But of course, Greely knew that there wouldn't be a chance that she had survived in that cloud of Phantoms. 
Suddenly, a sharp feeling of grief shot through him at the memory that happened so long ago. With a sigh, he turned of the lantern and went to bed.

I hope ya enjoyed! Sorry it was so long.. i always write long stories for some reason. ^.^''



  2. I AGREE I LOVE THIS STORY! Please make more chapters soon! ~lexi0705


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