Sunday, 11 May 2014

A rant about "free" chat..

Hai jammers! ^.^
Soo yeah. Im gonna do another rant - about the new "free" chat, as the title says.
One thing about this new free chat that has been REALLY getting on my nerves lately is the fact that you can't even type two sentences now! I think that really restricts you, for example:
Ok, lets say you're with a good boddy of yours, alright? Then suddenly, this cool, however long story pops out of your mind and you suddenly wanna tell it to your buddy. Well, since it's a long story the easiest way to explain would be to stuff a few sentences into the chatbox, right?!
Not anymore.
Sure, you could use comas but there are just some parts that you would REALLY need to put a fullstop!
What difference is this making on AJ?
 It doesn't make the chat safer or easier. It just makes it more difficult.

And the SECOND thing which is also annoying me, is the fact that i can't make tons of faces on AJ, including my favorite one. :c
You can't do -.- =-= >.< >:(
Thanks alot, AJ, now i can't express myself if im annoyed/angry.
Now some of you might be wondering why i just can't use the emotes.
Well, yeah. You can express alot of things in the emotes, but using chatbox emotes? Its different for me.. well, because you can use them next to sentences, meanwhile emotes will hide your sentence if you use them.
And, that makes a HUGE difference.
Plus, there isn't an emote for -.- or ._. is there? I mean, you can even make up emotes with the chatbox! Now you can't do symbols anymore, so you can't do THAT.
But okay, i have to admit that this was probably done for safety reasons. But why do we ALL have to get punished for the sake of a few jammers?! Couldn't AJHQ have made a feature where it automatically changes your chat to restricted when you say something rude?
Oh, and did i mention that i can't do my favorite emote anymore, which is ^.^? 
Grr.. i just feel so.. so restricted! >.<
What do you think of this? Do you think we should be able to have at least a BIT more freedom in our freechat?

P.S After the 65 followers contest ends, i will have a party if this blog reaches 85 followers! :D


  1. YES




  2. Well, I was reading some new articles in the help section a few days ago, and if you're found using inappropriate language, AJHQ automatically demotes it to bubble chat, either temporarily or permanently. Also, because of COPPA, they had to change it, so that's a part of the problem.

  3. Agreed, Btw i read ur comments rules, It says u will be reported for 3 times rules disobeyed. This reminds me dat.
    "Aj barely does something when you report someone." now.
    Its bad... But if aj DID take action, it would be good. But if aj goes so strict that every reported is banned, many hammers who did nothing like meh would be banned and dat is end of aj. Dis point was kinda point less. :hands cloud claws a sweet gift hamper with waffle, Oreos, ice cream, and Candies plus chocolates.

  4. Due to a blogger glitch on my ipad i cant post reply, i handed u the hamper cuz of dis post. Btw another thing to be noticed about aj. They r unfair to non famous ppl. I heard julian2 lost his something from scam(i bet it was a flash trade, i ve heard he invented flashing) they gave him the thing bak. Whereas they give nothing to non famous ppl, and in their mail too. They give back stereotypical mails for each category. Remember when snowy sent email for jamaasian moment, she got a personally written mail.

    Send a mail to club penguin support, each staff member writes the mail(they could make and keep some messages. Maybe ) but they write mails each time different, thought it be in same category. Aj staff is lazy ...

    Aj was being kinda fair to non mems. B4 they were fair but now non mems get dis

    Clearance of nm items will take place soon totally.
    They removed the nm coffe table and da spiral lamp, the basic homemaking units.

    Aj dese days

  5. I really do hate AJ and because of me going to another language YOU CAN'T USE IT!!! :( btw different languages suck also when you change to a different chat and then click free chat it says CONTACT US for free chat and I'm really lazy, do you think this is Blackmail?!

  6. I agree :(

    I want to be able to do my favorite faces! Like these - ^w^ ^_^ =^-^=
    Or to show that I'm really annoyed - >.< -.- -_________-
    Can't even do the arrows when you're pointing to a scammer or someone in particular! -----------------> <------------------------

    I really wish we could have our rightful chat back. And it irritates me that you can't do two sentences. But I know AJHQ has reasons, I respect that, but not EVERY single jammer that plays Aj needs to be punished like this! It isn't much of a free chat to me anymore, it's more like a trapped chat. Where you get trapped, and never get out. ;-;


  7. ugh i have to agree with you i miss typing epic faces like ( /.- or W.W also _W_ (darth vader face XDD) and i mean O.o you know i mean they gotta do wat they gotta do but its just not fair i mean srslly? why yo gotta do me like dis? pleh

  8. I miss typing >:D I wish AJHQ would just make free chat come back :)

    1. ikr?? I have bubble chat so it dosen't matter for me... Blame my dad!

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