Friday, 9 May 2014

Grass Chair

Hiya jammers! :D
Before i start the post, i just wanted to say the secret number for the raffle was 15 so the winner was ....
Congrats. C:
Anyway, today's new item is the Grass Chair which is sold in Treetop Gardens. ^-^
It looks quite lovely and comfy, doesn't it? :D
In face, i wish grass chairs existed in real life. I would definitely get one then. :3
Hmm ... You know what? Since grass chairs don't exist, maybe i could invent one and become famous? :P
But i would have to find out what the support structure is made out of first, though, maybe twigs and soil clumped together? ^.^
And now to think of it, inventing grass chairs would be too simple anyway. xD
Oh, and i forgot to mention it comes with flowers! :D
Ah, yes. Now you'll smell like flowers whenever you sit on the chair. :3
Brilliant idea, AJHQ. 
Well on the other hand, the Emu Egg seems to be on clearance! D:
Aww, why do items keep going on celerance these days? >_<
Meanwhile, here's the DE post:
You know, i have always wondered whether a snail is slower, or a starfish or a turtle. Which one do you think? C:
And to wrap things up, here's the question!
What's your favorite food to eat?
Happy jamming. ^.^


  1. Bacon wrapped dates and everything at P.F.Chang's! :)

  2. I think starfish are probably slowest.
    Also, I love to eat muffins

  3. Way to many things are disappearing T_T.

    You would think I was gross if your heard me say it. :U



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