Saturday, 17 May 2014

Inline Skates

Hey jammers!
epic rainbow text yay
Today's new item is the Inline Skates. ^.^
Yippee! Its nonmember! C:
It's quite nice to see AJHQ making so many nonmember items these days, remember the times when there was about one nonmember item a month? *shudders*
Some of the colors are really neat, my favorite one is the brown and green one. :3
What do you think about this item? Good? OK? Bad?
Well, on the other hand, here's the DE post! ^-^

Yay! I love Astronomy. :3
I wouldn't want to be an astronomer though because you have to do all this maths.. >.<
And i dislike maths mainly because im not good at it. :I
(no offense maths lovers, i might have liked it if i where good at it anyway.)
Hmm, isn't Makemake a weird name for a dwarf planet?
Anyway, moving on to other stuff, here's the weekly question. ^.^
What would you buy if you had unlimited diamonds?
(and this includes that arctic wolf statue, those diamond trees and maybe even the whole shop. lol.)
Cya all tomorrow! :D


  1. I don't know what I'll get with unlimited items- boring, I know. :T
    Yes, that rainbow text is epic! :D
    I guess the skates are okay. Not too bad; not the best item around.
    I totally agree with you. Astronomy is so cool, but so much hard math. (I dislike math too & probably because I'm awful at it.) XD I had to do a research project of our solar system- Phobos ( one of Mars moon)

  2. Of course, EVeRYTHING... I will first get 1 of each thing in da shop. I will then gets load of gems with diamonds, Buy one of each thing, Then get many tickets with gems and then I will buy one of each... XD

  3. I WOULD BUY EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE SHOP! I agree with you, math is so hard but i love astronomy!

  4. I thought i was the only one who loves astronomy but disliked maths.. o-o

  5. RAINBOW :DDDD I love the blue skates. Lol me too I cannot keep up with maths but I sure do love astronomy and learning about planets but I am also interested in ET life forms :P I will buy the whole shop and those Diamond Trees :3

  6. I love astronomy!!! Just stick me outside with a telescope and, well, i'm good. The math part bores the heck out of me, though. And I would gladly buy all of the animals at the diamond shop.

  7. where do u get the inline skates?


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