Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tiny (but very bouncy) Pogo stick.

Hiya jammers! ^_^
Im happy today, because the new item just happens to be a pogo stick and i LOVE bouncing. :D
Whee! ^-^
I was sorta expecting a Sunken Greely Tiki statue for today though, but hey, the pogo stick is nonmember! c: I also like how the stick is built with wood, it suits Animal Jam because it's quite natural. ^.^
Speaking of pogo sticks, has any of you been on a Pogo Stick? Can you do tricks on them? :3
'Cause, pogo sticks sound SUPER fun! :D
Plus, the pogo sticks on AJ also bounce. ^.^
Click on it..
And then it goes up, up, and away! ^.^
The pogo stick is so tiny though .. how do you think elephants will sit on it? o_o
I like tiny stuff though. <3
Anyway, abandoning the subject of pogo sticks, here's the DE post. :P
Hehe, i really like that artwork above. :)
I also love art! :D I draw better on paper though.
Oh, and here's something cool i noticed on the DE post:
 It's signed by Peck! :D Isn't that awesome?
I wounder how the other apha's signatures will look like. ^-^
Speaking of art, here's the question of the day:
What's your favorite hobby?
Mine is probably drawing, or sport! Or singing, dancing, and computer games. I just have soo many hobbies! :o
So what are your favorite hobby(s)? ^.^


  1. The item looks like it is made with all natural materials and berry cheap :3
    That art looks pawsome I love drawing :3 also Peck's signature looks adorable :DD I wanna see more alpha signatures too :)

    My fav hobby is drawing and listening music, coming on AJ and reading (the hunger games especially) ^-^

  2. Hobbies...
    Video games, Making youtube vids, hanging out with my dog, drawing, playing recorder and guitar, sometimes singing, and dancing.

  3. my fave hobbys are playing AJ (of course), listening to anime music (bleach one piece naruto), drawing (although i dont draw much), and computer games (im on my computer all day long).


  4. I enjoy making all forms of art, graphic designing, gaming, reading, going outside, cross-country running, and animating!

  5. i like the pogo stick my best friend has one in ir they are sooo much fun i think that aj is going to have a member pogo stick thats better just like the nm bike and the member bike but i like the design anywho... one of my hobbies is... reading and role playing


  6. Where to start... I like drawing, reading, dancing (ballet, jazz, tap), gymnastics, games, and driving my sister nuts. Oh yea and leaving funny drawings on my moms phone.:)

  7. I love playing on my pogo stick! :3
    I remember when I got it when it was my birthday, and I was turning 8.
    It was so fun and exciting. Good memories =D

    I love making friends laugh, being funny, cracking jokes.
    This is what most people describe me - Funny and creative ^w^.
    I love singing, playing the piano, getting on AJ, playing outdoor games, racing others, coloring, and reading. I also love hanging with my friends XD


  8. That Peck signature is pretty epic! I wonder what the others signatures would look like too... My neighbor/kinda friend has pogo sticks, and it's hard for me to balance when hopping on the pogo stick! DX And now hobbies... hmm... (no special order; is random order :3)
    1. Going on my computer- pretty obvious! XD
    2. Dance (I'm taking lyrical this year) :)
    3. Listening to music
    4. Reading books- only those I like. I don't like reading books that aren't interesting to me. XD (I like Warriors, Wolves of the Beyond, The Hunger Games trilogy, and Divergent- I'm reading Insurgent now lol)
    5. Drawing/coloring. mainly animals. =^.^=
    6. Creating/writing stories- cuz they're fun. However, I only like writing stuff that interests me, not things I'm required to write- ahem, essays. :I
    7. Hanging out with my friends- they might be crazy but they're my friends. Crazy as in weird/funny. :P
    8. Playing clarinet in my school band- in fact, I have a concert tomorrow. c:
    9. I'm too lazy to think of any more right now >.< I basically just restated my intro in my Blogger profile here lol. I bet this comment is long. Am I right? XD

  9. My hobbies are Making fun of my little brother and drawing and computer.

  10. I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others'. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. This blog is going to be great resource. Love reading it.


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