Monday, 19 May 2014

How Arctic Wolves Came To Jamaa

Heya jammers! ^.^
Yeah, so i decided to write a story about AJ today! :3
Well, i didn't actually write it today, i wrote it a really long while ago. Unfortunately, i got writers block so i stopped writing for a while. However, im back to writing stories now with tons more ideas! :)
So i thought it would be a good time to post what i have so far. Ill post more of it tomorrow, k?

Lightning struck across the dark sky and the wind howled. Greely and a group of wolves and arctic wolves watched in fear and confusion as a cloud of strange, dark creatures loomed out of the darkness.  Greely wasn't sure what they where but as they got closer, he sensed danger. 
Run! he shouted. The group of wolves and never ran this fast in their life. The Arctic wolves where behind the grey wolves as they where much more heavier. Somewhere behind, Greely saw Snowflake with her pups. Come on! faster! Greely shouted in panic, as the cloud of darkness catched up with the Arctic Wolves. Suddenly, he heard yelps and wails behind. Greely paused and turned behind, his eyes widened with fear as the cloud turned into a tornando, pulling all the arctic wolves and his pups inside. No! he wailed. But the tornado got closer. He backed away, knowing the only thing he could do was run. Greely and the wolves finally reached a cave and hid there. He sat far away from the other wolves knowing his only remaining relatives, his beloved family,  was lost forever. Greely narrowed his eyes in fury, he would get revenge.

Chapter 1
Snowflake sat in her cave and watched the horizon waiting for the sun to rise. As the sky got lighter, the first lights of dawn shone across the landscape making the fresh snow sparkle like diamonds. Snowflake could feel the warmth of the sun as she watched the first sunrise for five months. Some moments later, The rest of the wolves woke up and saw the welcoming lights of the sun, and knew the age of darkness was finally over. Snowflake stretched her legs and padded out of her cave, the wolves where already wide awake lapping up water from the cold, fresh stream nearby, it was the start of another day. As the wolves went to there jobs, one young arctic wolf named Autumn happened to be sleeping in her den. Autumn yawned and suddenly blinked open her eyes, realizing everyone had gone. "Why isn't anyone here?" She questioned herself. She stared at the sun halfway up in the sky and realised she was late, rushing out of the den she ran to the forest then paused. She noticed that the Arctic Wolves Spirit Stone was gone. Where could it have gone? She thought. Or am i still dreaming?

Well, you might be wondering what a Spirit Stone is. You see, long ago when the animals of Jamaa where first created by Mira, each type of animal was given a Shaman, except the wolves which where given an Alpha. And therefore they where given a Spirit Stone to protect their shaman and give life to the animals. The shaman could never be replaced, since she/he was chosen by Mira or Zios. The animals first argued alot, but once they settled in, Jamaa became a fun, peaceful place.  However, after the Phantoms where created by Mira's tears, animals scattered into unknown lands and the peace was shattered. Mira sent the six remaining Shamans, Liza, Peck, Greely, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, and Graham to find the lost animals.

Realising the stone was really gone, she panicked and looked around. The only wolves in sight where Max, Alex and Lily which where Autumn's worst enemies, but she was desperate this time so she hurried off to them. "Guys! Please come this is an emergency! the Spirit Stone has been stolen!" She shouted, with a tone of panic in her voice. "what do you think, Alex?" Asked Lily. "Nah, she's probably lying. I mean, who would trust her?! That's just silly." But i promise, this is real! Autumn said. "Yeah, yeah whatever!" Max shouted mockingly. 


Autumn sighed. She knew there was no chance of convincing them now.
 "come on everyone, lets get outta this place." Alex told everyone. 

Autumn growled with anger, Well ill show em! ill find out who stole the Spirit stone on my own! she thought. With that, she ran out of the forest to where the stone once sat. Now who could have taken the stone? Autumn looked around, there must be at least someone who could help her. She raced to the cliffs, and she looked above the craggy rocks. Nothing. 

She sat down and thought hard, who could have been horrible and evil enough to take the Spirit Stone? As she thought, the wind ruffled her golden-brown fur. And out of nowhere, suddenly she had the perfect idea, she remembered the story her mother had told her about the Mt Shiveer pack. 
Back when Autumn was only a teeny little pup, she had said the Mt shiveer pack once contained both wolves and Arctic wolves, there was an alpha for both species of wolves and it had always been like that, until black monsters with one eye came and tore apart the pack. And no one alive knew what happened to the other wolves. 

It must be those monsters! She suddenly thought. But i need to find out about them more, does this creature swim, fly or walk? she thought. Then, she thought about how wolves described them when they attacked, they said they where like a dark cloud. Clouds float, then it must fly. She thought. It had to be those monsters, or was it? The more questions she found an answer for them herself, more kept coming in her head. What type of body do they have? Where do they live? Do they have an spikes or horns? Autumn padded off to look for more information.


  1. nice cloud! your writing is always amazing. BTW, are you done with the second part of the eagle story?

  2. Awesome story! I cant wait for part 2!!

  3. Nice story! I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

  4. Nice story! I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

  5. I liked the story so far. Especially the part of about waiting for the sun to rise. Every day in Jamaa fun things happen, so to know that nothing happened to the sun is reassuring. I would suggest to put more dialogue, for some great parts missed them. Other than that, great story!

  6. Epic story so far! Great descriptiveness o3o


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