Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lily Rug

Hiya jammers! ^-^
How are you all today? :D
The new item is the Lily Rug, which is sold in Jam-Mart Furniture!
A perfect item to celebrate Spring/Summer! ^.^
Even though the colors are quite classic, it's designs are clawtastic! C:
It even comes in 12 petals instead of 6! ^.^
It also adds a nice, peaceful mood to your den. I hope more types of flower rugs come soon. I think a sunflower rug would be pawsome, and it would also suit Summer which is drawing closer everyday. :3
What's your favorite flower? ^o^
On the other hand, here's a cool glitch sent in by F nd!
If you look closely, it seems like the patterns and the eyes are flying off the tiger!
Unfortunately, there is no certain way of doing this glitch as it happens randomly.
I remember when the same glitch also happened to me in Snowyclaw's den, it was soo epic! :D
Anyone remember that? ^.^
Meanwhile, here's the question of the post!
What was your first reaction when the Diamond Shop came out?
Or if you weren't there, what do you think about it now?
See you later everyjammer! :D
P.S Have you noticed anything going on in Jamaa that you would like me to post? Then send an email about it to!


  1. Guys can u search animaljamlegendarypalooza plz?

  2. I feel like quiting due to rarity, I got betas but i want rare long spike or a neon bow..

  3. Don't quit and what betas do u have are they furniture ones cuz I really need them...
    And u should keep trying to get what u want and u will soon get what u want

  4. @Mythicalspiritwolf1,
    Don't quit! Rares are really, just pixels. Friends are far more important, because the comfort you when your sad and play with you when you're bored. Can rares do that? Of course not. Sure, they do make you happy but before you know it, you have millions of jammers asking you "What for _____?"
    At first, you don't mind. Then it starts to get super-annoying. Th EXACT same thing happened to me with the Rare Headdress. Look, i don't have a neon bow or a spike either, i only have the Diamond Shop ones, but im not sad. I know they will eventually come to me in some way, and that's what happened with my worn. I thought getting a nonrare one would be impossible, till this jammer came and traded me one for my rare. I was surprised, but quite happy. And also, the Cami's frog: I was playing the eagle adventure, and it randomly appeared!
    So don't stress it too much, rares will always come to you somehow.
    And just remember that friends are far more important. <3
    Of course! I will visit it right now. ^.^

  5. yay! thanks. actually, if you go to bahari bay, then to a non member den then they lock it that happens (obvs u gotta b a tiger) if you do it with any other animal you are a blank!!!

  6. I dont like the diamond shop. When it came out ppl stopped being rare and lost rarity

  7. I was like "Yay!" But when I saw how many diamonds the animals costed I got really mad. And members get 1 a week. What about the poor non members? After all, there are more nm diamond shop things. The last time I looked at Outfitters, there are diamonds that don't have memberships attached to them.


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